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Test the Waters[Request][Jeeroy]

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#1Jeeroy Lenkins 

Test the Waters[Request][Jeeroy] Empty Wed Aug 09, 2017 9:58 am

Jeeroy Lenkins
Jeeroy slowly rose from his bed, stretching his back until it popped as he thought about how old he was getting.  All of his bones popped in the morning now, not just his back, he could definitely tell he was getting much older and would not be able to do things as well as he could when he was just a boy or even a younger adult.  He was getting slower as he aged, but stronger as well.  The only thing keeping the pain from hitting him was the green herb he smoked before he took jobs that required manual labor or fighting though he had not taken that many jobs requiring him to fight anyone as of lately.  Most of the jobs he had taken had been helping people around the town much like the one he had taken that day.  He was going into Hargeon and helping a Raina Burke test water samples to reduce the amount of pollution in Hargeon's waters.  Jeeroy thought it was a noble cause and decided he would help the woman in any way possible.  He loved water and keeping it clean and healthy was one of the only ways for him to enjoy it fully.

Jeeroy had just finished rolling up a joint when he looked at the clock and decided it was time to head out to collect the water samples for the woman.  He would head down to the beach to do the work and then head back to her lab, the same place where she had given him the address for.  Her assistant was supposed to help her in testing the water, but he had called off for the day over some personal business that Raina Burke was not going to question him about, it had sounded serious when he had called so instead she had asked for Jeeroy's help.  With the joint secured in his lips, he began his walk down to the beach after lighting it and taking a drag.  He could feel his pain slipping away making it a bit easier for him to do his job for the day.  He had stopped to pick up some test tubes from the lab on the way to the beach, telling the woman that he would be back shortly with her samples.  As he neared the beach, he took a large sniff of the air, smelling the lovely salt water smell that he would never get enough of.

Nearing the water's edge, he picked a spot that was marked for fishing only and no swimming where he could get the most controlled samples of the water that was not being polluted by a human currently.  After filling up three test tubes full of water, he sealed them and spent a bit of time looking out at the vast body of water before he packed up the test tubes and headed back to the lab where he would meet with Raina Burke and help her test the water samples.  She was waiting for him in the front room of her office with a magazine in hand.  Once he entered, she rushed him to the back with the samples saying something along the lines of them having no time for them to waste.  As she plucked the samples from his hand, she handed him a pair of sterile gloves and told him to put them on where he did not contaminate anything as they did their tests.  Jeeroy slipped on the extra large gloves and found them tight on his hands, but he did not complain, simply listened to the woman and did as she said.

He took a couple droplets of water and placed them on a small glass piece, allowing the woman to do all the harder work that came with the lab work as Jeeroy was not a professional as she was.  She worked confidentially and quickly, making Jeeroy wonder exactly how she did it.  As they worked she talked about why she went into this field and how Jeeroy could get into it if he wanted to.  She was certainly passionate about what she did, but Jeeroy figured he was better doing what he did best, being a Knight.  The rest of the day and tests passed by quickly and soon the woman had the results that she wanted.  With all the numbers Jeeroy did not know if it was good or bad and the woman's face was unreadable as she wrote her findings down.  Jeeroy did not want to ask so he simply stayed quiet as she finished writing down the numbers on her report.  Soon she turned to him with a smile and handed him a bag of jewels, promising him that she would call if she needed more help.  Jeeroy would pocket the jewels and leave the lab happily.

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