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Feed The Fish [King]

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”K-King…please don’t do this here…”

The feminie voice echoed against the walls of the alley as King pressed up against her, his big hands cupping her face with barely a few inches between them. Golden eyes sparkled in amusement while the cheeks of the fellow girl was flushed in a bright crimson colour, her face entirely flustered from the sudden action. With his index finger, King lifted up her face right in front of him and forced her to look directly into his eyes, which only caused her to blush even more. Her hands clutched tightly onto his robes and although she sounded like she didn’t want any bit of what he was doing to her, her expressions on her face showed otherwise. His fingers gently ran down the spine of her body before he would suddenly lift up her leg and rest it by the side of his waist, allowing her fingers to graze over the soft skin of the female’s. The touch of his fingers against her skin caused her to let out a gasp as she sank her white pearls into the lower bottom of her lip.

Eyes locked between the two people, King began to inch forward, his face pressing closer against hers and their lips barely centimetres apart. It was then the sound of plastic bags rustling loudly nearby interrupted the scene, followed by a clearly irritated tone of an old man. ”Get a room already, you lousy brats! This is not the place to make love!” Immensely disappointed that their hot love making act was intervened, King tried his best to refrain himself from showing his frustration. Instead, he balled his hands that rested against the wall into tight fists and lowered his head into the nape of her neck.

”Sorry about that, we’ll continue again soon, kay?”

”I’ll come over to your place tonight!”

Without any hesitation, the female called out for him, a wave of colour still dominant on her cheeks and her hair as well as her clothes a mess from the love making that they had just performed. As much as he wished to go all the way, the old man just had to interrupt them at the precise moment. Although, he doubted the alleyway was the perfect place to do those sorts of things. It had been a couple of days since he had gotten laid since he was busy with completing quests recently thus, he couldn’t wait to pick a target and get his hands on a girl. He made a note to himself that by the end of the day, he would have loads of fun and have a full course meal provided to him. For now, he decided to give a look by the quest board to see if there would be anything interesting for him to do.

Being a lazy person himself, King chose a quest that might not tire him out too much and therefore, picked a paper which asked of him a simple request; to collect the fish food from his client’s warehouse and deliver it to her on the shore. The client was someone whom he had met before and if he recalled correctly, he had even helped her out in testing all the chemical substances from the waters.


Feed The Fish [King] VESQ2Ff

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It appeared that Raina had been feeding the fish once again. The female had spoken to King a lot the last time they met and it was when he had taken up a quest to help Raina out in her laboratory. During the time, they had shared quite a lot of their hobbies and if he recalled correctly, Raina enjoyed spending time with the fishes and she was someone who cared deeply about the aquatic life of Hargeon, which is why she spent lots of her time by the sea or in her laboratory to test out her samples and so on. For King, he would rather spend time with girls. In the beginning, he had thought about hitting on Raina, but then he realised that someone who works so hard wouldn’t be too interested in dating him. In other words, Raina was a nerd. Despite how she may look quite plain and boring for his taste, King supposed she was attractive in her own way but he wasn’t necessarily drawn towards her which was also another reason for him to get along together with Raina.

Even while he was on the way to Raina’s warehouse, girls would not give up on following him until he had to hide from their view. From behind the trunk of the tree, he peeked to see whether the girls were gone or not. They seemed confused for a moment before one of them declared that she had seen him escape towards the other direction and thus, all the girls started to run towards the path that one of the girls had pointed in a chase for King. A relieved sigh escaped his lips, his back pressed against the trunk of the tree. Making sure that he doesn’t stumble upon the girls once again, he retrieved the fish food located inside Raina’s warehouse and began proceeding towards the Hargeon docks. The coordinates of the warehouse were written exactly on the quest paper so it was easy for him to find the location without getting lost.

His arrival at the Hargeon docks would be greeted by an excited smile from Raina, as if she had been expecting to see him. The young woman waved in his direction and he would return her one of those deadly smiles that would make most girls go screaming.

”Here’s your fish food.”

”Thanks. You took quite a while.”

”Yeah, haha. These girls…” His words trailed off, and was suddenly stopped abruptly. ”…Nevermind.” Raina raised an eyebrow at him in curiosity until he nudged her to enter the boat that floated on the surface of the water. King climbed onto the boat after making sure that Raina was stable on the vehicle. With two paddles clutched in his hands, he began rowing into the middle of the lake where Raina would be able to feed the fishes. He struggled a bit at first, since he was not used to these kinds of things but rather would have someone rowing for him, instead of doing the opposite. Upon reaching the centre of the canal, Raina began to scatter all the fish food on the water. Immediately, a swarm of fishes would gather around the pond and began to consume the food as if they have been starving for ages.

The water was so clear that he could almost see everything that was underneath the water. Most of them were goldfishes and others were the ones that he didn’t know of. Before he would return back to his home to spend some time with the girls he had promised to meet up with, he would be rewarded with jewels. By this time, he had quite a few jewels saved up for himself and he couldn’t ait to spend them.


{ Quest Completed }

Feed The Fish [King] VESQ2Ff

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