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Intercept the Package [Bianca]

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#1Bianca Fleur † 

Intercept the Package [Bianca] Empty Mon Jul 31, 2017 3:31 pm

Bianca Fleur †
Bianca was in the market streets for the fifth time since arriving in Orchidia Town. She loved this place, especially at nighttime. It was lit with beautiful lanterns and the sound of oriental music made her heart sing. Although she was not a fan of noise and the market streets were seriously crowded almost every single day, Bianca had fun there. It was an exception for her. She enjoyed the festive atmosphere, and how everyone was very cheerful there. Made her dead self a little bit happier than usual. Nobody knew her here either. Some gave her strange stares, but that was the worst it got. The strange stares were probably because of her appearance, the battle ready outfit she wore everywhere and the flower in her eye. She did not mind, however. She was used to it. Her job today was to take a package that was supposed to be for someone else, and deliver it to a different person. She remembered doing a similar job like this back in Hargeon Town, her client being old man Reagan at that time. Something about tea ships. She remembered even Leyaria was there to help her for that mission. She had to act like a port authority and now that she tried to recall it, it was a pretty hilarious scene. Leyaria was also really cute, trying to act like Bianca’s assistant or something. The memory of the request brought a smile to her face. It was a nice memory, too.

So once she was in the market streets, she looked for her client, a man by the name of Ferdinand Cashier. Bianca thought it was weird to have ‘Cashier’ as a last name. He was all about trade and at the moment he seemed to be interested in trading money in exchange for a package from a merchant. However, the merchant did not want to sell it to him, which caused the birth of this request. Bianca was supposed to steal it for Ferdinand. The package contained a valuable item, apparently, and that was why Ferdinand was craving for it. Bianca spotted Ferdinand and the merchant a while later, both of them engaged in an aggressive conversation with each other. She watched from a distance, waiting for Ferdinand to end the conversation and come to her. She wondered if he would notice her or if she needed to make him notice her. But a few minutes later, the conversation was over. Ferdinand Cashier walked away from the merchant, appearing quite disappointed. Bianca had yet to figure out if this was an act or for real. She watched the man as he parted ways with his previous company. After taking a few steps, he seemed to have noticed Bianca, since he gestured for her to meet with him in a short distance. Bianca stole a glimpse at the merchant who was giving his back to their direction now and was dealing with other things. The vampyress followed Ferdinand down the road.

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#2Bianca Fleur † 

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Bianca Fleur †
They reached the end of the street and that was where they decided to talk, Ferdinand doing most of the speaking, of course. Bianca listened and nodded when necessary, and remembered all the details that were mentioned. Ferdinand seemed to be pretty heated still, making angry hand movements as he spoke, combing his hair with his fingers roughly and sighing quite a lot of times. He mentioned over and over again, how pissed he was because the merchant would not sell it directly to him and so he was going to have to go through these troubles. “Making everything more difficult than it should be, fucking piece of shit,” mumbled her client in utter frustration. Bianca nodded, showing her agreement to his statement. “Well, it doesn’t matter! I’m going to get it either way,” he huffed. Apparently the reason that he was so into getting the package was because of a friend of his who was very interested in it. A ‘friend’ of his. She wanted to ask him about this ‘friend’, but she realised it was none of her business, so she just nodded again. Ferdinand told her to meet back at the bar in town. Since there were two bars that were pretty famous in Orchidia Town, Bianca asked which one he wanted her to meet him at, hoping that he said Mitya’s. “Mitya’s bar, of course,” said Ferdinand Cashier, giving her a funny look. Bianca smiled and nodded again. She had just done something ugly to Enil’s bar, so she was not going there anytime soon.

“I’ll see you there,” said Bianca, heading out of the market streets to the gates of Orchidia Town where the caravan would arrive to make the delivery. Bianca had to wait a while, so she just stood around near the guards, sort of hoping that they did not recognize her as a Phantom Lord member since that would cause unnecessary ruckus and she did not feel like wasting her time like that. Since Orchidia Town housed the Lamia Scale guild, it was sort of a given that the people here were good people. Most of them, that is. The bad people however...were also present. Like the ones Bianca was working for. The caravan arrived a long hour later, making her feel like giving the delivery guy a kick in the face for making her wait so long. When the caravan came to a halt, she approached the vehicle, asking if they were delivering a package. The men on the caravan agreed, and it seemed they were quite tired because they asked her to sign it and take it quickly. Bianca did so, and brought the package back with her back into town. She headed straight for Mitya’s bar, surprised at how fast and smoothly everything went. Her client was already there, sitting at a table with another man, laughing at a joke that Bianca did not hear. She presented the package to Ferdinand, who opened it up to check if the item was inside. Then, he rewarded her and thanked her for her precious time.

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