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Basic Duties [Solo]

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#1Shura Ranzu † 

Basic Duties [Solo] Empty Sun Jul 30, 2017 11:11 am

Shura Ranzu †
Basic Bitch

Shura stood at the entrance of Hargeon. Tapping his foot with his arms crossed. It was as if he was waiting on someone at that current time. Which this would be held true. People walked passed the taller individual in the peculiar outfit. His look was concealed so of course eyes were drawn to him like flies to a flame. He thought nothing of it honestly, he was prepared for such a thing. Better to be an enigma in the minds of onlookers than to be a target of malice in those who hunt his kind. Footsteps came from behind Shura as he looked around in the opposite direction. A voice came, young in tone but directed at Shura. Shura’s attention was focused on the voice calling out to him.

“Hello there! You must be the one who took the job!” The man was dressed in a officers uniform. A public servant but yet not a rune knight. This was easily deduced by the lack of armor he was wearing at that moment. Shura turned around completely to face the man and extended out a hand as a form of friendship. Of course it was just being polite to a temporary boss or co-worker.

“Indeed I am, Shura is the name.” Shura’s voice did not really have much emotion behind it.

“Officer Kenji, but you can call me Kenji.” A well known officer around time due to his marvelous detective work. He tipped his hat at Shura, trying not to be awkward about the man who stood in front of him. Clearly his facial expression conveyed the confusion of Shura’s get up. At the end of the day he was doing Kenji a favor so he could not really question it.

Shura shook Kenji’s hand before letting go and speaking on the subject matter. “So what is my task for the day.”

Kenji cleared his throat before speaking. “Well it’s simple really. We have had a vandalism problem with the children. They have been tagging areas with no respect and the police force is tied up at the moment. We have no rune knight presence here. So just go in and scare them off. Please don’t hurt them. They are just misguided at the end of the day.”

Shura only nodded in response before walking passed Kenji. He was a bit frustrated at the idea of not being able to inflict pain. Sometimes physical discipline was the best way to teach children a lesson. They were not his kids however, so he was forced to be okay with it.

“Good luck, meet me in the markets. It is where my office is located at. I have a heap of paperwork that is calling out to me.” Kenji then made his way off towards the market district.

“Ciao.” Shura responded calmly while walking into the city. Shura walked casually through the city without a care in the world. He let out a sigh as this was remedial work. But ya gotta make bread somehow right?

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#2Shura Ranzu † 

Basic Duties [Solo] Empty Sun Jul 30, 2017 11:16 am

Shura Ranzu †
He wanted to get this over with so he can get paid and move onto the next task. As he passed each alley way he looked closely to see if he spotted any children making trouble. Then he picked up something. A sound that came from a alleyway on the right side of the street. Which would be his left due to him walking into the city on the right side. The sound of the beads inside of the can being shaken up to mix the spray. There were three kids present at the scene of the crime. Walking into the entrance of the alley way, a long shadow was cast over the hoodlums causing trouble. The one holding the can in his hand stopped for a moment while looking over at Shura.

“Drop the can and no one gets hurt.” Shura’s voice carried itself through the confined alley way that was roughly ten meters in width. The kids were only three meters away from him at the moment. “Or what fre..”

Before the boy with the can could finish his statement, Shura was towering over him. He dashed forward closing the gap in an instant. A fear tactic to show that he meant what he said. The boy was frozen in his tracks. The fear set in as he locked gaze with aqua tinted eyes that hid within a darkness. Shura shared no words at that moment, just let his stature do majority of the work. The other two kids had already dropped their cans and dashed off into the shadows of the alley. They were young and dumb so it was easy to spook them. I mean who would not be scared at this very moment. A tall individual with a mask suddenly dashed at the three of them after issuing a threat. His presence was very real unlike those who came before him.

“Pick up the cans and give me your backpack.”

The boy said nothing, frozen by fear for a moment. “Now!” Shura yelled causing the boy to jump suddenly. He rushed and grabbed the cans in the vicinity before handing them over in his backpack. Shura looked in the bag and looked back at the kid. “This all of them?”

The boy nodded in response, Shura said nothing for a moment before walking off. The boy had pissed his pants in this whole interaction. Shura was trying not to burst into tears. ‘Holy shit that worked.’ He thought to himself walking towards the market area as requested. Kenji had not made it to his office, he was helping someone at their stand. Shura walked up to him confidently with bag in hand.

Kenji turned away from the person at the fruit stand for a moment. “Wait, don’t tell me you are done already?” Shura placed the backpack on the floor and unzipped it. Cans were stacked inside and he said nothing. “Don’t worry I just scared them with no show of resistance.”

Kenji nodded after Shura spoke. “Well that means a reward is in order. This concluded the mission at hand.


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