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All in a days work (Quest | Solo)

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#1Atlas Prime 

All in a days work (Quest | Solo) Empty Mon Aug 14, 2017 7:17 pm

Atlas Prime
Atlas woke up that day in a complicated matter. He felt like its been a while since he actually did something and felt like he should really get out and do something. He thought of a some things he could try to do like train, do a request, meet up with a guild mate or even walk around the town. He pondered this thought for a little while while getting himself out of bed finally. Totodile did the same as Atlas and stretched himself out while jumping down from the bed. They both seemed to go through a morning ritual to get ready for the day. After they finish with it they looked at each other and nodded. Atlas bend down and picked Totodile up and placed him on his shoulder. Since he was small it was pretty easy to rest him there. "How about we see go help someone today," Atlas say to Totodile who nodded at him speaking in the only way he could, basically saying his own name. Atlas left his armor and lance at home and left the house.

Atlas went to a near by request board and looked over the requests. He spotted one he found interesting saying something about a detective and a murder. He shrugged while taking the request. He read what it said. "Well, what do you think?" Atlas asked Totodile. Totodile nodded his head seeming to say that they should take that one. "Okay, lets head to the coffee shop," Atlas said.

Atlas soon arrived in the coffee shop and looked around for who he might be meeting. The request said to look for a guy some bushy black hair. Atlas scanned around before quickly noticing him. He was sitting in the corner some coffee. Atlas found it a little weird that he tried to play the role of detective even in this place since it seemed like what normal detectives might do in a story. Atlas approached the man and spoke. "Are you Dex Miller?" Atlas asked the man. The man seemed surprised as him asking and soon starting staring at Atlas, scanning him up and down. The man focused to on Totodile for a moment before nodding his head in satisfaction. "Ah, you must be the wizard who took my request. Please wait on moment and then I'll discuss the details of it with you," the man said drinking the rest of his coffee. After he finished he stood up, "Come, follow me," he said. They left the coffee shop and they man checked around him first. "Can't be to careful," he said leading Atlas to a place with almost no people. "There has been a murder over here and we are going to look into it," he said leading Atlas as little more away from the area. Atlas follows along with the man excited to try and figure out what might have happened. He never really got to play detective a lot so this was a good change of pace.


#2Atlas Prime 

All in a days work (Quest | Solo) Empty Mon Aug 14, 2017 9:17 pm

Atlas Prime
Atlas followed the man around the area until they arrived at the spot of which the murder happened. Atlas had to wonder how long ago this murder was because there seemed to be no sign of it ever happening. Maybe the police already got around to clearing it up? he thought to himself. "So, how long ago was this murder and what can I do to help?" Atlas asked the man. Dex seemed to ponder for a moment before answering, It was actually pretty recent. We should still be able to find some clues. How about you look around with me for the moment since this is your first time. We can ask some questions to those who live in the area," he replied. Atlas thought this was a good idea. Without any clear information about what happened he wasn't sure how much use he might be alone. So Atlas walked around with Dex looking around. They walked around for a good 15 minutes without finding anything. Atlas gave Totodile a look and then just shrugged following the man. "Strange, there should still be something around here from the murder. How about we start asking people about it and see if we can get anything out of them," Dex said looking around for somebody near by. To Atlas it seemed Dex was in full detective mode and he even wondering if Dex remembered if he was there.

The two say a group of people and Dex approached them. "Excuse me, do you folks live in this area?" Dex asked the group of people. They all looked at each other with some confusion and hesitation to answer the weird man in front of them. Finally one of them answered, "Yes, is there something we can help you with?" he asked Dex and Atlas. Dex took the initiative and basically went straight to the point. "I'm a detective and am looking into the murder that happened here recently, can you tell me anything about it?"  Dex asked the group. The group seemed very shocked and told them they didn't know a murder happened around here. Dex at first thought they were hiding something and tried to use Atlas as an excuse for them to talk. "Now,
I don't want to do this but my friend here might have some "other way" to make you talk,"
he said pointing to Atlas. When Atlas heard this he shook his head no to the group signaling that he wasn't going to do anything. Eventually Dex let the group go and approached another one. This happened for a few other groups before Atlas realized that no one heard anything about a murder. Atlas found this weird and started to question the man he was following. After a while though of finding nothing Dex gave a sigh. "Man, they must of covered there tracks really well. I think it would be best if I take sometime to think this over. Here, you can have your reward for helping me out today. I'm sure I'll get to the bottom of this sooner or later," Dex said walking off. Atlas, who was confused of the situation looked at Totodile who looked confused too. Atlas shrugged and figured that he did his job since he got his reward and left.


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