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Figuring things out Part 1 [Waylon]

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Figuring things out Part 1 [Waylon] Empty Tue Aug 01, 2017 5:04 pm

Sighing softly she was going to meet up with waylon and Judith. Rather or not this was going to be good news or bad, it was going to feel like a lot of weight going off her shoulders. Her long purple hair would sway left and right, no longer was there brown anything in her hair. She remembered that not that long ago was there at least a brown tint - once a purple tint in her brown hair. No longer was it like that. Her cream colored skin with a purple tint was going to turn out like the same most likely. Was she going to become an indigo-purple colored woman forever? Someone different than everyone else? Yesterday she didn't feel accepted when she went to the store. Her golden brown eyes lowered to look at the ground as she followed her foot steps. A frown to her hips as she would go towards where she was to meet them. Closer to the park she was, but where were they? She forgot now on where they were going to meet. 'Fuck...where am I meeting them?' she wondered in her mind as she would turn left and right, looking around as if she was lost. She was wearing a typical white t-shirt and jeans outfit and bamboo made sandals.


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The sound of some one walking was different, It wasn't what to expect from Waylon walking then again, Waylon would have spoken up sooner. "Such skin is unfitting for you my dear." the hint whom it was happen the voice was female."Waylon had not spoken to me about how your change happen, He seemed to have already accepted it and continued." She sounded just as Waylon and Arisa remembered, kind, sweet and to some way peaceful to everything around her.

"Waylon is not too far away I asked him to take his time to catch up with us since the sight of some flower caught his eyes."Judith his mother, the mother figure that with out even the slight thought give her a home and took cared of Arisa was alone with her for the moment with a blanket, a basket and an umbrella like everything was normal.

Waylon was in eye sight, range of them both just looking at flower and nature enjoying himself for life and his wonders,It did not seemed like she would speak it but Judith was relieved to see two of her children again since the other two were done and stopped speaking or writing letters. But she was hiding her worries of that.

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Arisa would walk more as she felt lost a little. She wasn't highly sure on where they were or if one separated from the other. Soon enough though she would see Judith but not Waylon. Where was he? 'Did he get lost?... Perhaps she just told him to go else where for awhile while they had a one on one talk.' she thought softly and then looked straight at Judith's eyes. Walking slowly towards her she would hear her speak about her skin color. Her eyes closed slowly till they were mid-closed. 'Is she really the one to judge?' she wondered disgusted that was the first thing she said to her after all these years. She hid her disgust rather well as she would motion her head a little back, eyeing her with questioning stares. ''So explain to me what you knew about Kuriana. The one who claimed to be my mother. What really happened? This damn book doesn't show a damn thing about why I'm here.'' she spoke rather frustrated, had the book in her right hand, gripping it tightly and showing it to her while she spoke. ''She obviously gave this to me for a reason. No one else.'' she spoke as her golden eyes looked at Judith. She had to know something.


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Waylon seemed to just to start walking back to were they were, He was told to take of his time, after all he wasn't holding anything or carrying anything it was kind of weird his father would be mad at him if he was here but since he was told by his mother to take his time Waylon would do so, But he could not help his wonder at all why was she talking to Arisa alone.

He was about five feet away at this point, but not paying attention to their conversation, mostly because he felt it was rude if he did, so he could just continue enjoying nature."Hopefully nothing goes wrong."Waylon said he was worried after all, His mother was always so quiet about stuff for a reason.

With Judith on the other hand she seemed more concerned about the talk at hand."I will explain everything here." She seemed rather plain about it, but she was putting down stuff she had brought."It is tale I had buried away for years, One that even my husband has never heard." Judith sounded more then concerned she sounded unhappy about it, but would dive into the story nonetheless.

"My path with Kuriana was many years a go,During the years I would never consider the action I eventually had taken." She started off by mentioning that laying and putting the blanket out for them to sit down on, placing the basket in the center of the blanket and sat down. "Kuriana and I were close friends, we had been around on another for many years more then I can count being around my husband." It was going to be a long story.

Even with Waylon taking his time he would quietly walk over and listen in, something he would normally be yelled at for, but his mother was more focused on this situation. "As life and it ways slowly change, mine did I got married had Regis." She could easily be told she was dragging it on but it was for a reason.

"Kuriana had a different idea, She wanted....tested, researched, experimented on way to keep herself living on and gain a sense immortality she wished to continue living forever." It seemed she was slowly getting to the point of what happen now."I at one point helped only under her request and wanting to help a friend." Judith open the basket and pulled out a small plate and sandwiches, knowing full well her son was sitting behind her and her adopted daughter listening to her story.

placing a few cups on the basket as well, she poured glasses of orange juice as well. "This led eventually to her having a kid to attempt to study and learn if souls and bodies could transfer from one to another, with her it soul and mind to the body of her child." quietly as Waylon listened now only half a foot away from both of them Judith said."With that child being you, Not being able to stand by and watch I took you away and raised you for my own keep this fact hidden simply because you deserved a better life then that." She seemed depressed about doing what she did, but tried to smile slightly. "I haven't forgiven for doing that to a friend I valued so much, But your life was valuable, you are a person whom had not had a chance in life." Arisa could tell she was not proud of her action fully.

reaching into the basket into the very bottom, Judith pulled the three missing pages from the Journal Arisa was looking for."I took these pages eventually as well down the road." with what was happening Waylon seemed unsure if he should move forward and join them or go back to the nature he was staring at, so he just stood not too far away listening.

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