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Intercept The Package [Mission:Solo]

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Zoe walked about with a twirl as she giggled happily like any child-like person. She was wearing short shorts in jean-like fabric and overalls that connected with her crop top-like shirt. She would smile brightly and then looked at the sky. ''It's so nice outside. I wonder what to do on this fine day, ya?'' she wondered and chewed on some bubblegum. The sky was rather clear and therefore it wasn't going to be super cold as if there were clouds, it would get even colder than cold.

She enjoyed the weather in Orchidia even though she was use to Oak which was foggy, cloudy and even smell of death because Oak was a bad town. Shame that she couldn't get candy without being tricked by some stranger. 'Shame on them though. I would like some candy.' she thought as she saw a stranger with candy in a bucket to lure in children.  Her brown eyes would look around as she roamed through the streets she was passing and even the strange little alleys she would not even dare to go in alone. Soon enough though she would see a man with slanted closed eyes, medium shaggy black-like hair and a straight face yet he was getting very mean with a person who looked like a merchant. He was selling stuff to the man, so why so mean? Out of no where Zoe would notice that it was Ferdinand Cashier. She didn't know much about him, but the information she did know about him was simple. A black market trade of high value is being made? Ferdinand knows about it. Ferdinand is a close associate to Awalia, he uses her connections to check out if trades are legitimate. He's been arrested for murder in the past but has been let go for insufficient evidence. He keeps the streets clean of real criminals and keeps black market business in the underworld, where it should belong. That was about it though. She would go towards him, but before she could, she saw him walk towards her. Slowly he went passed her but only after a small gesture to follow him. ''Oh boy!'' she whispered under her child-like breath. She'd follow him and after some distance down the road he would explain to her that the merchant is expected to come into possession of a valuable item. What item would that be? Why was it so valuable? It made her question as she was always curious. Was this a mission? She couldn't tell just yet. ''It's an item that my friend is very interested in...but that bastard rejected my interest in buying it - so he wouldn't sell it to me. The ass.'' he spoke in disgust and irritation. Zoelee would watch with a small smile, but as soon as he told her that he needed to do something, her smile disappeared. Her eyes became more serious looking as the light of her eyes were gone, all dimmed. Her posture even changed as she would stand straight, looking at him serious. ''Alright, what exactly do you need done?'' she asked seriously and determined to get it done. Some people would say she'd make a perfect mercenary, but she wasn't about that life. He would tell her the details and that was when she would leave to do so. She'd wait at the gates or near them after going by Orchidia to wait.

''Oh hello. What interests you my dear?'' he speaks as he cocks an eyebrow. ''I would like that item.'' she would say as she pointed to the item Ferd was interested in. ''Why would someone like you want that?'' he questioned darkly and glared. ''I wanted to gift it to my grandpa! He's always liked those unique stuff. Out of everything, that would probably make him so proud of me. I'll give you extra!'' she spoke in her fake child tone and smiled innocently. He would look at the item and then her. ''Sounds fine. Here ya go.'' he spoke, exchanging the money and the item. It was weird in her opinion as she had no clue on why he really wanted it. There could be some mystery to it, but did it really include her? She bowed and then smirked as she walked away back to him. She looked for this client who wanted this stupid item and when she did find him she'd give it to him. Finally with that she would get her reward and leave.



Intercept The Package [Mission:Solo] Sigzoe10

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