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Train with me(Quest)

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#1Judina † 

Train with me(Quest) Empty Fri Aug 11, 2017 7:01 pm

Judina †
It was a very simple start to a very simple day Judina   taken a bit of time off and rest for a bit that and figured it would off to work again, it was a good way to the pass the time, Judina would be out in the woods she heard of some one wanting to train here, She would start her morning normally for the most part, just keeping to herself about it she picked up a mission post while she was in town to help some one in wanting of help training, it seemed pretty simple to do.

It mentioned to meet the person at the Forest, since she happen to be doing that way it was prefect job for her to do with some one since it was something she will easily be able to help some one with, The type of area was also the type of area Judina tend to stick around for meditation and quiet time so it would be all prefect for Judina to do for some one in need of a hand, Taking the note  where to meet the person and what there name was to keep that down in her mind she wouldn't forget.

Seeing a woman standing alone in the area of the outskirts Seheda hopefully it was her the lady she was looking for. Walking over and waving Judina would speak and ask this woman."Are you Seheda." Waiting with her hands on her hips waiting for an answer from her, she looked like the type to be slightly unsure of herself and fail a few things Judina had the feeling in her mind that maybe this was the lady she was looking to help currently given her failures that would be explained to Judina shortly Seheda found the right person for the job.

Standing still for the moment Judina listened to her story of failures, being insecure, nervous and rejection from a place a total of three times, Judina actually felt sorry for Seheda over all, It was like in a sense of how Waylon would feel with that situation given to him so it was simple encouragement and training would be in mind for Judina to do with Seheda unsure how all to do that but Judina would try her best too encourage her it seemed like an interesting start to do for the day for her.

It was time for a simple run Judina just looked at her and said. "A simple run with a few things in the way eh? Sounds like a good run to me, I am ready when you are." they would both walk over to were Judina was told for were the starting line was, It would be a good test for Judina too he had not ran  anything like this since her trainer making her run something called "The Gauntlet of the Forest." It was quite the fun from what Judina remembered of that run also a challenge too.

Looking ahead at what she could see of the path they were going to run Judina seemed to have most of it figured out but then again if it was anything like the thing she ever ran it had trap but Judina had doubts that trap would be in such a thing because she was trying to build confidence  in herself which was the whole point in doing it was a simple task over all which, it seemed like it was more about fun and running mostly. Judina would line herself up at the starting point, stopping to show Seheda how to prepare for the run as well.

Judina with a peaceful and content smile looked over at Seheda and nodded she would start counting down from five to zero for when they could go."5." Judina said getting in her readying position. "4." Judina watched Seheda get ready to run."3" Judina would listen to Seheda take a deep in hale of air to try and relax and not be so scared of what was to come."2." Judina looked forward. no longer looking at the person next to her. "1." They both were not staring head forward to go.

"0." Judina would take off running and same with Seheda, Jumping on one fallen over and using that log to jump over the next one which was higher then the one before it, Looking back Judina would see that Seheda was behind her struggling to get past that object, Smiling she said. "I believe in you Seheda you can do this." She mentioned stopping for a moment to see Seheda get back up and attempt to continue running the path just as Judina was doing still to run, Turning her face forward to the path Judina would run faster.

Next part seemed a bit harder then Judina thought really of all the running it was to jump and  grab a rope and swing over a small cliff liveable if you missed the jump and there was a latter to get back on track so it was all planned out to do in the end for this situation to maybe happen with this run, Judina wanted to know who, had set this up because it was all well planned and she did not set it up herself or ahead of time get a chance to see this spotw at alla.

Jumping on one long, stepping on second one with just one of her legs and make the lifting off to reach the rope easy. Grapsing on too the rope and  leaped over to the next edge to jump over and be done with it. Watching what happen next just also

Judina after finishied the path and Seheda did fall over infront of Judina and laughing about it slightly Seheda could laugh too they were done after all it was over, Judina bowed and smiled "Thank you for allowing me to help you" Mentioning while she got a thank you in returned she got pain as well.

Wordcount: 1006/1000

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