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Removing the Drunk [Quest|Evangeline]

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Eva stood in front of her mirror, making twists and turns with her body to get a look of how the new dress looked on her. It was a short white dress that reached just barely an inch above her knees and had beautiful black flower embroidery going diagonally from her left chest to the waist and down a little to the hips. The skirt part of it was solid but poofed out like a gown. It was considerably new, something that she received after a job well done in that day’s photo shoot. Hanase had seemed to like it too when she was made to choose a favorite from their new summer collection. To them, summer was all about solid colors and minimal designs with florals or other embroidery, which despite everything, Eva actually enjoyed. She liked the subtle color designs and the simple pictures over them. She was also really in love with pastel colors which were mostly used in spring.

“Are you ready?” came the voice of her longtime manager Hanase san who was already looking great in the black and white comfy casuals he wore. No, they were not out on a date but Eva and Hanase were about to visit Enil’s place again to grab something to eat. They actually had no longer than one more week in Orchidia and they both agreed to spend it wisely so that they could enjoy it to its fullest. Eva agreed of course since once they got back in Era, she had to idea what would do to her. She did guess that for someone who lost her magic, Eva wasn’t panicking. Something somewhere told her that she would be alright and if she persisted, she will find her powers again. The key were all those memories she had forgotten.

A few minutes’ walk down the road led them to Enil’s buzzling place. She guessed that she looked a little fancy for someone who came to eat in a local pub but didn’t care for it since she liked to spoil herself like that. Once Enil saw her, his eyes lit up and he walked over immediately, greeting her and Hanase san before taking their order and getting them something to eat. When they were halfway through, Eva noticed that Enil kept his eyes on her. Don’t get her wrong, she was used to the stares of men in many ways more than one but the look that Enil gave her was one of worry and a bit of something like contemplation. Once she placed her fork down, he looked like he made up his mind as he walked over to her.

He gave her some details on a particular customer that would always give him trouble after coming down to drink in his pub. When he started describing this guy in detail, Eva made a connection with the same person and someone she had had as a client a few days ago while she took care of a granny. “By any chance, this person you are talking about is not called Mitya?” she asked, watching with affirmation as Enil’s eyes widened in surprise. “You know him?” he asked, at which point Eva told him all the details on how she had met him over a request. But nonetheless, she agreed to help Enil as long as he was willing to pay her.

Once the night rolled forward, Eva found that Mitya had appeared out of nowhere and had taken a seat right next to her. He didn’t seem like he recognized her, however, as he looked her way once and then went back to ordering more food and drinks. At first, as Eva watched from the corner of her eyes, he seemed mellow enough to be eating in silence, only making light conversations with the owner occasionally. Soon, though, he started mumbling angrily to himself, picking the food apart and asking himself what was so good about this place as opposed to his’, Eva, sitting right next to him, listened in for a while as she resisted the urge to roll her eyes. It seemed like she was meeting incompetent idiots all around these days.

As his whispered complaints started to get more audible, Eva took a quick glance towards Enil, nodding when he returned the glance and motioned with his head to take the man outside. Eva wasted no time in grabbing Mitya by his arms and she dragged him, without making as much of a scene, outside and threw him back onto the streets, grabbing on to the tip of his hand only when he looked like he couldn’t walk to save his life and would topple down any moment. He looked surprised at first, and then confused before he turned his eyes to all directions, shaking his head in an attempt to clear it up, possibly along with his vision. “Where?” he started but Eva was already on him to cut him off. She started explaining to him why he can’t go in and start creating a scene like that again, using her strength to push him back when he threw a fit and tried to push past her. She blocked the path, corssing her hands over her chest and giving him a frosty look over her nose. He tried again to use his strength against her, failing when Eva successfully pushed him down again. “Go home,” she told him, watched him glare at her angrily before waddling off like a struck baby back home.

When Eva went in, Enil stood behind the counter looking slightly worried while Hanase sat there with a smirk playing at his lips. She knew there was a reason she liked to keep that guy around as her manager, she grinned as she took her seat back in place next to Hanase. Enil gave them the rest of their meal for free, even paying Eva the same amount as she asked for out of gratitude, telling them to come back again before leaving Orchidia.


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