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Wonders of Hargeon(Open)

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Wonders of Hargeon(Open) Empty Sat Aug 05, 2017 1:31 am

It was another summer day in Hargeon Town with the sun shining and no clouds in the sky. The water was sparkling like diamonds from the rays shining on top of it. Caius wished he could leave the city but he was stuck here for work. He was not a man that would abandon his post just for personal reasons. He was a loyal soldier. Instead, right now he was sitting on the docks with other spectators viewing a jet ski race. Apparently it was a big thing in Hargeon Town. You would pick a jet ski that was designated by a specific color and bet on it. They would ride in circles on a track while the crowd cheered them on. Depending on who won, you would be paid out a sum of money. The worse they were the more it paid and vice verca. Caius was betting on the black rider who was middle of the pack.

The crowd roared as the race continued on its final lap. The black rider was in 3rd place but was turning around the final bend. The black rider did a risky move where he cut on the inside by moving his vehicle almost parallel to the water to take the lead over the two in front of him. Caius went to the edge of his seat as the rider cut in front and into first place. However, the turned on the inside proved too much for the rider to handle as his jet ski fell over to the side and the rider was thrown off. "SON OF A BITCH" Caius yelled out as the rest of the riders passed him to finish the race.  The crowd roared much to Caius anger. He wouldn't be seeing those jewels back anytime soon. He sighed and walked over to the betting booth for the next race.

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Alyssa wandered onto Hargeon beach once again, her white hair blowing in the wind.  It was a bright day out with the jet skiers out and about on their races.  The beach was quite empty for the middle of the day.  She would be swimming, but she still had the bandage on her side from the attack that she had encountered on the same dock not long back.  She still wondered if she should have told the man who had really introduced her to her new god, but somehow thought different of it.  She was happy she had held her tongue about her new guild.  As she wandered farther onto the beach, she saw a very familiar man with pink hair and she cussed under her breath.  It had to be the same man that attacked her before.  There were people on the beach now, maybe she could approach him, start a conversation, find out why he had stabbed her in the first place.  Perhaps it was not a good idea, as the man seemed to really hate her new religion, but maybe he knew something about her new mentor.  If he knew about Malum, he would have to.  With her plan in mind she stalked up next to the man who's name she could not remember, with a smirk plastered upon her face.  "Yumi," She muttered quietly, hoping to gain the man's attention.  "The one who introduced me to my new religion is Yumi.  Now that that is cleared up, if you could not stab me, that would be cool."


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Caius looked at the odds in the betting booth for the next race. He would not be betting on that trash black rider that cost him hundreds of jewels. In order to recuperate his previous bet, he would play it safe. A large sum on a good rider. Before he could hand over his money, he heard a whisper behind him. "Yumi" Not only was it the real name of a member of Grimoire Heart but the voice also sounded familiar. He quickly spun around to see a white haired woman he had met a few days ago. Though he had attacked her and her companion a few days ago, it seems she survived. Her will to live was impressive. Caius gave her an annoyed look before letting out a fake laugh for the crowd.

"Stab you? Hahaha. Just because he we had that argument the other day. You sure are making this dramatic Alyssa!"
Caius said throwing his arm over her shoulder. He wanted to strangle this woman and find out everything she knew but there were too many people around right now. Caius would have to play it cool. He leaned his face in close so only she could hear him. "Her name is Carnage. Don't use Yumi again. Where exactly did you meet that woman?" Caius would ask trying to sate his curiosity. With his arm around her, he would slowly drag her away a few meters from the crowd. If Yumi actually had use for her like he suspected, he might choose to listen to her side....maybe.

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"I met her not too long ago, here in Haregon.  She took me under her wing.  She is my mentor now.  I...did not know I should not call her that, nothing has been explained to me."  She said quietly shrugging her shoulders.  She could only hope this man would not attack her again, though if he knew Yumi...Carnage...he would cut her a little slack.  She thought herself stupid as she approached him again, she guessed that she lived up to the split that she was.  The man looked the same as he had days before, and he seemed to be a bit angry.  Maybe he had lost a bet on the jet skiers as many others had.  Alyssa realized that she didn't know much about her new guild, and she could not think of a time that Yumi had told her not to use her real name.  What would happen if she messed up?  She really had to watch her p's and q's if she wanted to survive in this guild.  Maybe it had been a bad idea, but she guessed there was no going back now.  She was a crazy bitch anyhow, so why not be in a crazy guild?


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So the demon loli was still lurking in Hargeon Town and recruited this girl for her religious purposes. It was just as he feared in the first place. Why couldn't this woman have been a good girl and just died in their last encounter? Caius gripped his hand harder into Alyssa's shoulder so that the pain would shudder throughout her entire body. It was a silent way to let her know that he was still angry despite his facial expression and his kind tone of voice. The crowd was still in a frenzy on betting for the next race so he was able to easily drag her away without too much attention. He shoved her forward once they were out of hearing range of the spectators so he could question her.

"So about Carnage. Did she mention joining any type of organization in exchange for the power this new religion granted?" he asked. He raised his index finger up to her lips as if to shush her before she could answer. "If so do not speak it. Did she brand you with any marking or tattoo? Show me now or we might have a repeat of the last incident." He spoke with a stern tone of voice to make his threat clear. Crossing paths with Yumi, it was a possibility that she might have been recruited to the guild as well as the religion. If she had the guild tattoo then she was an ally. If not then she just was another disposable religious fanatic.

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How could Alyssa show him the mark on her back without it being seen by others?  Of course they were a few meters away from the nearest person, but if she lifted her shirt, she might have looked like she was stripping.  At that moment, she remembered she was on a beach and it was not strange for women to lift their shirts to strip to a bikini.  Turning her back to the man where she hoped she was somewhat blocked by his body where no one else saw, she pulled the back of her shirt up to expose the mark and the brand sitting upon her back.  When she was sure he had seen it, she would drop her shirt and turn back to face the man, hoping that he was satisfied with what he had seen and was not planning for  a round two of the incident that happened a few days before.  Was it legal to show this man her tattoo, she sure hoped so, if not, it was about to get really strange if her new guild master she had never even met hopped in and punished her for it.  She could only hope this was legal.


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Alyssa was quick to comply and lifted the back of her shirt up. His eyes lit up when he spotted the Grimoire Heart crest tattooed in between her shoulder blades. As soon as he saw the mark, he quickly pulled himself closer to her. He used his tall frame to cover her up to make sure nobody would have a chance to see it while she lowered her shirt. Once her shirt was all the way down, he took a few steps back and let out a sigh.

"It looks like Carnage not only converted you to that crazy religion but also recruited you into the guild." This whole situation was now a mess. It was against guild policy to squabble with guild members. They had to work together as a single unit to accomplish their goals. Failure to do so would result in dire consequences. He had already attacked her but did not know she was in the guild at the time. It was something he would have to speak to Yumi about later. He was sure the old hag would mock him for his actions.

"I suppose I should reintroduce myself. You can call me Black from now on." He scoffed before turning back to her. Why a weakling fanatic like her was accepted into the guild was beyond him. He hesitated but manged to say the words "Like it or not we are allies from now on." The dread was sure to set in as Alyssa grasped the situation. He was anxious to see her reaction

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Remembering the code name that Alyssa had been assigned per Yumi's request, she figured she would let her new guild mate know.  She did not know how she was going to survive within this new guild, especially with this rude man as her ally, though she guessed it was better to have a rude strong man on her side than a nice weak one.  Allies, the word was strange to her and honestly, thinking of this man as her ally was going to be difficult and she wished Yumi had told her about her new guildmates before she took off to do the will of Malum alone.  She also wished that she had known that the man really did not like religion.  "Allies?  Hm, this should be...interesting."  She muttered, hoping that the man was not just joking once again and going to run her through like he had the last time.  "Well black, I guess that means you get to call me Crazy Eight."  She relayed her own code name to the man given to her by her new guild.  It suite her, being as she was crazy as all hell and anyone that knew her could agree with that.


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"Crazy Eight huh? I suppose it's fitting" Anyone who was in that religion earned the nickname 'crazy' in his book. However, if Yumi saw potential in this girl than she could be of some use. He knew she was durable and had a strong will to live from surviving their last encounter. Now it was just a matter of seeing if she had a strong sense of loyalty and would follow and execute the guilds orders.

Caius put his hands behind his back and started to pace around Alyssa. He stared her body down from top to bottom with little regard of what she thought of it. To him it was like inspecting a new weapon. He was trying to see if she had any special qualities that stood out. Besides the white hair and fabulous knockers, she didn't look like much. This woman worshiped Malem so despite her nice personality she used something to rip her victims to shreds. Perhaps it was that companion she had that held the true power. He stopped in front of her to ask.

"So what exactly is your power little girl. What makes you useful to our guild. From what I see now, you won't last very long. He poked at her being weak to see how she would react. Would she show nerves or speak with confidence? Depending on how she answered he would ready with another follow up test.

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Alyssa would listen to what the man had to say, the more evil side of her split still controlling her body.  She would lift an eyebrow at the man and shrug.  "I am a healer, a support mage.  I may not be much use in a fight with my own magic, but I can keep you alive in order for you to be able to cause a lot of damage to someone.  My power comes from Arcane and my skill with a weapon, alongside knowing how to use my magic in creative ways to help me in combat.  I will be useful to this guild, even if it is just to keep the rest of you alive and on your feet.  There are few guilds with supports such as myself that know how to use their magic in creative ways, you should feel lucky I am on your side."  She would explain to the man, hoping that her answer checked out in his mind.  She knew she was weak when it came to fighting and most could see that, but using her brain was something she was good at and she had the drive to power through anything that got in her way or threatened to take her down.  She was strong in her own way and knew how to use her own magic, be it only healing and defense, against her opponents to gain the upper hand for her and her team.  While she was not the strongest alone, with a team she knew how to take others on.


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So Alyssa was a mage that wielded support magic. Currently Grimoire Heart lacked any type of healers so it was a welcome addition to the guild. Not only would she be useful for healing allies in combat, but she could be used for interrogations as well. They could torture their target to near death and then their wounds could be healed to start the process all over again. Surely that would drive them mad and force them to spill all the information they knew.
Caius looked her in the eyes and drew his darkness sword from his hip. "Don't worry this isn't for you."he said to put her mind at ease. Caius rolled his black sleeve to his elbow and would lift his sword up over it. He sliced his wrist with his blade. This drew blood with a cut that was about C rank damage.

Caius quickly raised his arm into Alyssa's face. The blood would fling and splatter on her cheeks as he kept his serious look on his face. He wanted to test how she would react to the blood and how her magic worked as well.
. "Looks like I'm hurt. Get to it support mage and close this wound." A wound like that would be simple to close up if she was as good as she said.

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Alyssa would watch as the man would pull out a sword and, after assuring her he would not stab her again, cut his own arm without flinching.  The blood would splatter over her own face as he lifted his arm to show the blood squirting from the newly formed open wound upon the man's arm.  She would then smirk as he would lift it to her and tell her to heal him.  Alyssa would sigh, wiping off the blood with a slightly annoyed look upon her face.  She would then lift an open palm at the man commanding the healing to begin.  She would then immediately point at the area where the cut was and a wave of water would cover the man and the cut, healing it the rest of the way.  The water may have made him a bit damp, but she believed it would be worth it for the fine job she did sealing the wound on the man's arm.  She would then cross her arms over her chest and sigh.  "I assume that was a test for me?  Did I pass, master?"  She asked almost sarcastically and teasing with a smile gracing the corner of her lips.


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A tingling sensation would fill Caius' arm as the magic from Alyssa would start to flow. A liquid would cover his wound as it slowly sealed up the cut and the pain would subside. When the spell was over, Caius would raise his arm and grip his hand a few times to test it out. It was good as new. He smiled at her when she asked if she had passed his little test. "Don't get too cocky little girl. That was only one of them. Your magic seems like the real deal but what about handling an assignment? I have a job for you."

He would walk over to the betting booth for the jet ski races where he previously was at. Right now there was an long intermission going on while bets were being placed. He took his money and would bet everything on the Red Rider who had the worst odds out of all of them. Then he would walk back to Alyssa with the mission details."Follow me" Caius would lead her to a warehouse where all the jetskis for the racers were placed. Since there was a break from the races currently, the jetski's were unmanned. "Sabotage all of them but the Red one. If someone gets in your way then take them out. Unless you think you can't handle it?" The guild normally had more dangerous tasks but this was a good start. Not only would it be a test but it also would net Caius a good amount of money once the Red Rider won.

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Alyssa would get to work quickly on the job presented to her.  Sabotage was something she could do quite easily.  There were five other jet skis besides the red one placed on the water.  Making sure no one was looking, she cut the gas line on two, and then used a rope to tie the other two to a piece of the dock they were near and dropped the rope in the water where it would not be seen.  The last one she simply stabbed a hole in the gas tank.  It did not take her long to finish her job and soon she was wandering back to the man with a sigh.  "There, the red one shall win the race."  She said quietly, crossing her arms over her chest.  The man had not stabbed her yet and that was a good sign.  She only hoped she did the job well enough, otherwise he might still kill her yet.  They may have been guildmates, but she did not trust anyone, including her new guild.  It was programmed into her mind and she felt as if it was a good way to feel, especially after their first encounter of each other.


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Caius waited outside leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. He was was tapping his foot as he waited for Alyssa to finish up sabotaging the rest of the jet skis so he could get his money from the bet. The white haired woman emerged from the warehouse on the dock stated that her job was completed. He didn’t hear any fighting going on so it looked like she was able to do it undetected. It was somewhat impressive. “Well then let’s go watch. It’s starting soon.” Caius stood up and would walk over with her to the pier where they could view the race.

The riders rode into position at the started line in the middle of the sea. “On your mark. Get set. GO!” The referee would shout. Two jet skis revved up but did not move. As the engine roared it showed the rope from the back of the jetski still tied to the dock. The race was about halfway done and the red rider was still behind. Caius started to feel a bit nervous that he was close to losing all his money. Just as doubt started to creep on him, the riders in the lead all started to slow down to a halt. This allowed the red rider to pull ahead and finish the race in first place. The crowd booed at the results but the referee said it was the drivers duty to take care of their vehicle. Caius gripped his betting ticket in hand and got a victorious smile on his face.

Walking over to the betting booth, Caius was rewarded with almost 10 times his original bet. There was so much money that they had to get a suitcase for him. Caius reached in the suitcase and would pull out a stack of jewels. He tossed it at Alyssa’s chest for the work she did. “I supposed you did well for now. I have to head out now. Be prepared to be called upon for something bigger soon. I’m in Hargeon Town for guild reasons.” With those words Caius would leave her and head back to his hotel to prepare for the attack.


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