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Basic Duties [Solo]

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#1Sage † 

Basic Duties [Solo] Empty Sun Aug 06, 2017 3:17 am

Sage †
It is the first day Sage is in the kingdom of Fiore, he arrived in Hargeon Town last night and stayed in an ordinary hotel. After having a delicious breakfast in a restaurant near him, he decided to look for a quest in the town. While he was walking on the street of Hargeon, he saw a man with a police uniform, he looked young and his maroon hair glinting in the sun, his face shows that he is in distress, Sage decided to approached him and greet him, after a cheerful chat with the police, Sage asked him if there is anything he could do to help him. He then said that there are kids vandalizing the wall of Hargeon Town by spraying things on it and his boss is going to kill him if he don't stop them from spraying the wall. Then Sage think that he could help him and earn some money, Sage asked the policeman if he could help him, Sage is thrilled as he was about to do his very first quest, The Policeman agreed to give him a little bit jewels and wished good luck to Sage. When they departed Sage stopped in his track, he thought for awhile on where would he find the kids that the policeman talked about, he searched for the kids all over Hargeon, when the sun reached at its highest point, Sage decided to have a seat on a cafe and have his lunch there. The waitress there is nice and the food was delicious too. After paying for his lunch, he heard a gossip between two middle aged woman at the table next to him. He heard them saying that recently there are kids spraying doodles around the Hargeon Dock and they said that the damage are getting worse day by day. Sage thought about it for awhile and he have a theory that the kids are going there often and he should wait for them to go there.

Sage stood up from his chair and went to the middle aged woman's table and asked them where he could find this Hargeon Dock. They were startled at first then Sage said that he was working with the police, the middle aged woman understood and told Sage the directions to the Hargeon Dock from here. It is not very far actually. When he arrive there he could see various types of ships sailing in and out of the dock, it must have been a very busy day. There are ships for food, silks, and even ferries to transport people by sea. Sage looked around and he saw no kids around. He decided to search for the part where the kids vandalized the wall. When he couldn't find one, he decided to ask one of the people in the Hargeon Dock of the place where it have been vandalized by spray doodles. One of the resting sailors pointed his finger on the north part of the dock and Sage head there after saying thank you to the sailor and said sorry if he disturbed his time. When Sage reached there, he couldn't believe what he saw.

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Sage †
What he saw was doodles all over the wall, not just on one wall, but almost all of the walls, even the dumpster have some doodles on it, plus it is not even beautiful, it is not even art, Sage was furious at that point, he felt like he wanted to strangle the kids who did this crime. Sage thought for awhile and decided to wait at the corner of the aisle. The aisle was dark so people won't see him if they pass through. He waited and waited, some sailors and cabin crews passed by and they did not notice Sage at the corner. Even the middle aged woman he met at the restaurant during lunch walked pass by, so that is how they knew about this, Sage thought. After a few minutes Sage decided to sit down, but even that people can't see him due to his cloak being the same color as the wall and the shadow protecting him from vision of other people. When the sky turns red, Sage felt like he wants to go back to his hotel and call it a day. But then he said to himself that this is his very first quest and he must do the best to complete it. Then he heard laughter, he stood up but still hiding in the dark corner. Then he saw three little figures running towards the aisle, they are wearing black jacket and long pants with their shoes on so that they can run if someone caught them. One of them were carrying a bag, Sage concluded that in that bag are spray cans and other things they use to do their vandalism. When the opened the bag, Sage was right, there are spray cans in it. Each of them took one and started to continue their piece of 'artwork'. Sage decided to step in at that moment so that the vandalism won't get worse. Sage used his magic and grew tall thorns at both exit of the aisle, the kids were shocked by this and they tilted their head around to see what was going on. Then when they see Sage they freaked out and one of them said, "RUN!". All of them ran towards the tall thorns but when they realized that it was thorns, they disbanded their plan. Sage then said to them without mercy on his face, "Now, i brought some soap and brushes, you all must know what you did and you have to pay for that." Sage pointed at one area where there scattered some pails, soap and brush. "But why should we do it?" one of the kids didn't approve with Sage's plan. Then Sage spread one of his arm and a long vine grew and formed into a whip in his hand, "Because I say so" he said while whipping his vine whip at the empty air. All of the kids looked terrified but they all looked like teenagers, so none of them cried or wailed, all of them knew what to do, each of them took one brush and they added soap and water to the pails and cleaned their mischief doings. It was very long for them to clean the whole thing so Sage sit down on a upside down barrel while holding his vine whip. After all the hard work, it was night, but it is very noisy as the dock was packed with people at night due to the high water at that time. Then Sage let the kids go and Sage believed that they will never do it again as Sage could see that cleaning their doings were very tiring. Sage then travelled to the part where he could find the policeman, his name is Officer Kenji, Sage recalled. When Sage found him, he showed him the spray cans and told him that he commanded the kids to clean the place an that is why it took so long. Sage and Officer Kenji both had a tiring day, Officer Kenji caught a thief today. They had a drink in a nearby bar and shared stories with each other. They both had a day and an awesome night.


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