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Feeding the fish [solo]

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#1Shura Ranzu † 

Feeding the fish [solo] Empty Sat Aug 05, 2017 12:33 pm

Shura Ranzu †
Shura felt the weight of his jewel bag and thought back to the coffers in his apartment. He had made his own savings account in his apartment. In a secret compartment in his closet. One that was starting to fill up with cash for something in the future. He was soon going to have to buy more coffers to house the money that he was accumulating. He had already reached just shy of half a million jewels. A respectable amount, but due to the economy of Fiore currently it was not a whole lot. So he had to climb money wise before reaching his dreams of reviving his name. There was another job that he was slightly late for. A job with a previous client, a female named Raina Burke. He enjoyed her company even though he was never going to admit it. He was to make his way over to a warehouse and pick up the food that was labeled for the day. Then after doing so he was to meet Raina by the shore to feed the aquatic animals who congregate close to shore. Shura ran to the warehouse to make up for lost time. After about three minutes of dashing through the town he made it to the spot. A large warehouse that the Aquarium stored a lot of it’s extra equipment and materials not in use. The aquarium had began to become too packed so they invested in this storage. It had a magical barrier placed on it that reacted to special signatures. Thing is Raina was already present there waiting on him. She seemed a bit impatient, Shura could only hope that he wasn’t too late.

She opened the door after seeing the running Shura. He made it over to the ware house and stopped to catch his breath for a moment. “So glad you can make it! You know it’s rude to keep a lady waiting.” She yelled from inside of the warehouse. Shura knew he was in the wrong but he continued to catch his breath. Sweat running down his muscular body Raina blushed after walking out of the warehouse. “The food is...oh my.” she turned a bit red seeing his body for the first time. A exotic darker skin tone and a muscle tone to compliment it. SOmething she had never seen before. Shura noticed it but walked into the warehouse. “I see it.” It wasn’t the fact that Shura wasn’t attracted, the issue was the idea of getting involved. What he was trying to do was a path of destruction and chaos. It was selfish to drag someone innocent into that kind of thing. Then again mass killings was kind of selfish for this reasons. Hypocrisy is a great thing isn’t it?

Shura came out of the warehouse, trying to keep his tired composure. He was already exhausted from working in the sun so early in the day. Then the sprinting and now lugging around a mass amount of fish food. To change the subject back to the job Shura spoke. “Let’s get to it shall we?”

Raina snapped out of her momentary gaze and refocused. “Yes let’s do so.”


#2Shura Ranzu † 

Feeding the fish [solo] Empty Sat Aug 05, 2017 12:34 pm

Shura Ranzu †
It took about ten minutes for the two to casually make their way over to the sandy beach. Raina pulled a knife out after Shura placed the bag down. He grabbed a napkin from out of his back pocket. Then it happened, Shura was about to lift his mask slightly. Raina stopped everything she was doing to watch this spectacle. She was going to see his face to see if it complimented his body. Noticing this Shura stopped what he was doing. He let out a slight chuckle in response to her. “You are no fun you know that? It’s rude to be such a tease.” She pouted a bit before cutting open the bag.

“Mystery invites curiosity and keeps one interested.” His tone came off cocky in nature. Flirting back at the blue haired female. The bag smelled a bit of fish, but that was expected. Shura looked up to see the mass of shadows coming close too the shallows. It was as if the fish expected this to happen. Then again it seemed like a normal routine for Raina so it became their routine. “Are you sure all those fish will like this? Seems kind of bland too feed them all the same kind of food.” Shura explained. His suspicions were grounded ones, as wildlife usually ate all kinds of foods.

Raina smiled and explained the bag. “This is a special kind of food that can be fed to all sorts of wildlife. I agree it’s bland but it is cheaper than buying each individual kind of food.”

It was a mass produced food that could be fed to all sorts of wildlife. A special formula developed just for aquariums to buy in bulk. Shura forgot that aquariums are still a business that must be wise with their funds to stay open. A common business practice to make cuts where need be. “Fair enough, efficiency is always something I can respect.”

Shura pulled the bag closer too the water, but not so it would tip over. Raina reached into the bag and threw the food into the air like ashes scattering across the wind. Instead the food was pellets designed to not get swept away by the wind. Shura followed suite and mimicked her. Schools of fish began to swarm and bubbles could be seen as various species of fish began to leap for the food. “We have to be quick Shura before the predators come. They will get beached in shallow waters.”

Shura never thought of the possible repercussions of this usual feeding. Predators would most likely make it a routine to feed on the stragglers and what they could catch. “Understood.” The two made sure to empty the bag while walking up and down a small portion of the beach. This made sure that everyone present got their fair share of food. It took about five minutes to empty the bag leaving nothing but a empty brown sack. “All gone.” Shura tipped the bag upside down too show that it was emptied. Raina smiled as she watched the fish feed and return to the deeper portion of the ocean. “Oh I don’t want to forget.” She pulled out a pouch filled with his reward for doing this. “Thanks once again Shura.”

Shura nodded and took the pouch. “It is always a pleasure.”


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