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Testing the Waters

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#1Shura Ranzu † 

Testing the Waters Empty Thu Aug 03, 2017 6:46 am

Shura Ranzu †
Shura had a displeased look on his face while looking up at the sign. For once the day did not start by the sea. There was still a lot of water present. He was at the local aquarium for a job request. Something he did not want to really do, but hey it was a pay check. It was high noon in the area at that very moment he walked into the aquarium. He saw all types of folks from several walks of life. But his current attire put people on edge. The security guards watched the individual very carefully as he strutted through the area without a care in the world. Shura was looking around the area for some type of information desk. He had a small piece of paper in hand with the client's name on it. A female was sitting behind a desk that was raised up. She looked up from her magazine. She seemed unphased by the man who stood before him.

“What can I do for you?” The woman seemed older, most likely a mother of a few kids. She seemed too be bored with the whole receptionist thing but a job was a job. Shura gave her the slip of paper with the name on it. She rolled her eyes and stood up. She was rather short actually most likely boosted up by a tall chair to appear tall.

Shura had a puzzled look on his face when the shorter woman appeared from behind the desk. She didn’t think too much of the taller man in his get up. “Follow me.” Her words came off as bored and just going through motions. Something that Shura made sure to get too much into. He was not here to give her life lessons, he was present for a job. The woman led Shura into the back offices that led into the labs.

She led the way through the maze of work stations before finally stopping. A blue haired woman, most likely around the same age as Shura was staring at something through a microscope. A very useful tool for scientific purposes. “Raina, you have a visitor. Someone here about that job you posted up.”

Raina looked from the microscope with a welcoming smile that conveyed friendliness. Then she put her glasses on to see the tall individual standing next to Dorothy. “You are a big one aren’t ya? Well at least I know I will be safe. Thank you Dorothy I will take it from here.” Rania explained. Dorothy said nothing and left the room. “She is quite the character.”

“Yea I gathered that. The name is Shura, from that little line of being ‘safe’ I can assume I am playing body guard?” He asked.

“Muscles, mysterious and smart. I like you already. Just give me a moment I need to get my things.” She responded.

“What am I protecting you from during what task exactly?” His mind was wanting to ask even more questions but it was best to keep it short.

“Just full of questions today aren’t we? Well I need to gather some water samples. You are just insurance honestly. You will get paid for your time do not worry.” She explained.

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#2Shura Ranzu † 

Testing the Waters Empty Thu Aug 03, 2017 6:46 am

Shura Ranzu †
Shura only nodded in response before speaking. “Sounds good to me.” Raina smiled and handed Shura a backpack that had supplies in it. “You also double as a pack mule if you don’t mind. Seem like a big guy who can lug things around.”

Shura complied with her and placed the backpack on. It was made up a hard plastic that made noises when he put it on. The sounds of metal clanging against each other filled his ear drums. He could tell important things rested inside. She grabbed a side bag that rested on one side and some papers on a clipboard. She led the way back through the maze of workstations. Shura was thankful for this because he was not paying attention when Dorothy led him through the area. The two left the aquarium slowly. Why? Shura was mesmerized by the inhabitants of the tanks that were scattered throughout the area. His client drew attention to the fact he was stopping for each tank. “Fascinating isn’t it? The creatures that exist in this world alongside us and we are too busy with our day to day lives to admire their beauty.” She explained.

Shura smiled from under his mask, unknown to her. “Seems we share some of the same ideas. I am sure there is much more out there we are unaware of.”

Raina laughed before leading Shura out of the building. “We have barely scratched the surface of what is out there. Now enough about this place, let's go take care of business so I can finish up here and go home.”

Shura nodded and followed her outside toward the dock region. The two made their way over to the docks, she looked at Shura. Raina made a gesture for him to turn around causing Shura too turn. She unhooked the plastic portion. The issue was Shura was a bit tall. “Uh can you kneel down for a moment?”

“Oh my apologies.” Shura took a knee for a moment so she could reach into the unhooked bag.

“Thank you.”

Shura felt her moving around in the bag. “So what are you doing exactly?”

“I need to take some samples to the lab to make sure there is no toxic agent present.”

Shura nodded and waited patiently while she did her work. Raina worked diligently taking many samples from various areas around the docks. “So if I may ask. What is the mask for? Are you trying to hide something?”

“Of course, also it has kind of become apart of who I am. I don’t want to go into it. It’s complicated.”

“I understand, I won’t ask anymore.”

“I appreciate that.” Shura was truly thankful she did not dive into his personal life. He was strictly here on business and nothing else. He was not getting paid enough to get interrogated. After about thirty minutes passed by before she finished. She wrapped up and placed the equipment back into the bag on Shura’s back. She placed the samples into her messenger bag. “Alright let's head back.”

The two made their way back and Shura collected his reward. As he began to leave the room she spoke quickly. “I enjoyed working with you today. I look forward to working with you again.”

“It was a pleasure.”


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