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Deface Property [King]

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Mundane quests have been starting to bore King these days since they only required him to do duties which were basic, such as getting rid of children, helping the elderly and what not. Those weren’t exactly the kind that he wished to do as he wondered if all the beginner mages were compelled to do these stuffs. King desired to do something that would be more fun, even if the quest was simple. It would be preferred if combat was not included since King was still not accustomed to his own abilities yet, which was why he was out in Fiore to learn magics. However, instead of being in an academy to study about controlling power, he was running errands and doing silly things. A sigh escaped his lips as he plopped himself down on the bench located near the park. On the other side and in a far distance would be a small market and he could hear the clamour even in this distance.

It wasn’t as if he could ask any mage and have a small interview session with them to ask how the life of a mage would be like, for he did not have any friends the moment he arrived Fiore. A loner he was and has been, his entire life while he spends time with women to fill the empty space in his heart. After putting up a tough act for himself, nothing seemed to bother him that much anymore. King stared beyond him, into empty space as thoughts filled his head. After discovering his love for magic, he has always wanted to increase his capabilities but does not know how. If doing these silly jobs meant that it would be a step closer to his dream, then he was likely to grit his teeth through the entire procedure since he wished to discover his full abilities and how it would be like to wield a power that was granted to him.

It was a rare side of him, to show much dedication to something since he would mostly be seen fooling around with women and slacking somewhere and drinking in a pub. Albeit, once he had set his goals on and when he is fully aware of what he wanted to become, he would try to achieve it no matter what, despite his laid-back personality. King had always been proud of that about himself and how he had full confidence in his capabilities, which was why he was also able to go through all the studies that were forced upon him by his parents and had high expectations of him, to follow the steps of his father, the head of the family. Of course, he had no intentions to do whatever they had planned for him to do or whatsoever but decided to choose his own path. Somehow, he was glad that he was forced to study almost everything at such a young age otherwise, he would not have discovered his immense interest and love in magic.


Deface Property [King] VESQ2Ff

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The young man pushed himself off the bench, now determined after he had his moment to contemplate through everything that he had gone through. Walking through the streets of Hargeon, he would find himself standing in front of the quest board, skimming through the lines of words written on the sheets of paper. It took him a long while until he decided which one he preferred and tore the piece of paper from the board. Golden eyes ran back and forth as he read through the lines once again, but much slower to get all the information written down in his head. A playful smile danced along the line of his lips in amusement. The quest was something that was different than those he had been taking the past week and it was just what he needed; a change. Now, instead of preventing someone else from doing evil doings, he would be the one who’s doing the dirty work.

The coordinates of client’s location were written on the quest paper and with some help of the locals, he was able to find the place without struggling much. Since he was an airhead regarding directions, he would have gotten lost himself if he were to search it on his own. His arrival at the location was greeted with a grim smile from the client himself, who appeared to be a thug with strange hair; one he has never seen before to be specific. It was shaved on the sides and the middle part appeared to be outgrown, compared to the rest and dyed into a very light blonde colour. King stared at him with curiosity until the man began to introduce himself and explained the details of the quest; to break into a man’s apartment and send him a message by spraying paint on his wall.

”I hope it’s here.”

The white haired mage stared up at the building that towered above him, casting a shadow behind. Since he was informed that the owner of the apartment would be not inside the room, he was required to break the door. Slamming his body against the door, he mustered up all the energy on the side of his body and threw himself against the structure. It didn’t budge a centimetre, until his sides were all sore and he was sweating bullets from the activity. Since he wasn’t an extremely muscular person, it required slightly more effort for him than an average person. Once the door was open, he began to take in the sight of a messy room in front of him. Skipping over the pile of clothes and garbage scattered all over the floor, he led himself into a room where there was a big empty wall. Biting his lip out of amusement, King began to shake his can of spray that he was given by Maxwell, the client, and spread the paint throughout the entire wall which stated, ’Take it to the Max’.

Satisfied with his own work, King shut the door behind him and proceeded back to the location of Max to report that he had accomplished his work.


{ Quest Completed }

Deface Property [King] VESQ2Ff

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