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Pizza Deliveries [Quest|Evangeline]

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Eva looked up from her book, her back leaning towards the quilted headboard of the bed. She was inside her room in the luxury hotel she had booked with Hanase. It was an ordinary day where Eva actually didn’t have anything to do. She contemplated the idea of going back to Era at this point. It wasn’t as if she had much to do and the idea that she might get her magic back after so long made her want to go back all the more. However, Eva also knew that she still had work to do and that she couldn’t always be so selfish when her manager was working so hard for her.

Placing the book aside, Eva got up to walk towards her closet. She threw some comfy casual style on before walking out, ignoring the stare of everyone that she passed by along the way. This was one reason she didn’t like staying in a big hotel like this. There were way too many eyes to judge you. She walked out the door with a powerful stride, emitting the aura of a noble in her steps and not in her style. She turned towards the familiar road leading down to the request board in the middle of the town.

Once she reached there, Eva’s fingers slipped through the numerous papers, coming across one that had its deadline set on that day. She read the contents carefully before turning around and walking down the way that she knew the place would be. It was actually a bar or restaurant sort of place that she had visited with Hanase san. She remembered the place especially for its great food and definitely hundred percent natural fruit juices. It was also one of the places she really enjoyed visiting in Orchidia, which was great praise coming from Eva.

She met the owner a few minutes later, a tall lanky looking guy with a lot of muscles and a deep scowl stitched onto his face. He gave Eva an once over when she walked in, trying but somewhat failing when he tried to smile at her. She gave him the details of why she was there, letting him know that she would be happy to help if she was adequately compensated for it. He looked like he considered the idea for a little, nodding slowly when he found the Rune Knights insignia right below her collar bone.

He led her towards the kitchen afterwards, giving her a list of all that she would have to do like making the pizza and then the delivery. He showed her around the machinery and process they used with Eva trying to soak up each of his words like a sponge. After all, if there was one thing she wasn’t all too knowledgeable about, it was about cooking. She had struggled when she had made a cake back in Olly’s place in Magnolia even with Finn helping her. Of course, for her first time, it turned out well only because she was following a recipe to its last words. This one was going to be far more difficult since she only had the owner’s words to use as a guide.

Following his steps, she took the proper measurements of the ingredients first and even programmed the over to preheat it. As that rolled on, she started making the dough by mixing various ingredients in. Enil had watched her struggle enough to drop in a detailed cookbook on her head before he went off. He still came in every now and then to make sure she was doing everything right but nodded impressed and went out when he saw her hard at work.

She started rolling the dough out once it was all done, flipping it around and doing all those complex maneuvers that she had only seen on television. She rolled it around consistently before adding the toppings in. The first one was a weird combination of pineapples and ham, Eva could never understand those people with weird tastes. She was always the type of person that liked straightforward flavors. If it was sweet, it had to be sweet, if it was spicy, it had to be absolutely spicy. She didn’t do mix ups unless it actually made a good combination which she didn’t see pineapples and ham do on pizza. The second one was for various meats, the third one for various chicken flavors and the last one with chicken and sauce which she actually liked out of the other orders. Of course she didn’t forget to add adequate amount of cheese in them either.

Once it was all done, she slipped them into the oven, going back immediately to take up a piece of paper and write down the address and contact info of each of the customers who ordered the pizza. She hadn’t been in rchidia long enough to know all the places but still knew her way around the kind of people to ask if she ever lost the way.

When the pizzas came out all done, Eva took them off and went out after giving Enil the details. She walked around the town, finding the first one in a weird bakery, the second one in a gym, the third in the arcade, and the fourth in a nice home with his family. Once it was all done, Eva made sure that she got their payment before walking back to Enil’s place. He looked truly happy when he say her again and asked her for all the details. She told him that she got everyone and that they were all quite happy with the pizzas that they received. Once Enil was satisfied with her professional style report, he handed over her rewards along with a pizza that he said she could take home with her. Eva thanked the tall looking man with a nice heart despite his looks and was on her way in a heartbeat. She had, after all, gotten a pizza that Enil himself made. She would surely enjoy it with Hanase.


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