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Feed The Fish[Request][Jeeroy]

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#1Jeeroy Lenkins 

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Jeeroy Lenkins
Jeeroy was happy that day as he woke up.  He had got in a good workout the day before and had an awesome day with his buddy, Jay Holiday on the beach while they worked up a sweat and Jeeroy got to get in some training.  Though he needed to train his combat up next, having the opportunity to work and gain some strength and muscle mass was really a treat for him.  Jeeroy did not know if there was anything he enjoyed more than working out...well besides women and taking the women home...and the lovely green herb that helped him get through the day without feeling too much pain.  Okay so working out was at least in the top five of his favorite things to do.  Another of his favorite was going to the beach, which he was getting to do again today with the same woman he had helped a few days earlier in her lab, one Mrs. Raina Burke.  She was a lovely scientist that put a lot of passion in her work as a marine biologist in Hargeon.  She was truly a sight when it came to watching her work and Jeeroy was ecstatic to get to help her once again.

His first assignment was to pick up some fish food in a warehouse in Hargeon to deliver it to her.  From there they would go and feed the lovely fish in a pond nearby.  Jeeroy was excited to get to feed the fish with the woman.  He knew he sounded like a kid and probably looked as giddy as one as well as he walked towards the warehouse with a bit of a pep in his step.  He had been having the most lovely last few days as he had gotten to work out with a friend and now he was getting to go feed fish, it was like his dream week come true.  Now if only he was able to take down a couple bad guys as well.  He knew that was a long shot though as he knew the older more experienced Knights were out taking care of the problems of Fiore currently.  Get stronger, they had told him, and then they would allow him to take better jobs in which he was required to take out enemies.  He could not wait for those days, they made him excited to even think about.

Stopping at the warehouse in Hargeon, he collected the fish food that he needed before heading towards the pond where he would help feed the fish.  Though he was sure the woman only wanted him for the manual labor of rowing the boat out onto the lake, he was still happy she had thought to ask him for the help and not someone else.  As he met her at the pond, he found her standing ankle deep in the water with her shoes and socks on the shore as she seemed to be looking at the fish who seemed to be used to her being in the water with them as they were not scared to swim around her feet and nibble at her toes.  At his arrival, the woman smiled and moved out of the water to show him to a boat beside her and explain that she would need him to paddle them out to the center to feed the larger fish that never came to the shore as they were too big to near it.  Jeeroy agreed and pushed the boat out with her inside of it.  He climbed in as he pushed it onto the water and began to easily row them to the center of the water.

In the center of the lake, Jeeroy stopped and the woman handed him a handful of fish food and explained to just throw it out and watch.  So Jeeroy threw the fish food onto the top of the lake and watched as the fish scooped it up quickly eating it as they rolled across the top of the water, knocking into the boat nearly tipping it over.  These fish were very large and Jeeroy was excited to be able to see them so close and feed them as well.  He took another handful of food and threw it out to them before letting the woman do the rest of the feeding.  He also watched as she would reach out and stroke a few of the fish as the happily ate all the food.  At the end of their journey, Jeeroy rowed them back towards land with a grin upon his face.  As they reached land and the woman put her socks and shoes back on, she handed him his reward and began her walk back towards her lab.  Jeeroy would watch the pond for a bit longer before pocketing the jewels and walking back towards his hotel.

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