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All In a Day's Work [Quest|Evangeline]

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All In a Day's Work [Quest|Evangeline] Empty Sun Aug 06, 2017 5:45 am

Eva looked down at the map again. This specific café shop wasn’t too far from the luxury hotel Eva stayed in. Despite the hard times, Eva was still staying in Orchidia to work until they would set off to Era again next week. She wanted to complete as many requests as possible by that time simply for the sake of forgetting that her magic had disappeared. It was still a huge change for Eva to cope with and for a while now, Eva had been drowning herself in work, both her modeling job as well as her Rune Knights job. It wasn’t even a surprise for her when she woke up that morning and found five quests waiting for her. She grabbed the first one off her table and made the arrangements before going out to meet with her client.

This man, Dex Miller, as she had heard from many sources, was quite a strange fellow. Apparently, right after some accident about something Eva wasn’t all too sure about, this man had always been strange. His antics and reasoning had changed to someone, well as reported by a woman, quite scary. Why it was quite scary was beyond her but she guessed it was something she could find out later that day.

At the café, Eva found the man sitting to a side sipping coffee from a cup, his legs crossed over one another. He didn’t look up even as Eva approached him and stayed in the same position until she said hello. “Oh, why hello,” the man finally looked up, a small smile playing at his lips, his eyes doing a subtle once over. “Quite a rich fellow, aren’t you?” his eyes seemed to be stuck on her clothes as he said so. Eva wanted to raise an eyebrow. Was that such a difficult thing to figure out about herself? It was quite obvious for anyone to see that she wasn’t the poor kind. She wore expensive clothes, new styles and made a fashion statement each day. That day too, she wore a white shirt with a soft fabric topped with a white jacket with long sleeves. It was paired up with grayish blue ripped jeans shorts and white converse shoes.

“Someone who cares for appearances too,” this time his eyes fell to her painted nails. She had been doing photo shoots for a nail polish company and Eva had chosen soft pale blue color to pair up with her looks that day. “Haha, yes, I’m Eva. I’ll be helping you today,” she formally made the greeting and he narrowed his eyes. “How do I know you are Eva?” he asked, again looking over her as if she was a solved puzzle. Too bad this guy was far from it. “Uhm I am Evangeline. A Rune Knight,” she said, taking a step back as the man stood up and stalked over to her. He grabbed her hand and looked at her palm, finding himself more suspicious. “Hmm it’s soft but I can see it’s the hands of someone who uses magic,” he said, suddenly dampening her mood. He was right that she did use magic but it had been three days since she completely lost it. “Hahaha yes, you are right,” she smiled, swallowing her depression. He looked like he understood this time, nodding his head knowingly. “Alright. I believe you. Let’s go now!”

Was what he said as he dragged her all around the town. Their first shop was the market where Dex, like a professional, pointed to a guy with a ball cap and announced that he is a murderer. As taken aback as she was, Eva tried to remembered if any such situation was reported back in her office. It was so unlikely for something like this to go under the nose of the Rune Knights. According to his narrative, that guy had poisoned his wife and blamed it on his own best friend, cooking up some love story on betrayals and cuckoldry that made even Eva’s eyes widen. She wasn’t very high up on the idea of love and happily ever after but that man Dex had pointed out barely looked like he was married.

That man must have been around the age of twenty five. He looked youthful and absolutely ecstatic as he spent his day at the arcade with his friends. Eva had to look back at Dex. The man still had his eyes on him, taking note on his black covered journal. “Are you sure?” she asked, earning a cold glare from the man. “Do you have other ideas? Are you a professional detective like me?” He asked and Eva had to go on defensive to make him calm down.

For the rest of the day, Eva and Dex walked around, following the man as he and his friends moved from an arcade to a café and then to a movie. All in all, it didn’t look like he was doing anything more than just hanging out with his friends. And by the way everyone acted around him, pointing out beautiful girls and laughing among themselves, it didn’t look like the man was ever married or even had a girlfriend at all.

This continued on until evening with Eva playing along with each of Dex’s whims. She had given up trying to convince him that he was wrong, only receiving a cold glare each time. In the end, even Eva was playing pretend detective. As the day came to an end, Eva finally told him that he was wrong. The man looked absolutely heartbroken that she had said so, stubbornly refusing her reasoning. But he still did reward her for spending a day with him which Eva gladly accepted after having to waste one whole day with a man who had deluded himself into thinking that he was some high ended authority. As she walked away, he looked at cross, almost as if he was contemplating her reasoning, took a look at him journal, smirked and walked away.


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