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The Secrets Of a Sabre [plot private chelvaric]

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The Secrets Of a Sabre [plot private chelvaric] Empty Thu Aug 24, 2017 9:29 pm

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric started to wake up from a nasty dream as he had been sleeping the entire day. He yawned and looked at Scraggy who was still dreaming he wondered what happened in his dream it seemed it slip his mind already. But that was nothing to worry about there so many nightmares he had in his life. Especially when he was younger and he was working with demons it could give some nasty dreams. Because demon’s looked very scary. Except for Scraggy he looked quite cute. Nobody would say or do anything against the demons at first. Even though they had to fight them. everyone was scared to even of the little ones. But that goes away once you know you have the power to vaporize them and you feel all powerful. He slipped on a t-shirt and walked to the bathroom. After brushing his teeth he kicked Scraggy awake and said they had to go go. They have some training to do.

He walked through the door and down the long pair of stairs as he was staying on the tenth floor. It was quite high but easy to reach the roof when he had too. He had to go to the Outskirts of Fiore. He was being summoned by his god as his dream had shown him he needed to arrive in time, of course, he couldn’t make the arch druid wait. He wondered what would happen this time he didn’t know but he would soon find out he guessed. He walked the road towards his destination looking at the morning people who were walking the street. There weren’t many of them as it was really early in the day. He wondered what they were doing up so early in the morning nothing that could be good he guessed. He walked through the city gates to the grasslands surrounding crocus. He walked to the stone marked by a cross on the plains of heaven. This was the place the dream had showed him. But where was the archdruid. He sat down on the stone and felt the ice cold of the rock on his bottoms. He waited and thought of what all happened when he became a druid. Not that much he guessed he had a nice date with snow and they did some work in crocus. He still hadn’t seen anything of his spirit animal. He wondered if he was bad at being a druid. He needed to find something to measure how good he was. When he suddenly saw a really big cat in front of him. He was golden with tusks. A sabretooth tiger! He hadn't seen any in years. It was the symbol of the sabretooth guild. The guild of powerful mages. He wondered what it did here. It nodded to a direction and started to walk. Well, he guessed he had to follow it and he started to walk on to the way it was nodding. They walked for hours through the trees and valleys till they finally arrived at a cave.

The Secrets Of a Sabre [plot private chelvaric] HVEbuMl

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