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Rat race

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Rat race Empty Mon Aug 07, 2017 1:17 pm

Cosmiare walked through the streets as she would look around. Her eyes of honey gold eyes would shine like the sun above her. Some clouds were on about, but not enough to cover the blinding light. Her heart was beating regularly as her small child-like arms dangled alongside her. Her red short hair would bounce upon each movement. Her facial expression was rather really calm as she would look around for something, something specific. What was the specific thing? She was supposedly looking for people that would know something about a rat. It truly confused her, but she would be somewhat amused probably just looking at it. She was doing this for some lady with some eye issues or something. ''Maybe she's like a pirate!'' she questioned out loud in a rather quiet tone.

‘I might as well get something to eat while I look for this rat thing...’ She thought and glared towards the right corner of her eyes. She’d see a shadow, but for now, she would ignore it not really thinking it was him. Honestly, the food sounded amazing so she went to some shop with pretty designs. The smell of fresh bread, cheese and meat – sandwiches. Truly sandwiches were amazing with prepped right as she learned this the hard way while surviving on her own with her friend. Her heart was beating nervously as she remembered those times or surviving. Her hand went down a little to grip the metal handle tightly, opening it forward to then walk in. Her eyes looked at the keeper and smiled nicely and innocent. ‘’What can I get ya, young lady?’’ he asked as he would then clean a glass. ‘’A bit with some turkey yet funnily no tomatoes.’’ She would say with a smile. He would chuckle a little as he nodded. ‘’Alrighty.’’ He would say while opening up a case.

He would put on some latex gloves without the powder on them. Next, he would reach for the freshly made bread, cuts it in the middle and in half. After that, he would grab for some turkey, bacon, and cheese. He put them together to make a simply BLT (Bacon Lettuce Turkey). She would smile as she took this sandwich and looked at it. ‘’Can I have some pepper with this?’’ she wondered. ‘’Ya sure.’’ He would say as he took the sandwich with love and care. Slowly he opened it and took some pepper- shaking it everywhere. She felt happy that she was getting this sandwich as she then finally took it. ‘’Thanks.~’’ she spoke happily as she then turned away to walk out the door. She’d walk out of the sub sandwich shop as she would take a single bite. As she was going to take it something rammed right into her, dropping that poor sandwich as if butter slipped out of her hands. The dude passed her without saying anything as the sandwich slow emotionally died. Her eyes shot towards the man who had some afro hair. ‘’Hey!’’ she spoke and waved at him with a rather angered look. She would touch his shoulder and then he turned swiftly. ‘’Yo yo hey now. I –‘’ he was about to say till he saw her in armor. ‘’Wait, I'll give you the money that you used to buy that sandwich... Maybe a little extra. Just don't hurt me!’’ He would say as she was handed the money and looked at her red spear.


Rat race Empty Mon Aug 07, 2017 1:45 pm

‘I’ll be back for you… someday.’ she thought darkly as she turned away to walk towards where the person was. She would remember with her a counter with the girl who was the client. Luciel was found abandoned long ago by Merlin and has been under her wing ever since. Emotional expressions can't be read off her face, most likely due to a trauma in the past. She is accepted by everyone in Crocus due to being seen as Merlin's daughter. She is currently being raised as an apprentice by Merlin and aids her motherly-like figure in any task at hand. That was all she really knew about her anyway. When she went there she was somewhat treated like she was with that fish girl who was watching fish all day. How silly. ''Oh man...'she first started to sound really disappointed, but then she thought of the positive. ''At least I get to hang out with fishy fishies all day!'' she started to say, grabbed the clipboard and pen. After that, she would put her hands together while still gripping the stuff and squiggled around towards the fish... ''Hai fishes! I'm here to watch you do whatever. So act casual.'' she spoke and giggled. She plopped onto her butt and started to doodle on what they were doing. Some were just casual sitting in their own fish way and some were just popping up to breathe some air from the same air she did. ''Oooh. Interesting. Mhm.'' she pretended to be some professor of some type. She then put down the clipboard and pen to get the food. ''Alright guys.~ Time to eat.~'' she started to chirp happily as she would grab a handful and spread it all around so all of them got some. Some were eating more than the others. ''Stop being piggies Mr. Fishy... Are you a male?'' she wondered and then squinted her eyes to really look. ''I can't tell....'' she spoke softly and then turned around after standing up straight as she saw her. ''Raina!'' she started to yell and went right to her. She would report on what happened which ended with the client laughing. After that, she would reward her, ruffled her hair leaving Cosmiare to leave. That was a good day indeed. She loved fishes. Someday she'll have one.

“As to make things simple and as fast as possible. I shall explain to that I come to you for business. As I need you to do something urgently for me, and I must inform you that it will be nothing like the last task I asked for you to complete. As this time I have got myself into somewhat of a bind you see. I accidentally spilled a strange potion on one of my test rats in my lab. And it has caused rather a Frankenstein like reaction. Creating a strange mutant rat, that is not of the master splitter type. Though it did manage to escape my lab before I was able to contain it, and now I fear it is running loose somewhere in the city. And have no idea to what this rat is capable of at the current moment especially at its rather large size. So I need you to do the duty of proceeding to exterminate it for me, and the faster you could do it the better. Now I will be taking my leave to let you get back to whatever it is you had going on.” She was told as she would look around. Soon after she was told that the rat was to be found in some random house. 'Wonder how huge that rat is...'' Cosmiare wondered as she would look around. Her bright golden eyes would seek out this animal as she sadly had to kill it. Even if it was ugly, it was still an animal. Opening a door she would hear creeks from the old wooden floors, the floor boards were slowly coming out as the walls had holes. 'Wonder how old this place is...' she wondered to herself, gripping her spear tightly and ready for any Rat attack. Her eyes saw it nibbling something. 'I-is that a person?' she wondered and squinted her eyes. She saw it turn its head to her, moving towards her. 'Crap crap!' she thought and ran off outside in the backyard door, the rat came out and as it leaped towards her, she bent down with the spear pointing up. All she could hear was a nauseating squeak that came from its mouth as it then died. ''That was awful...'' she spoke to herself as she would grab a shovel, bury it into the earthly ground and left. She had to go back to the client as she would give out her report. Her eyes looked back every so often as she didn't want to see that that... thing ever again. When she got to the client she would tell the woman what happened, got her reward and then left.



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