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Mermaid Picture [Mission]

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She would start walking around and about as she would look around. Her eyes were sparkled by the waters that were near by and soon she would see some people group up around someone. Someone that sounded familiar was ranting on about something. Cosmiare couldn't really hear the exact words so it wasn't really easy to listen. She was wearing her outfit that she wore last time or so yesterday with the short-pants and the crop top that was red. Today though she decided to be all bare footed due to the fact that her feet were somewhat tired of the shoes that most of the people from here wore. Was it a Fiore thing to wear shoes all the time? People that were from her town in the Country of Sands didn't really wear shoes unless it was too hot to walk around bare footed or it was some special occasion. Slowly she went down the hill and onto the deck area where the wooden planks would be held together by a lot of rope. Slowly down and down she went as she would try to fit through people. ''Excuse meeeee.~'' she would say all cutely as she would squiggle through all the people in her view and then saw the blue hair guy. 'OH it's the special bait guy who I went fishing with.' she thought and smiled. Her head tilted as she was trying to figure out what was wrong. Something was going on as some people were laughing, some people were rather mean and grumpy and the others just walked away. He seemed to talk about something about seeing a mermaid? Wasn't that the creature that was half human and half fishy? She tried to imagine what it looked like and then saw a fishes head on human legs (lower body) in which case made her laugh and then went up front to look up at him. Never has she been on such a nice boat. The only boat she has been on was that wooden huge boat that looked like it was going to fall apart. That didn't matter now as she was going to help out a pal! ''Are we going to eat the fish that we catch?'' she questioned. ''Haha. Yea we are! If we catch any. I got this new magical bait and we're going to test it out. Hopefully it works.'' he spoke as they would start to sail out to fish. She would get herself ready with the bait and all that other junk. ''Ew this stuff stinks.'' she thought and her eye twitched, grabbing some to put it on the worm. She did so and after an hour there was nothing. They sat longer and she tried to be so patient, but it was hard. She saw the guy's string move. ''FISH! REEEEEL!'' she yelled excitedly. He laughed as she was trying to pull it, she on the other hand went and grabbed a net. In surprise he got it up enough so she could put the net under the fish. ''WE got it.~'' she spoke happily. After that she smiled all satisfied as he did as well. They would eat it after cooking it and then the reward happened. Finally she would then go back to the shore and left. As far as she remembered, he was a nice guy so why would he lie? Those meanie faces. How dare they think such a thing. She wanted to see for herself. ''I can help you!'' she spoke happily and then he nods. ''Here's a camera that's special. Just take a picture when you see it.'' he spoke rather anxious and was brought out to the sea. She would look around and soon it would get darker. No mermaid was to be seen. A part of her was rather disappointed so she would go to whatever his face's name is. ''I don't think the mermaid is here...'' she spoke sadly and frowned. He saw this and sighed. ''Alright... Thanks for at least believing in me for a moment even...'' he would say and went to turn around the boat to go back. As they would return, her getting the reward, she would then see a beautiful shining tail. Cosmiare wanted to say something, but changed her mind.



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