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The Druidic Dreams Of Ceralic [Deerling] [Training]

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#1Chelvaric Walderkat 

The Druidic Dreams Of Ceralic [Deerling] [Training] Empty Tue Aug 01, 2017 10:29 am

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was walking trough the Forest he had just entered. The forest was covered in trees and was very thick and lush. But had here and there paths open as big monsters had roamed here and still roam here. Although he was more on the outside of the forest right now so not too many monsters were lurking around. Scraggy was beside him and was carrying a big backpack on his back. Scraggy didn’t say a word since the encounter in Magnolia. The encounter with the angel. That was the whole reason he was here after all. His God had called him here on a divine mission. He wondered if he was chosen for a special gift. Sometimes his God would give his followers power and gifts for their deeds. Not always powers in the form of fighting the power. It could be power in the form of knowledge or craftsmanship. There were many ways someone could attain a power. He rather had it through knowledge than raw power. Chelvaric wasn’t really a fighter himself. He rather helped people survive a fight then participate in one himself. He had to reach the druid that was gone guide him on his spiritual transformation. He was to become a druid. He finally had left his priest status. With this he would have a higher status under the priests of his god. Druids were people who got so close to nature they could become one with it. Although he wasn’t a nature practice he did had the gift of light and light was the bringer of life to nature. But he shook his head he shouldn’t think too deep about it. He was nearly at the place he was supposed to wait for the Druidess of Inchama circle. The Circle that had the most power in Fiore. He wondered who it would be and how she would look like.

Scraggy just wanted to be done with this. why did he have to come along to a bloody forest? He didn’t like it and he definitely didn’t like nature or holy people. He cursed the day that he was captured by Chelvaric. He was just doing his normal demon business of teasing some people in the street when he got hit on the head and leashed to this priest. He spits on the ground and bumped his head against Chelvaric’s naked leg. As he suddenly had stopped. Scraggy looked from behind Chelvaric’s leg and saw a small tent and a little fire burn. Above the fire, a Boar was cooking but there was nobody in sight.

Chelvaric felt a bump against his leg and looked downwards to see Scraggy stand behind him. It seemed he had surprised the fellow and he patted Scraggy’s head. He was still super unused that scraggy had lost his voice. But he would give it back to him eventually. Chelvaric inspected the surroundings of the tent but he couldn’t find anyone. He sat down and motioned to scraggy to sat down too. He took his claws out and cut a small piece of the meat. He placed it on the plates that were standing next to the fire. But something was odd there were three plates but they were only two of them. He took the third plate filled it and placed it in front of a small neko statue that was standing behind the tent. He sat on one knee and made the whiskers sign on his face. When he suddenly heard clapping behind him he was looking around but he couldn’t see who was clapping. Was he being watched?


The Druidic Dreams Of Ceralic [Deerling] [Training] HVEbuMl

#2Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
“Quite impressive that you sacrifice before eating. You know our way of things so you are a friend to Sekat that much is sure. Sorry for this test friend. We have to be sure that we don’t reveal ourselves to non-believers. As we're always being hunted by them.” , A women’s voice said beckoning through the trees. It sounded like it was coming from all sides. He was looking to all directions but he couldn’t find her at all. But it seemed to be a friendly voice and she knew things most people wouldn’t know. As she seems to know about them. the evil ones that scorched the earth. “Well I don’t mind but at least introduce yourself now or show yourself. I don’t feel comfortable talking to tree’s all the time. ”, Chelvaric said to the voice hiding. Leaves were rustling through the motions of someone moving into them. it came from different sides tough as it seemed the woman were everywhere. He suddenly saw a figure jumping from a tree above him and making a summersault over him. The women landed straight behind him and Chelvaric turned around to face her.

She looked quite impressive. She had blue hair whirling to the sky on top of her head. He wondered how she even made her hair like that. Sticking out of it were two white cat ears that were adorned with silver earrings. On her slim body her chest was covered in a dark blue plate mostly hiding her boobs. Her shoulders had nice shoulder plates on them they were adorned with silver lining. Her abs were visible and naked maybe not that great for fighting but it would make her easy to move then a full plate he thought. Her crotch was protected by the same plate and had two long parts covering the side of her thighs. But the front and back of her thighs were left naked and they looked thick and plumb of muscles. Her feet were covered in armor too going up to her under legs. Her hands were covered in a fingerless sleeve that ended at her elbow. Floating above her hands were cat paws made of earth and metal. It seemed quite dangerous. He wondered how she got that.

“I am Tiffany, Earth druid of Sekat. I am the Archdruid of the Inchama Circle. I have been expecting you Priest. Follow me as we walk to the location of your Task.”, she said and she motioned to follow her with her earth claw. It seemed it followed all her arm movement live a puppet. Chelvaric walked behind her while she started to explain.

But before she started taking they went through a hollow tree arriving in a part of the forest that looked way different than the rest of the forest. The ground was littered with purple glowing mushrooms. The leaves were also shining a bit greener than normal leaves. It seemed like the forest had lit up like a festival. He didn’t see a sky so he assumed they were actually in a cave. The ceiling was quite high and in the middle of the ceiling a really big mushroom was hanging down that was so bright it was really hard to look at it. It seemed that this mushroom was the one that caused the plants to flourish in this cave. The whole eco system is based around this mushroom. So if it would ever die the whole cave would die. He saw some tigers walk around the forest but they were docile. Cat people were used to having tigers as pets. most people would find this really weird but Chelvaric had read about it.


The Druidic Dreams Of Ceralic [Deerling] [Training] HVEbuMl

#3Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
They walked for a bit longer before the girl started to talk again. He enjoyed the walk tough because the scenery was really beautiful. It was tranquil and lifted his spirit. “Take nature in as it is the birthplace of us all. I can see you enjoy it and feel calm. We need to get way closer to nature for your ascension. Sekat has sent me a dream of your druidic arising Chelvaric Walderkat. That’s the reason why you’re here. This is the forest where Sekat was born. It is his cradle and it is the place where we all came from. This is the birthplace of our race. Come were near the holy den.”, she said to him and walked through a little gap under the branches of a tree that formed a door to another part of the forest. It was quite cool, he wondered if it had formed naturally or if it was made by magic. Inside the little grove, there were tents set up in a little village. But there was no one else but the druidess and him. He wondered where everyone was. Maybe this wasn’t really an area being used by other people randomly.

“This is our sacred offering place. We gather here if we have to learn or find new things out about ourselves. We drink and smoke of the leaves of the trees around you. They will guide you through a journey that will change your view of the world. You know of this as you already did it once when you became a priest. Only this time it will be more intense. If you’re not a true believer you will forever be lost in the dream. Are you still willing to take the path? This is your last chance to turn back and be forever a priest. Some people just aren’t meant to advance and learn the secrets of life”, she said to him and looked at him intensely thinking if he would follow or if he would run away. Her eyes had something very intimidating. But he wondered if they really would just let him go after learning all of these secrets. Not that he would back off tough. He wanted to be closer to his god. He wanted to be more stronger and resilient to the enemy.

I am ready. I would give my live for Sekat. I will take this test and prove my worthiness”, Chelvaric said to her and looked her strongly in the eyes showing a hardened resolve. He wasn’t gone back down this is what he had worked for so long. This was to repay the failure he did when he got his class killed. Now was the time to move forward and begin anew.

Then follow me and step into the unknown warrior”, she said and she walked to the biggest tent of the circle. She opened the flap and went into the tent not looking if Chelvaric would follow. Chelvaric didn’t wait long and entered behind her. The tent smelled like trees more than the forest even did. On the ground, there were skins of prey laying. On the poles of the tent, dog masks were hanging. He hissed at them as they were annoying him. What did they do on their sacred ground?

Sit my friend. Don’t be alarmed we need to know our enemy and then we can defeat them. now sit and we shall start the ritual. Now remember everything you see is from distant worlds or the future. Don’t dismiss anything as a dream. You have to learn from these experiences. ”, she said while Chelvaric was sitting down he nodded in agreement and waited till she gave him the pipe. He took a deep breath of the leaves. Chelvaric coughed loud. Even though he was used to smoking the smoke was so harsh it was burning his longs. He felt like dyeing. He then suddenly felt a cup being held against his lips and the fresh leaf water filled his body. The shock of the heat and cold slapped his mind so hard he blackened out. “Have a nice trip Chelvaric Walderkat May it enlighten you.”, the girl said.


The Druidic Dreams Of Ceralic [Deerling] [Training] HVEbuMl

#4Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was hearing sounds of things he never had heard before. It sounded like beeping and light magic shots. His head was hurting like hell. Like someone had scooped his brain out and threw it In a pan and cooked it. He tried to open his eyes but at first it didn’t work. But after a couple of tries and trough biting trough the pain he finally openend them. he saw small displays like Archive magic and metal surrounding him. His hands were wrapped around two metal sticks. When he suddenly felt a burst of pain in his head he was screaming loud and nearly fell unconscious again. but he remained calm this time. He couldn’t pass out now. He had to survive this test. He looked trough something that looked like a window. Huge demon dogs were attacking big Machines. Machines that resambled humans and were fighting with swords and guns. Were these Mecha like he read about in manga before. What the hell was going on. He didn’t know how to control one of these. Bute you do. A voice whispered in his mind. We have given you the knowledge so you can fight in this battle. Now go and defeat the general that is leading these dog demons. This is how the Cat angels fight. This is a battle that happened a thousand years ago. The battle where sekat threw the dog demons of earth one and for all. But also the battle where a lot of cat angels died and how we had to pull back in secrecy to recover.

Oh he saw so this was like a history lesson. It seemed the druidess was wrong as she said it would be a future dream. Or maybe they don’t really know themselves either. He moved the joysticks and pressed the pedals to make the robot fire up. Next to him he saw a gauge with a magic crystal underneath it. It seems this Mech was powered by a magic crystal. Must be a big one to power all of this. He flipped a switch instantly and started to take off in to the air. When suddenly he felt a bump behind him and his mech was crashed into the ground. He shouted it out from the pain he was failing in his shoulder. All the screens were beeping and it indicated a Demon dog had jumped on his back. He kicked it with his ellbow and slashed his sword through the demon cutting it in half.

“Good job rookie. Now follow me and camouflage so we can sneak trough the front line we have to assassinate the General.”, a male voice said over his comm. “Just imagine being part of the things behind you let the light fly through you.”, the man said. And Chelvaric started to focus. At first it only partly happened. But It didn’t wanted to stay. In the meantime another demon dog charged him. He grabbed the light gun and shot bullets to the demon dog. At first he missed but before the demon dog was upon him he could hit it a couple of times and killed it. The blood of the foul beast splattered over the mech before it crashed infront of him. He tried to focus again and focused on bending the light around every nooky and cranny he could possibly find. It finaly worked you could see through the mech and he nearly disappeared but it wasn’t completely. So if you would look good you would see parts of him. So he had to be careful who he would go near too.

“Good job rookie. It’s enough for now. When you get more experienced youll be able to do a lot more then just that amount of invisibility. Now follow me we are going to fly trough the caverns on our right so that we can ambush them”, the man said to Chelvaric and he just nodded. He didn’t want to make this more complex then it already was.


The Druidic Dreams Of Ceralic [Deerling] [Training] HVEbuMl

#5Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was following the man as they were flying trough the air. They devided between the fighting and were on there way to the cavern when suddenly they heard a scream from a far shouting rockets. A huge amount of rocket’s were flying to the air ships that were flying above the mechs that were fighting and that were making covering fire. “Rectuit cast the Freya spell and get those rockets down now! Just think deep about the cart that gets pulled by two cats you can do it. Think about them wrapping around your legs. But do it fast our this war is lost.”, the Captain said to chelvaric. He didn’t know why that guy tought he was the rookie he had to fight with but he didn’t want his race to lose this war so he started to focus. On the god of love that was worshiped by so many humans once. Please come to my aid and give me your blessing this one last time. He tought so deep about the cats and the cart that slowly but surely the cats started to wrap around the legs of the armor. Once they were fully wrapped he felt a nice boost of speed going trough the armor.

“Okay great now quickly think of Leviathan the god of destruction so we destroy all of these.”, the captain shouted again to him. Chelvaric felt the destruction of the snake god surrounding him. At first he was nearly losing control over it and he started to shout in pain. But his will would not falter. He pushed against the mind of the god and after a harsh battle he finally won and the pushed the snakes around his arms.

“And now the last one is the great helm of thor so we can take some rockets flying against us. Think of his mighty thunder.”, the man said to him. He started to call for thor. For his rage for his anger. Lightning struck his mech and not much later a glowing helm was covering his mech. “You now know the card of leviathan, of freya and of Thor. Use them well in your battles to come. Now lets defeat those rockets and lets get out of here we will come back to kill the demon general another time our fleet is too damaged already.”, The captain said and then they both flew as the wind away. There mech’s were leaving a trail of golden light when they were flying. Chelvaric was aiming for the countless rockets that were flying around and shot at every rocket he could get his hands on. While he passed a big range of explosions followed him for every rocket he shot. He was getting tired and the buffs were taking a toll on his mana reserves. His mech was nearly empty. “Captain I leave the rest up to you I am going down my mana is empty I am done for.”, Chelvaric said and his eyes went black.


The Druidic Dreams Of Ceralic [Deerling] [Training] HVEbuMl

#6Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric opened his eyes and was surprised to see the top of the tent again. he felt different like he learned a lot of new things. He now knew how his angels fought. How fierce and unforgivable the demon dogs were. He looked around and saw the druidess smiling at him. “You woke up that means you passed the test. I don’t know what you experienced but it seemed you learned a couple of new tricks. Your not fully a druid yet tough. Outside the tent your spirit animal shall be waiting for you. You have to capture It and never lose it or you won’t be a druid anymore. Once you become a arch druid a new animal shall come and take it place. But still make a good friendship with it as it will help you in your adventures to come. Now welcome to our circle druid Chelvaric.”, she said and then disappeared suddenly. She had blended with the terrain completely. It seemed to be the more advanced version of his spell.

He sighed and looked at scraggy that was still sitting next to him on the floor. He nodded to scraggy saying he was done. He had to make his mind calm before he jumped on the other assignment and that was capturing the animal. He was feeling better and took a sip of the water next to him before he walked to the tent exit. He went outside and saw a small creature standing on the grass eating from it. It looked like a deer but it had a yellow flower on the top of its head. It was green in color and it seemed to be starved.

Chelvaric took a cabbage from there back pack and placed it close to the deerling but not to close. He walked really slowly as to not scare it. He then backed off slowly and waited for the deerling to come closer to eat the salad. He waited till the deerling had chewed up the cabbage entirely it seemed she was really starving tough as it ate it completely without any stopping. It then came closer to Chelvaric and sniffed him. He stroked the fur of the deerling softly. Scraggy came closer and was walking around the deer to inspect it. If he could talk he probably would make a stupid comment about the deer. Oh how he missed his companions voice. Even though he was quite annoying. The fur of the Deerling was really soft and so nice to stroke.

“welcome to the group little one. Well make sure you fit in nicely and have lots of things to talk about. Now let us go to a town and celebrate this new event right. And let us think of a name for you while we walk to there”
, Chelvaric said all happy with the turn of events. He was gona go to era now. He heard that something foul was happening there. In the meantime he could celebrate this new pet obtaining too.

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The Druidic Dreams Of Ceralic [Deerling] [Training] HVEbuMl

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