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ACCIDENTAL DEMISE[Caius] Empty Sun Jul 30, 2017 7:41 pm

Caius was back in Hargeon town and it was a nice summer day and the sun was out and it was bright and it was orange and it was hot and also the clear skies were blue and there were a little bit of clouds which were white and then the grass was green and it was lush as he walked through the town on the summer day and then he would see that the ocean that was on the hargeon docks was nice and blue and it was sparking from the sun that was shining on it and it was a really nice site as it was a great summer day in Hargeon Town. Caius was wearing his black gi and he also was wearing his black undershirt and also he was wearing his red sash that was his belt and he also was wearing black pants that matched his black undershirt and it also matched his black gi and then finally he had his white boots on and they were matching with his whole outfit. His hair was spiked up and it was pink as he had just gotten it done from the black because other people saw him and he wanted a new look.

Reagan Hullston was the man he was doing the new quest for and he didn't tell him any of the details yet just that he needed work to be done as he was a bad guy and caius was a dark guild member and they were good for each other as Caius had done quests in the past and also he helped him smuggle goods as they worked together with pirates in Hargeon town on the summer day and then he would go and help him out by moving the goods over and then he would get rewarded. Now this quest was probably an easier once cause it was only C rank but then again Caius needed the monies so he would head out and he would make sure that he would meet up with Reagan Hullston. He was a client that he trusted as v Reagan Hullston always paid his debts and alway smuggled the goods with no issue in Hargeon. Reagan Hullston would be an ally in Grimoire Heart in the future. Reagan Hullston met with him on a bench and said that he was being tailed by someone and he needed help to see who it was and get rid of him cause he had the good on the outside but he was a bad guy on the inside and Caius understood because he did that stuff all the time yo and would let Reagan Hullston go and walk and then he would keep an eye on him to see if there was some creepy stalker guy and would then go and help out Reagan Hullston by getting rid of the creepy stalker man and then would get his reward and be on his day. Caius continued following Reagan Hullston and would keep an eye out.


Hi I'm Caius

ACCIDENTAL DEMISE[Caius] Empty Sun Jul 30, 2017 10:51 pm

Caius stuck on Reagan Hullston like white on rice and would continue through Hargeon Town on this bright and it was sunny day where the sun was shining off the water and it was sparkling and it was a nice view. Suddenly, he would see a little man that probably was in his teenage years which mean he was a lower rank of the pages and he would be in the page uniform and he was a page that most likely was the one that was following regan as he had the page uniform and would follow him but he was following him from safe distance. The page was wearing a uniform that was blue and it was the page uniform of Hargeon town as it had the blue cap and it had the symbol of the turkey on it and the symbol of the turkey was a golden one which meant he was part of the pages as they used a blue uniform that had the golden symbol of the turkey. The page was dressed nice but it was a shame that they would have to get rid of him here for putting his nose in shit that he didn't belong in

They would start by going to different locations in hargeon town. Reagan Hullston would start off and he would go to the Blue pegasus guild hall and would walk around. Caius was an enemy to that guild but he had a hood so he would use that to cover his face as they were there for another time and Caius would deal with them later. Caius then would wait for Reagan Hullston to keep walking and then he would walk by Hargeon square which was near the guild but it was down the street a little and it had a fountain and a bunch of kids and family members were there playing and doing fun summer stuff cause you know the sun was out and it was summer and a nice day so Reagan Hullston would keep on walking and the page was still following him and Caius was tailing a bit farther behind. It still could be a coincidence so Caius would keep watch. They moved on to walking past the island star restaurant and then they would smell the food in the air and it smelled really good because they had a good chefs there that cooked good food like the one chef Bordon Ramsay was pretty good but now was no time for food. The page was still following them so that was a enough to prove that he was the one that was the stalker and trying to bust Reagan Hullston. Now he would have to look for a way to accidently kill him and make it look like a scene. He couldn't do it outright so they would continue to walk and walk and walk until something arose that he could use to kill this stupid page idiot and make it look like an accident.


Hi I'm Caius

ACCIDENTAL DEMISE[Caius] Empty Mon Jul 31, 2017 5:38 am

Caius was now following Reagan Hullston on the hot summer day in Hargeon Town. Reagan Hullston had gone around most of the town by now and he confirmed the page that was following him was the one that was causing all the issues with him and trying to expose him so he could get him in trouble. At this point they were on the Hargeon Docks and it was bumping as it was summer and the place as packed with people on the beach and people fishing and people selling stuff and carriages that were passing by and tons of exciting stuff like that so if their was to be an accidental death it would be here as Caius could push him in the water or push him in the carriage and the horse would stomp him and then the wheels could run him over and he would be toast so Caius would keep his distance and them and see that Reagan stopped by a bench on the docks and would rest his legs while the page was near a bench that was farther away but still kept his eye on him. The bench was on the edge of the docks and Caius would be thinking about pushing him in the water as he could foll in and he would drown as the waves were really rough and would suck him out in the sea but then it would cause people to see him so it would be an accidental death as it would make him fall and he would have to go and wouldn't follow Reagan Hullston again. He would be free from the page.

THe page was sitting on the bench and Caius was walking by with the hood over his head and then he would go to the bench at the end of the docks but before he could push that page man into the ocean Reagan Hullston would get up and that would cause the page to get up and they would walk on the docks and would not be where they were before and he would then go back and then he would continue on his way down the Docks and the ocean is blue. Reagan Hullston would continue walking and he would then see the page was still tailing him. He crossed the street and there was a carriage that was coming and he would cross before the carriage came over. The page was waiting in line and Caius would walk up behind him but far enough so nobody would see. He would use his magic and he would push the boy and would make him fall forward into the street that was next to the dock and he would fall on the ground and be unable to move in time. The horsey would trample all over this fool and then the next horse did it but that wasn't enough as the carriage with its big old wheels would run over this fool twice it was kind of like getting double tapped except it was a carriage and horses instead of a gun basically this kid was roadkill by carriage. The carriage passed and then he saw that the kid was a meat pie on the ground and the crowd was all screaming and freaking out calling for an ambulance and someone to help him even though it was way too late for that. Caius would walk past the body to make sure and yep he was toast. No getting up from that attack amigo.

Caius would go to Reagan Hullston at his normal spot and would tell him that the deed was done and the kid was now toast. The page wouldn't be bother him anymore. The kid was a pretty good stalker and he was glad that Reagan Hullston noticed it. Despite being old and ugly and having a really bad mustache he was a clever man and that was why he was one of the best smugglers in all of Hargeon Town. Reagan Hullston really was something to be this smart. That's why he was on top. ONce the boy was confirmed dead Reagan Hullston would reach into his pocket and would pay the rest of the gold that was owed to Caius to cover his service.s Reagan Hullston was a man of his word and always had work for Caius to do. He would make sure to ask him if he was in Hargeon again for more work in the future if he ever needed any money or if he needed anymore information for the rest of the trip to the town. For now it was getting late so Caius would take his money and he would head back to the hotel to relax.


Hi I'm Caius

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