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Another day, a new mission, a reason to go forth and press for more than what was already given. This time the objective was simple. Collect a small box from some chick’s house. It didn’t particularly sound difficult. If anything, it was kind of lame. However, like Shura had said. “Money is money.” No point in complaining, especially when the pay out is pretty high. Erebus wondered if there was some kind of crack rock in the box, it seemed kind of odd. At least to the lycan. However, that’s how many things go. He enjoyed materialistic things as much as the next guy, but that didn’t mean he was about to pay twenty five thousand for it. Hmm. Whatever.

Today Erebus donned his usual armor, the expensive, magical Scarle Diadem and equally valuable armor that completed the set. All covered behind a large draping cloak. His accomplice was probably already at the location. After all, Erebus had ran late to pick up dog treats and lure the ‘beast’ away. A grocery sack was under his arm. When he arrived, he’d lift a hand to wave to his comrade before ducking behind a large wooden fence to greet him. “Uh. What’s up?” The day was midday. For some reason, this mission was not as serious as their typical routine of attacking the harbor the nights before.


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Shura Ranzu †
Shura enjoyed his time working with the lad born of the darkness. ‘Another mission, another pay check.’ He thought to himself for a moment. The sun was enjoying itself suspended in the air above the planet. It graced the world with it’s heat and light. It was truly a marvel in the eyes of Shura. “‘If only I could be so grossly incandescent.’ To become the center of this universe and shine so brilliantly. Too have such a power that exceeds all understanding, the power to breathe life into the world or snatch it away with the quickness. It was something that Shura chased after each and every day. He made his way to the meeting point that was relayed by messengers. A network of children who operated for the dark underbelly dwellers of the city. Those who operated in the confines of the shadows to avoid the long arm of the law.

This time the mission took place near some girl’s house. At least that is what he gathered from the situation. At first Shura was a bit on edge about the whole thing. He was hoping he did not have to do something too degenerate for this job. He wasn’t above killing someone, but he was a strong believer of taking someone out quickly if they did not deserve to die. The lad who delivered the message reassured him that it was a simple, minor thing to do. Nothing too dark that could have helped tipped his psyche in a direction that was irredeemable. Shura searched for the house. He was looking around at the various addresses that presented themselves. He did not ask around to avoid raising too much suspicion.

The job was a easy one, but hard at the same time. They had to sneak into the house and steal an item. Well more so a box that belonged to someone else. It was the property of the Ex-Boyfriends. He was too much of a pussy to go do it himself so he needed to hire people to do his dirty work. Shura was not too interested in the who, what and why. He was only interested in the money involved.



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His arrival meant the mission could officially begin! Buscon had warned of a guard dog that would alert of trouble when the arrival was ready. Erebus didn’t fancy killing animals, especially canines. He felt a connection to them on a grander scheme. Even if he disliked being followed by wild animals. In his grocery back was a bone and a few chewable treats. “I brought this for the dog, it should help us.” Erebus would shuffle his hand through the bag until it was clear he was tearing plastic open. The boy then peaked over the fence, and tossed a treat to the doggy door on the porch. As anticipated the dog poked it’s head out to start gobbling on the treat. Much to the surprise of the lycan the dog was horrendously small. Erebus angrily tossed another over the fence at the driveway, ducking quickly. “This Maxwell guy is pretty insulting…”

Erebus offered the bag to his friend, pointing his spare hand’s index finger at the apartment behind them. His face depicted annoyance, but such was to expected when you acquired so much infamy and were reduced to distracting chihuahuas or whatever the fuck this thing was. “Go ahead, we need to allure it away, much to my disdain, regardless it has to be done so it doesn’t start barking... Unless you want to sneak around the back while I keep it busy?”


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Shura Ranzu †
The money involved was good, even though Shura would have asked for more if he could. The client was no doubt a deadbeat who was too chicken shit to do his own dirty work. Shura made fun of the client in his head but he knew there was more to the task at hand. Not only did they have to sneak in midday, they also had to avoid the guard dog. Now how big this dog was a mystery in itself. It must have been something unnatural, maybe this is what the guy was scared of. Regardless it was a obstacle that was gonna be very easy too overcome with some quick thinking. Shura made sure to bring some meat along with him to make sure nothing went wrong. They were instructed to not dispatch the pupper. That would have been the ideal path but it had too look like no one was there. It would have been a failed mission if the dog died and the girl called the authorities. That could lead down a path of trouble that he was not really looking to deal with. So for the sake of the mission he made sure to not kill the dog. Upon arrival his companion was waiting on him with his own treat.

Shura pulled out a small ziplock bag that harbored a few slices of meat. He chuckled to himself for a moment before outright laughing. “It seems that great minds do think alike. I also brought treats to lure the dog away. Erebus had already thrown a piece of meat over the fence to lure this supposed ‘fearsome’ beast away from the scene of the crime that was about occur. The dog poked it’s head around the corner. A small doggo with a full coat of hair and baby eyes came waltzing out of the dog door in the back. It heard noises and began to investigate too only have it’s nostrils filled by the aroma of meat. A intoxicating aroma that drew its attention causing it to sniff around for a moment before locating the source of food. Shura wanted to say something but he looked just kind of bored with the whole thing. Sure the dog was cute but this only confirmed his thoughts earlier.

The client was a pussy.

“Take this I will make this quick.” Shura then moved around the fence in the opposite direction of where the dog was. The dog was completely content with the food that was given to him. ‘Some guard dog.’



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“So they do Shura, okay you go on ahead. I’ll wait here.”

Erebus is what remained after his partner decided to go around the building. This meant the Grimoire Heart was to be the prime factor in finishing off the mission at hand-- at least the objective that came first. Erebus maintained control of the situation. The fluffy doggo seemed more than happy with what was given to him. Just as intended by the two mission-goers. Its tiny tail wagged, and it bounced on it's paws for the succulent snacks. Yes, he had shown some surprise at the treats, but they were now there waiting. Erebus knew the dog would not lose interest in the snacks, they were a hit. At least, they were marketed across the media as a success. Anyways, Shura remained inside for some long minutes. Though, the box was to be hidden carefully. It didn’t bother the lycan to be patient. Whenever his comrade was out of the building-- the man palmed the bags and left himself. Maxwell was a cunt, but he paid nicely. After all was said and done; Erebus was off. He knew his time partnering with Shura in Hargeon was not over, the two seemed to work well together. If anything, it felt good to have a friend in the dark world of petty crimes.

When the lycan got home, he undressed for a bath, then napped the day away. Lately he'd been out every night with no sleep. A strong body deserved a strong mind after all.



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Shura Ranzu †
Shura found himself behind the house looking up for a quick way in. He stopped and looked for a moment to let his mind calm itself. Then it appeared as if time stopped for a moment in his head. The area around him became illuminated for a moment. This would be an instinctive thing that happens when his mind begins to process the world around him. Things presented themselves in a systematic fashion, more the most effective way of overcoming a obstacle in front of him. This was his analytic nature taking its form but it was only seen by him.

A silver garbage can was sitting outside of the fence as it was on the back street that rested behind the houses in this neighborhood. He looked up to see the fence was not too tall to handle and the lush grass on the other side. There was no shit present at that moment so he was able to land safely before scaling the wall using the house itself. He looked at the house to see a overhang that gave shade on the back porch that led upward towards the girl’s window that was ever so slightly cracked. Then time resumed and he took no time to act. He took a few steps back and then began his series of actions.

With a running jump he placed one foot on the closed trashed almost denting it. He leapt over the fence into the yard with a roll to keep his momentum going. With a quick crouch and the usage of his height he lept up to latch onto the overhang. He pulled himself up and saw the window that was only a hop away. With one quick motion he was lifting himself up with his upper body strength. He exhibited some Assassin's Creed level of parkour at this moment. He pushed open the window as he climbed in. There was no one home presently because it was mid-day. Everyone was at work or off fucking about. Shura climbed into the room to make sure as to not disturb the room too much. He stood up for a moment in the dimly lit room to see the room wasn’t all too clean. He lost all sense of respect at that moment and began too rummage around the already trashed room for a yellow box. It took about five minutes before he looked into the open closet door. The box was sitting on the top shelf.

He grabbed the item and made his way out back to make sure the dog was not alerted. He was down the street and whistled to his companion and lifted the box. He signaled for the two to go collect their reward.


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