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Basic Duties [request][Jeeroy:Arisa]

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#1Káilètte † 

Basic Duties [request][Jeeroy:Arisa] Empty Wed Aug 09, 2017 10:24 am

Yawning softly, Arisa would look up at the sky and wonder on who she was going to do this mission with. It's been awhile since she did anything with anyone that has to do with questing. Arisa wasn't really the super keen type to really help people out unless it had to do with an award. Thankfully that was just that as she was going to help someone with the end having to do with money - a reward. She would softly smile as her eyes of golden brown that were like eyes of a lioness glistened and shined by the sun that was just above her. Her purple-like hair with the tints of black would rest on her shoulders with her bangs tickling her forehead. Her skin was getting more purple/indigo upon each day. She was wearing black hiking boots, jean shorts with some strings going down to the end of her thighs as her shirt was a black loose T-shirt. Was she going to become a plum by the time she turns age? Was she going to be accepted by people around here? She already had trouble with some of the shops when she went as people just stared with judging eyes. Her heart was pounding slowly as she would think of such shallow things. 'They don't deserve your existence.' spoke the voice in her head. 'Truly enough they deserve nothing but the dirt off your shoes.' she spoke once more as her eyes cornered to look for the person she was to do this mission with.  259

#2Jeeroy Lenkins 

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Jeeroy Lenkins
Jeeroy needed to do a job.  It had been a very long while since he had embarked on a quest with anyone and he was getting extremely bored of doing them alone.  In the town on Hargeon, it was hard for him to find anyone to want to do quests with...or who wanted to do quests with him.  Being that he was a giant and generally shunned by most of the population, it was difficult for him to approach anyone with anything, especially the idea of doing a job with a stranger that was large enough to rip them in half with his finger tips.  Jeeroy knew he was strong and had been shunned since a child, but being thirty and alone was beginning to take a toll on him.  He was tired of everyone running from him and children screaming at his very appearance.  It did not help that aside from being tall, he was very muscular, nearly every ounce of his body pure muscle.  He was three hundred kilograms of pure muscle mass that made him look a lot scarier than he actually was.  Though he was one of the kindest people one would ever meet, everyone either ran or laughed at his large mustache and strand of curly hair right above the cleft of his brow.  As he looked around for someone to complete a job with, he began regretting even coming out.  It seemed like it was a hopeless idea.  Maybe Hargeon had not been the best idea for a place to do jobs at.

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Sure enough, there was still no one. She wondered truly on where or what a certain someone was doing. She surely missed him between the warmth he shared and the kisses that happened within each meeting they had. She started to not really care for anyone else as her heart only warmed up to him. A part of her was slowly dying, but why? Arisa would feel the grass go against her neck, tickling as her bangs were against her own forehead. 'I miss him... Wonder what he's doing at this moment.' she thought as she was sure that he wasn't really thinking much of her, right? Maybe? Arisa didn't want to assume though as she would try to think both positive and negative at the same time. Soon enough she could hear some steps as she would grip on her cuffs of her shirt and pressed against the ground to get up. Her back arched up towards the sidewalk as she was laying by a tree which she was now having her back against it. Not so far away she would see a guy who was rather tall, muscular and rather sparkling. Her eye brow arched as she was questioning this guy. It wasn't really much of judging him by book, but it was more of 'What was he' kind of thing. She would then tilt her head a little and then pushed herself up. Slowly would she get all the way up straight and then she would walk towards him. Her eyes of golden brown would stare at him in which she would then watch. ''Are you my partner for this quest? A client being some purple hair guy named Kenji?'' she questioned. She was curious, but she wasn't going to really ask many questions. 297

#4Jeeroy Lenkins 

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Jeeroy Lenkins
Jeeroy was giving up hope in finding someone to finish this job with, he had been told to go there to find one, but he had come across no one as of yet.  He was getting slightly frustrated as he knew someone had to take the job with him, there had to be someone in the town of Haregon that was not afraid of him who would actually take time out of their day to gain reward by helping him.  It was as if on cue that a woman approached him, she had a strange tint to her skin, one that Jeeroy was curious about, yet he kept him curiosities to himself as she asked him about a job, the same one that he was currently trying to find a partner to complete with.  A smile crept to his face, she herself had to be shunned by people, seeing as she was different as well, and that made Jeeroy want to be her friend even more so.  "I do believe that would be me!  The name is Jeeroy Lenkins, it is a pleasure to meet you, young lady."  He said friendly.  There was no reason to not be nice to the girl, especially if they would be working together for this job.

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Her eyes looked at this guy and still wondered about him. Soon enough she would hear him talk in a rather hefty type of tone. His aura seemed to sparkle and his name seemed rather not fitting in her opinion. 'Jeeroy Lenkins' was his name or so he is saying. Arisa was really super use to people giving her fake names and it somewhat pissed her off. She was to believe that his name was Jeeroy Lenkins for now though. She would give a small smile, shake his hand in a welcoming way and spoke to him in her calm French accent tone. ''Name is Arisa, it's nice to meet you as well.'' she would speak. She wasn't from this area nor did she look the part. Her indigo colored skin was 'out of this world' which means that fingers and whispers were always around. ''Alright, I guess we should get going and start,'' Arisa spoke once more as she would go towards the streets of Hargeon to find some kid. She wondered how this guy 'played'. Was he rough, a killer or was he kind and gentle who depended on words? That was a good question since she might have to beat the living crap out of some kid to make him listen. She now wondered on rather or not she should just watch this guy do something, take care of it perhaps. Her eyes could see the shadows upon the dark alleys that had a lot of stories. Was Hargeon secretly like another Oak yet for the goodies? She always saw bad in everything, but sometimes it was the other way around when it came to her other part. Soon enough they would see the kiddies with their spray paint. 292

#6Jeeroy Lenkins 

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Jeeroy Lenkins
Jeeroy followed the woman while staying beside her as they walked towards the dark alley in the center of Haregon.  This was where the officer had told them to go and wait, and they were to bring back the cans of spray paint as evidence that that children were scared off.  Jeeroy understood why the officer wanted some of the children scared off, but as for the others, the ones who were able to paint beautiful murals upon the sides of the buildings, he did not understand the want to get rid of them.  The good murals brought smiles to the faces of the people in Haregon and brightened up the days.  With a sigh Jeeroy thought of it from a legal standpoint as he was a Rune Knight, he understood that it was illegal and the kids needed to be stopped.  They stopped in a small alley and began to wait for the children to arrive which soon enough, they did.  They carried back packs full of spray paint cans and were laughing.  Jeeroy stepped out of the shadows, in front of the only way out for the kids with a stern look on his face.  "Well well well, what do we have here.  You know it is extremely illegal, what you are doing now, correct?"  The man asked.  The kids already looked scared out of their pants.

#7Káilètte † 

Basic Duties [request][Jeeroy:Arisa] Empty Wed Aug 09, 2017 10:32 am

Soon enough they were finally at where the kids were. Her eyes would be watching them paint and from there she would lean against the wall. ''In a way. I find it dumb how they are pretty much telling kids to not be artistic.'' Arisa would speak softly and quietly. Her eyes closed half way as she watched them continue. Not long after she saw her new partner go towards the kids saying how they were doing illegal stuff. Slowly Arisa would lift off of the wall and follow to stand beside the tall guy. The kids would look at both of them. One was an 'alien' colored woman while the other person was a giant pretty much if not actually one. Her golden brown eyes would stare at them like some lioness seeing her prey. Technically they were her prey as they would then continue looking at both of them. ''Y-yes sir. We just wanted to do some art though!'' one kid spoke and looked away with a sour facial expression. ''It is stupid, but it is the law kid. All of you.'' she would say and look at the other kids. The kids knew they were out matched and couldn't really argue the point between the two adults. ''Y-yes ma'am.'' he would say for his friends as they then left in a hurry. Not sure if it was because they were scared or if it was because they had better things to do now then to be scolded. Either way, it was done. ''Guess we're done here.'' she spoke simply as she walked to bend down and grabbed the bag of spray cans. Quickly she would turn and go with her partner to hand in the items, got her reward and said their goodbyes. ''Was nice hanging. Maybe again we'll meet.'' she spoke simply and chuckled, leaving. -exit-

#8Jeeroy Lenkins 

Basic Duties [request][Jeeroy:Arisa] Empty Wed Aug 09, 2017 10:33 am

Jeeroy Lenkins
Jeeroy took the rest of the spray paint cans and bid a goodbye to the woman before him before he took off back to where the officer was waiting.  He had issued what had seemed to be a lot of tickets to many people as his ticket book was almost empty.  Jeeroy handed the man the cans and smiled at him as he was handed his reward.  He was dawned in his Rune Knight attire, so the man knew they were both officers of the law.  The officer smiled at him.  "Thank you, sir.  You surely do bring pride to the Rune Knight name, doing all of this for our fine city.  I shall be sure to call upon you again when I need help."  The man told him with a smile.  Jeeroy nodded his head and left with a smile upon his face.  While he hated stifling creativity in children, there were different ways to let it out.  Draw on some paper, make art on their own bedroom walls where it would then be there own parents problems.  Jeeroy just hoped it would stop them.  As he walked away, he hoped that he would see the strange woman again, they seemed to make good partners. -Exit-

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