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Thanks for the memories [Alyssa/Red/Closed]

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Thanks for the memories [Alyssa/Red/Closed]  Empty Fri Aug 11, 2017 12:09 am

Kenny sat on the park bench minding his own business whistling on his own. Life seemed to be going well for him, he had his girlfriend back, Arcane was back, life was looking better for him, his darkest days were behind him it felt like. His life might not have been perfect in the eyes to some, but to him he had it all just in his family. He loved Alyssa more than anything in the world, her smile entranced him, her eyes always allured him, and her lips were soft and supple when they kissed, ugh... He could barely find the words to describe how much he loved her and Arcane.

Hell he had even gone as far as to buy hey a gift, he held an envelope in his hands looking down at the packaging with a cheerful smile on his face, it was a small gift as their anniversary rolled around, even with him leaving her and coming back they had managed to stay together and now he was the happiest he could be. If anything happened to her he would be deeply saddened and would probably go mad because he loved her so much.

Did he know she could hurt him? Yes, but he didn't care, it didn't matter anymore. He knew that she loved him and he loved her back immensely, if only she was here now he would give her the gift but he couldn't ruin the surprise tonight, he had this envelope and so much more planned.


Thanks for the memories [Alyssa/Red/Closed]  Qurywgl

Thanks for the memories [Alyssa/Red/Closed]  Empty Fri Aug 11, 2017 12:52 am

This was it, the day Alyssa had always feared would come.  Though the evil side of her personality had been in control for a while, she never thought that it would be out for blood, especially the blood of the man she loved with all of her heart and soul.  The man she had recently caught cheating on her was the very reason she lived anymore.  Both sides of her loved him to the point that it hurt, but now, a promise was a promise.  The split had told Kenny if he ever hurt her, that she would kill him.  She had managed to push the split back the day she found him, but now it was impossible, the pure rage from being stopped the first time had taken over.  Kenny had left her a note, telling him to meet her the place they first met that he had a surprise for her.  She had not wanted to know where he was, knowing that the split was out for blood, but now there was nothing she could do to stop it.

'Please...' She would beg, stuck in the back of her own mind, not being able to control the movements of her own body as it readied itself to take out the only person she had ever loved.  'Please stop...I love you, you love him he is the only good thing in our lives!'  The split would not listen and set out upon the journey.  As she neared the park with Arcane following slowly behind her, she could see the man sitting upon the bench, smiling as he had the first time they had met.  She fought for control against the split holding herself hostage, but with no luck. 'For God's sake I beg of you do not do this!  It will kill me!'  The split did not dare to listen as it grabbed a sharp rock from the ground before walking up behind the man.  She would then kiss his cheek before plunging the sharp object into his neck, piercing his main artery causing blood to splatter upon the ground.  It was a wound that not even Alyssa could heal with her own magic.  The split would then give control back to the softer woman, knowing there was nothing she could do.

Taking back control, Alyssa would try to heal his wounds before realizing she was not strong enough.  Tears would pour out of her eyes at that moment as she would scream, beating her hands upon her own face.  "NO!  Why would you do this?!  KENNY!  I love you.  Please don't leave me...please you're all I have, I love you."  She would wrap her arms around the man, not caring that she was getting covered in blood that was pouring from the man's throat.  "Please...I'll die without you." She would end in a whisper as she would begin sobbing harder. 

The Feels:


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Kenny continued to smile happily as he would soon get ready to head to their room, that was until he he heard someone approaching he looked back in the corner of his eye, positioning under the street light allowing him to see who came and to his surprise he saw Alyssa, his smile grew wider he saw her raise the rock and he stopped her hand immediately gripping her wrist and tilting his head. “Alyssa?” he asked, looking up at the rock and back at her, “You remember when we met you said you could have killed me… You didn’t try.” he joked, she wouldn’t try to kill him would she? No… He wouldn’t believe it, by the look in her eyes Lyss must have been in control, so she was serious about the thread she had given him. If he hurt her, it wouldn’t be over, she murder him.

A smile crept on his face a bright one at that, he leaned down and planted a kiss on her lips. Their lips pressed together, his hand still held her wrist in the air, his arm wrapped around her waist and he kissed her, envelope now resting to the side on the grass. He knew he would have to work to get her trust back, but he wasn’t going to die, not even by her hand, until she knew just how much he loved her. That and he sure as hell wasn’t going to do it on his deathbed, this wasn’t an a damn romance novel after all. He wouldn’t break the kiss, it would be up to her to pull away, though with his grip it’d be difficult.

Thanks for the memories [Alyssa/Red/Closed]  Qurywgl

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Alyssa would be stopped before she could do anything and she was relieved on the inside.  Maybe, just maybe, Kenny would be able to convince Lyss to give her back control.  If anyone could do it, it would be him.  He grabbed her wrist to keep her from stabbing him and would then pull her in to kiss her.  Lyss would begin to struggle against his hold, not wanting to be kissed by this man.  Her strong demeanor was broken slightly as she dropped the rock in her hand over the surprise from being kissed by the man she was trying to kill.  Her tense form melted slightly but the split was still in control and she hoped that Kenny had some way of pulling her back from the edge of wanting to kill him.  'Please, please Kenny just help me.' She would think to her self.  Lyss would break the kiss by pulling her head back, still stuck in the grip of the man.  "Let me go you fucking cheater!  I told you I would kill you if you hurt her now man up and take it!  All you are is a piece of shit who likes to break hearts!"  Lyss was sobbing as well at this point, her heart breaking as much at Alyssa's.


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Kenny felt her fight him, Lyss was in control and she was damned serious about killing him tonight, he could hear it in her voice, so much venom, anger, and hate in it. Her words did sting but… “That’s not true Lyss! That’s not true and you know it, I would rather stab myself in the neck before I cheated on either of you!” he bellowed back at her, “Look at me, you think I would throw it all away? You think I would give up on us? Let you go? You have another god damn thing coming if you think I’m gonna walk out on you. I LOVE you Lyss, I LOVE Alyssa and I would never do anything to hurt either of you.”

He moved his hands to her shoulders and stared into her eyes, water was welling up in his misty red visage as he stared into hers, hot wet tears streaking down her face as he felt his hands shaking as he looked into her eyes deep into those ruby red gems that he fell in love with the first time they met. They had been through so much and to be honest from the day they met to now the only thing he would change is how much of a jackass he was being.

“I know I messed up Lyss, I said what I said to that woman on the beach that day and I’ve been regretting it ever since. You’re the best thing to have ever happened to me and to throw all of that away would be the worst thing I’ve ever done and I would deserve to die.”

He offered her a smile, but the tears were still flowing, “Please my love understands this how many time do I need to tell you? I love you, I want you, you’re my everything and I can’t live without you I want to marry you, I want you maybe raise a family with you… I wanna fucking get old as shit with you and then make that family we raised take care of us.”

Thanks for the memories [Alyssa/Red/Closed]  Qurywgl

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Alyssa could feel the split breaking under Kenny's words.  She was finally able to push through and take back partial control of the evil side of herself.  With that out of the way she allowed herself to collapse in the man's arms and cry.  "I love you."  She whispered.  Her heart was hammering inside of her chest and she was shaking from the amount of anxiety built up in her system.  She had almost killed him.  Almost killed the man that she loved with all of her heart.  "Please, you have to keep her at bay... you are the only one who can.  I cannot control her anymore.  She was so mad...so hurt.  Now I know she will try and kill you how can I stay knowing that she could snap at any point while you are sleeping and just like rip your throat out?  I love you too much if you died I would as well.  Please do not leave me, I cannot deal with it but if I stay you are in danger.  I am in peril in my mind and I have no clue what to do anymore..."  She sobbed to the man, her arms wrapping around his back.


Thanks for the memories [Alyssa/Red/Closed]  Empty Fri Aug 11, 2017 1:51 am

He saw her finally break through, Lyss fell into him he caught her and held her caressing her back gently as he wrapped his arms around her his left hand at her back, right stroking her hair. “I love you too.” he replied to her cheeking resting on the crown of her head, “I feel the same about you, I can feel you shaking, but everything's going to be okay, we’ll be okay, our family will be okay because I love you both no matter what.” his words were soft and soothing as he gently rocked from side to ease her worry. “I can see that me not being around, me being selfish and leaving has hurt you both, but don’t worry, I’m back now and nothing will ever make me leave you again I promise.”

These words were strong from him and he meant them with all that he had, he was not going to leave her, never again. “I’m here for you Alyssa and don’t think like that Lyss is good to me, good to us and we’re all back together now.” he went back to soothing her, “I think I know what you can do to help out with your peril… You could stay with me, we can stay together… I mean um..." he was flustered now, as he tried to find the words.

"You and me, we could... Ya know do the thing where people say I do and stuff, I mean ya know if you want to... Erm, that didn't come out right I mean, we could... Get married?"

Thanks for the memories [Alyssa/Red/Closed]  Qurywgl

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Alyssa froze, she never expected those words to come out of the man's mouth.  Could she deal with that?  Being with the man for the rest of her life?  Yes she could, but she did not know about her split side.  Lyss could try and kill the man every night if she wanted, and it may have been selfish on her own part but she did not care.  She wanted to be with the man.  "Y..yes of course.  I do not know if you are serious or not but a thousand times yes!"  She would kiss the man then, harder than she had ever before.  She did not know if he was serious or needed the distraction to end her life before she could end his own, but she did not care.  He could kill her and run off with Arcane and she would still die a happy woman in the arms of the man she loved with all of her heart.  Even the split was speechless, this was not what they had expected.  They had both expected him to leave for the other woman he was flirting with that that point in time, but man had they been wrong.


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Kenny realized that he did it all wrong first off, but he still kissed her back, their lips pressing together in a rough kiss before he would break it to get down on one knee, “I was going to surprise you with the question, but tonight seemed perfect and I don’t think I could go another minute without asking you.” he held her hands in his own, gently rubbing the back of her right hand with his thumb as he smiled up at her, “You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met, you’ve made me the happiest man alive, and I would do anything for you. Thank you Alyssa, thank you so much for saying yes.” his smile remained, “Wait until we tell Arcane about this huh?” he chuckled lightly, “But honestly thank you so much, I promise my love I will never do anything to hinder us and I will always be yours no matter what.”

He looked down at the envelope, “I almost forgot about this,” he picked up the the white package with one hand and opened it against his knee pulling out a picture of the two of them… Damn he looked rough, he still had his beard and all, but they looked happy. He had forgotten he had managed to get someone to take this picture but luckily someone with a camera had gotten it done, “I know it’s not alot, but when I saw it I thought back to the memories we made that night, and i want make more with you. Rather they be arguing over little things, or kissing one another very morning I don’t care as long as we’re together.” he showed her the picture.

“That and… Could we maybe hold off on kids though? Not that I don’t want any but ya know, I think we can hold off on the mini Kenny and Alyssas until we get our own place ya know?”

Thanks for the memories [Alyssa/Red/Closed]  Qurywgl

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Alyssa would chuckle at the man and give him a flirty smile before nodding her head at his question.  She did not think that she could be any happier at the point and time.  Arcane seemed to be happy as well, standing behind them wagging his tail happily.  Nothing could get better in life.  Alyssa knew they would have a rocky road ahead of them and she would have to keep Kenny close to her at all times where he could not go off and do some more stupid shit.  It would also be smart because of the fact that Lyss could take over again at any point and that would be something that they would have to work through together, but there was nothing that the two of them could not do when they worked together.  At some point Kenny would see the guild mark on Alyssa's back but that would be a story for a different time, a bridge they would cross when they got to it.  For now, she was going to bask in the glory of having her man with her and be excited about the new memories that they would make together in life.  Alyssa was excited.



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He didn’t quite see Arcane bumbling up, but he was glad to see him all the same. It seemed Lyss was more than ready for him, but that was in the past now, though to think that she was going to do it was both terrifying and… Well pretty hot actually, damn he was a lucky bastard to have someone so wonderful in his life, he could barely contain himself, he felt the need to get up and dance, jive, do a backflip and maybe a front flip, there was no better time to be Kenny Omega and now that he had his women back in his life there was nothing he wouldn’t do to keep them here. Instead of letting her walk he picked her up bridal style, he may as well gotten some practice in since they were getting married and all! That’s what grooms did, they carried their wives over the threshold! Though they were going over the threshold and straight to the honeymoon! Kenny carried her with a bounce in his step as Arcane followed, he would have to let the big guy out for a bit tonight! He had his girlfriend- No, no, no he had his WIFE back and they were going to have a very long night tonight!


Thanks for the memories [Alyssa/Red/Closed]  Qurywgl

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