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Noble Reconstruction [Quest|Sage]

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Sage †
Sage has accepted the request from Reign Valystasia, Lord of Hargeon City. Even tho he is young he is in charge of Hargeon City due to his father's early death. Reign Valystasia asked for Sage's help to reconstruct a part of hargeon City and would likely pay for their hard work. Sage walked through the street wondering about taking on quests outside of Hargeon City and explore more parts of the country. When he heard a knocking and drilling sound, he know that he was close to the place of the construction, when he turned to the left, he saw people working hard on building the place, piles of wood are neatly arranged on one side, people taking the wood and attach it to many others, tars were been slapped on bricks and it goes on and on. Then Reign Valystasia appeared in front of him, Sage flinched a back a little as he was observing the construction site but not the things in front of him.
"Yes, Reign Valystasia, i am here at your service." Sage said to the Valystasia with full respect.
"Oh yes, you must be Sage Elm, the new mage who has accepted my request, and please call me Valystasia." Valystasia told him with a serious tone.
"Yes, of course." Sage replied with respect again.
Then Valystasia pointed out his hand,
"We are repairing parts of the town that has been destroyed, and we need helping hands to do this, as a new mage, I think this job is perfect for you, you could help in any way, as long as it doesnt cause destruction." and he went back to his work. Sage has now understood what he must do to help the people here, he walked towards a man who was spreading tar on top of a brick and arranging them forming a wall, he noticed a spreading tool and grab it and spread the tar on a brick and place it on the unfinished wall. Sage continued doing this until the sun is at its peak, he and the other workers ate their meal together, Valystasia bought them the meal, he said that there were just a few rewards that he gave and he would give more if they helped with the construction more. After the meal, some of the workers left and new ones joined the reconstruction. But Sage decided to stay and helped with them, as things were getting high, Sage used his magic and grow vines to help them with carrying heavy stuff to the higher part of the reconstruction, which was convenient as other people don't have to do too much work, but at one point, Sage felt like he couldn't use his magic and he must have a break for awhile. Sage is a new mage and he couldn't use a lot of magic. After resting for a couple of minutes, he continued the work with his own hands and started to use the hammer and knocked thousands of nails.

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Sage †
Sage also spend his time with the people there at the construction site while resting, laughing and making jokes with them. He know lots of nice people in Hargeon now, thanks to this quest. Sage continued his help with the construction by carrying stuff from a truck to somewhere near the construction site. While he was carrying it, sweat trickled from his forehead down his cheek and to his chin, and finally fall on to the ground. Sage was thankful that it isn't raining, or not their work would be a mess. When Sage finally moved the constructing stuff, he could see that the damaged building are now starting to get a new look, it is almost completed. The only thing that is left is the roof and the paint job. Sage climbed a tall metal stair with a few flight getting to the top of the constructing building. When he arrived at the top, he helped the people there with fixing the rooftop. He started by hammering nails on to woods after woods. Then he helped many people with the roof, he placed the roof's brick one by one neatly in a nice row. After completing the roof. Valystasia then handed each of us brushes and a few buckets of paint. Sage started to paint the building. He could feel the gentleness of the brush brushing against the wall, he felt so peaceful while working with this people, even tho he didnt know who they are and they dont know who he is, but they had some fun together. When they finished painting the outside of the building, they are all covered with paint markings and laughed at each other about that. They continued to paint on the inside which was actually hot as there was no fan or air conditioner in it, but luckily they painted the inside very fast due to the number of men doing it. As they finished, the sky turns orange and birds can be seen, chirping and flying calmly. Sage noticed that he have been there for a whole day. He decided to head to his hotel and take a bath, but before that he think that he should meet Valystasia first, "Hey, I am going home ok? I had a long day." He said to the lord of Hargeon Town like he is his best friend. "Wait, first, you must take this reward, it is a quest right?" Valystasia said to Sage, reminding that it is a quest. "Oh yeah, forgot about that, thanks!" Sage said while taking the money with a joyful smile that his teeth can be seen. "Well then, goodbye!" Sage said to Valystasia and waving at him and head to his hotel. He sure is stinky and dirty, but he had fun and Sage was so happy that he accepted the quest. Then a sudden thought hit him again as he walked the street, either he want to continue his travel across Fiore or stay in this nice place where he could call home.

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