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Deface Property[Fiora]

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#1Fiora Sylvari † 

Deface Property[Fiora] Empty Tue Aug 22, 2017 4:39 pm

Fiora Sylvari †
Fiora had been laying low for a while in Hargeon Town. Grimoire Heart had a mission that was about to take place but it looked like she didn't have a role in it which upset her. Instead she spent money on some speed pots and was chugging them like crazy. She felt super fast and could run like at Sonic speed especially in the forest environment. However, it did come at a cost so she would have to do some missions to get some money back so she could have some spending money and maybe buy some more speed pots or upgrade her armor. She went down from her hotel and then she would go to the middle of Hargeon town and then she would go to the request board and then she would see that there was a D rank mission and then she would pull it off the board and then she would take the request and then she would read the request and then she would see what the request had to say so she could complete it and then she could get the jewels for it. It was from Maxwell Buscon and he had a meeting spot so she decided to go to the spot that was on the request and then she would follow it to a back alley in the slums of Hargeon and then she would meet Maxwell Buscon and then he would explain the request to her. The request from Maxwell Buscon was to go into a man's apartment and vandalize the whole place to send a message to the man. He betrayed Maxwell Buscon and needed to be punished for it because nobody crossed him. It was an easy requests for Fiora so she saw the address ad then she would head out to start the mission

AFter walking a bit, she finally arrived at the complex where the target apartment was. It was a pain because he lived on the top floor so then Fiora would have to go and she would have to climb the stairs because the elevator was down and then she would go to the back of the apartment and start to climb. She finally reached the top floor after taking forever to climb the damn thing but she reached the apartment. The man was at work so of course the door was locked right now so she would pull out her sword. In a slash she would quickly slice of the lock and then would push the door open. The man must have been rich because his apartment was bitching and had all the bling bling. HE had leather couches and the plasma screen lacrima TV and he had a bunch of expensive paintings. She wondered why he just didn't live in mansion but she didn't care right now as it is her job to destroy the apartment. Fiora would take her sword and would just start slashing like a madman. The couch was cut ribbons and the tv was sliced open and it fell off the wall and broke. She moved to the bedroom and then would start to slash up the bed and all the pillows and all the sheets and the dwarves. She would then move over to the closet and would cut up all his clothes and then would cut up all his shoes. The bathroom was next and she cut up all the towels and then she would cut up the toilet and bathtub so water would start to flood into the apartment. Fiora finally would move into the kitchen and slice up all the dishes and then would toss them all across the room. She throws eggs on the wall and used the pain can to spray "Maxwell Buscon: was here. Take it to the Max" There was a bottle of booze so she could quickly take that and head out. She had done enough damage to justify payment. She went down all the stairs and headed to bottom. SHe went to the creepy alleyway with Maxwell Buscon: and would tell him of the success she had. HE would smile and then he would hand over the jewels and then the mission was done.


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