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Fishing Contest [Shura & Erebus]

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Erebus had exhausted his patience for aiding children after Jerr in Oak Town. However here was again, partnered in part by Shura Ranzu, to do a similar line of work. This new kid’s name? Apparently it was Jacob Fischer.  And Jake Fischer was an aspiring little fisherman from the area. Evidently it was said, that he’s kind of an ass until he ‘is’ fishing-- though the lycan honestly didn’t care about wondering how or why. Only the doe being earned was important, and if this kid could ensure part of the cut to the two older men. Heck yeah, he’d help, and so would Shura if Erebus was learning him correctly. Of course, there were many thing he hadn’t picked up on regarding his comrade. At the same time there was an air of understanding there too.

“Today, we make sure we get the biggest fish. Got it.”

If Shura was behind him at this point in time, Erebus wasn’t aware, but he made his way into the fishing event with his typical get-up dawned irregardless. The duds would be covered by a lengthy robe that kissed the earthy ground below. A look of anger, hostile intent, and also an odd sense of calmness were mixed into the eyes of the beast. Fatter men standing nearby backed away as he pushed through the ground to the front. Nt far off, Jacob was in sight, along with other men walking down the boardwalk. Thankfully, even though the event was going on. The ground could be the weapon for sabotage. Erebus had his strategy in mind already.


#2Shura Ranzu † 

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Shura Ranzu †
Shura walked onto the beach, looked a bit surprised at first. ‘Sure is a awful lot of people here today.’ Of course there was why? The fishing competition was today. Fishing enthusiasts of all ages competed and spectated. Hargeon was a port city after all, so for folks to take such interests in events like this was not too farfetched. It was still rather early in the day. Shura was on the beach walking to under the docks where his partner should have already been waiting. He was walking casually to not draw attention and quickly made his way under the boardwalk. No one really paid the masked man any mind, as most individuals had become accustomed to him. He had already been seen around town and any suspicion raised by his attire was wiped away by the few deeds he has done. Not many had seen him do anything dastardly due to his ability to stealthily take care of missions.

The client for this mission was someone Shura had worked with once before. It was Jacob Fischer. A good lad who seemed to live a honest life. ‘Seemed’ was the key term here in this situation. He had put forth a advert in some shady bar. A job request that was laughable at first but hey money was money. Jacob wanted to do anything he could to win this event currently happening. It was so bad he was willing to cheat his way to the top. Shura could not really fault the kid, in most situations one must dirty their hands and ideals to achieve their goals. This was something that Shura believed in. He could see the cloaked individual in under the docks. Shura was in a different attire this time around. He kept his mask on but this time he was wearing more open clothing. He wore a vest with no undershirt and shorts. He kept the gloves in boots on though, gotta make sure to leave minimal evidence behind.

Appearing behind is partner in crime suddenly could have spooked him so he only gave a “Hello.” to signal his presence. Hearing Erebus speak calmly and quickly meant that he was aware of him subconsciously. Shura had something in his bag from a earlier mission. Something he knew that would win Jacob this contest with ease. “Look you go sabotage folks I will go speak with Jacob. Come find us when you are done.” At that point the two went their separate ways.



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Erebus' eyes did the moving on their own, as they drifted to the left and listened to his friend. He nodded, while Shura disappeared. So it seemed the menacing part, threatening-sabotaging, all of that.  Would be the work parted to him alone.

Alone. Such a word he was so familiar with that it further pressed at his mental. "Kids. Always wanting the easy was out." Erebus first approached a lanky bald man and pretended to 'trip and stumble' until he knocked the man's gear and rods down below into the sea. "A-Agh! Look what you've done." The man would yell. "The floor is wet, and there are so many people rushing by me. You shouldn't have put your things so close to the edge." Erebus baited... "It was four feet you ingrate!" Erebus smiled, waved, and searched out his next victim. This would be a lot of fun.

As for the others they all began to drop like flies as the day went on. There was even a fairly beautiful female fisher, that Erebus swayed away from the event. Easy as cherry pie, and to get his point across. He cuffed her to the bed and exited the room before anything could even begin. The lycan wondered if Shura had any luck on his end either.


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Shura Ranzu †
After leaving the area Shura looked into his messenger bag and pulled out a small bag. The bag seemed to be moving slightly. ‘Good they are still alive.’ He thought to himself. The bag was full of magical grubs. The same one he used with Jacob to catch a mighty fish from the deeps. Shura made his way to the docks above where Jacob was already setting himself up to go. Shura passed several individuals, everyone had a sort of determined look on their face. Everyone was so deep inside of their thoughts that they could not be bothered. This was a good thing, this was gonna give him enough time to do what he needed to do. Jacob was at the edge with his bait, rod, and tackle. A chest full of beer and such. It was customary to get a bit buzzed while doing this. Otherwise this would have been like golf.

Shura walked up to Jacob and took his chair, this time around he took a beer from the chest. Jacob noticed who it was by the mask alone. “Hey there buddy! What have you been up too?”

Shura cracked open the beer and pulled a straw out from his bag. He came prepared this time to drink some booze during the day. Sometimes it was a drag not being able to do certain things in public. Living this life of mystery came at quite a price. In due time he would be able to exist without covering his mask. “Nothing much really just here about a job.” Shura said while putting the straw in. He placed the straw under his mask and began to sip the cold brew. Jacob said nothing and nodded while pulling out a beer. He knew exactly why Shura was here on this day. “I have a shadow moving in the darkness.” he said calmly. Shura placed the beer in the mesh holster. He reached in his bag and pulled out the bait. He placed the bait in the chest that was facing outward towards the sea. Jacob pretended as if he was looking for something in the chest and saw the bag. He knew exactly what the contraband was.

It was the magically enhanced bait that was used on a previous mission.



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Erebus was the shadow of darkness sweeping across the boardwalk, sabotaging and pillaging others of their resources, causing unexpected accidents with no explanation, and ridding the event of it's stronger competitors. he left the ones who didn't win usually, to put out every fisherman would have been obvious that a conspiracy had began. Jacob needed to look like he won fairly, and for the most part he would. With the exception of the six best fisherman in Hargeon having themselves slowed or immobilized. After all, the games eventually all aligned to the best. Seeing a new champion rise above the rest, much less a child, would spark a new era for this sport.

To combat the current players, Shura was taking care of that.Erebus wasn't aware of this super bait. But he was more than aware of Shura's resiliency to failure, Shura's affinity for success. Jacob Fischer was in admirable hands. With Erebus finished in his deed, he'd leave the two other young men to there's before head back under the boardwalk, taking a sit in the sand and awaiting his comrades ventures to end. Erebus had made absolute sure nobody had caught him, so he'd rest while the event ended. Then upon it's ending, meet up with Shura and Jacob to claim his own wages.

Adventurer -20%
Perk -10%

Fishing Contest [Shura & Erebus] 5oJEfCBQ_o
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Shura Ranzu †
Jacob had a giant grin on his face and quickly switched the inspected bait out. This was one method that was a surefire way to win. Erebus was on sabotage duty which was just as easy if not easier. It was a shame though he wasn’t able to enjoy the beers in the light like they were. It was as if the two celebrated the victory before the competition even started. It was a glorious day to cheat indeed. Shura was confident in his teammate so he just took a moment to take in the sea air. There was a airhorn sound coming through a lacrima that blanketed the boardwalk area. It was a signal for folks to pay attention before the start of an event. Shura was just sitting there enjoying his cold beer. Jacob was did not stop setting himself up. See usually the people would have to take boats out but there was special magic at work.

A spell was used to draw the fish closer to the land, fishes of all sizes to make for a proper contest. The fish congregated in the shallows looking around for the thing that was drawing them so close. A orb of composed light moved around in the water emitting a special force. It was how the angler fish attracted it’s prey. Except there was no giant tooth ridden fish, just a bunch of fishermen. Jacob took his bait and used it as he did before. Launching the bait into the water several meters away into the mass of fish. Then it came, a mass from the bottom of it. Big enough to make the other swarming fish swim away. Shura stood up from his chair while sipping hard on his drink. Jacob felt the tug on his rod. A fierce tug came and almost yanked young Jacob off the docks. He was losing his footing. Shura lept up and grabbed the lad. Even he was almost not enough. The two fought the menace before it surface. Launching to the air and casting a massive shadow over the docks. Men came up with harpoons drawn, it was seaking. A dangerous monster that had found it’s way over to the shallow areas. Harpoons whizzed through the air with lines attached. It was officials of the event, prepared for such a thing to happen. With the combined efforts of everything they subdued the beast in minutes. Everyone knew that Jacob had won at that very moment.

Everyone was tired and Shura watched Jacob received his reward for winning. Erebus met up with the two and they were awarded. No one the wiser at what conspired on this day.


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