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To Marigold [Foot Travel]

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To Marigold [Foot Travel] Empty Sun Aug 13, 2017 4:13 pm

Arisa slowly walked away from the hotel in which she booked several days ago. She didn't really keep mind of how many days she was there, but she knew she had to go because of the fact that things had to be done. Something felt amiss as she would look up at the sky, getting all dark and cloudy. Her golden brown eyes would glow as the sun's rays would beam into them. Sure enough she was thankfully wearing some orange lens' sunglasses with a white base. Her full lips would feel dry in which she would then moisture them with her tongue slowly and moved forward. In her hands she would carry her book and read it, looking down at it as she walked through the forests. Fiore seemed to be full of trees and typically forests. It was somewhat a good thing due to the fact that she loved nature. The sun on the other hand in which kept nature alive, that was another story. After that time with Judith and Waylon, she felt rather refreshed. She knew more about who she was, but a part of her felt like there was more to it. She went to Marigold.



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