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Magical Bait [Mission]

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Magical Bait
It only felt like yesterday that she was doing some fishing yet it was only her feeding them - or well helping the woman feed the fishes. It was truly fun since she loved animals, except for that sea monster who decided it was okay to kill and eat people and things. That was terrible. Her eyes cornered to see the boats that were near the open seas. She was wearing shorts or what others may call them, kaprees. That were like shorts but a little bit longer! They were jeans though so getting them wet felt so weird. Her short was a crop-top that was dark red. Due to not even having a chest, it looked like she was just some guy who liked that type of clothing. It was alright, wasn't it? ''Fishy fishy fish.~ You shall be my squish! Fishy Fishy fish, you will be on a dish cause yum yum yum.~'' she started to sing to herself as she imagined herself catching a good big fish. Maybe she should've brought her spear with her just to maybe... stab at it. A big grin appeared on her face as she would then rub her stomach. Grrr ~ Her stomach would growl as she would then sigh. 'I'm so hungry. Hopefully I do catch it...' she thought and then saw the boat. 'Yep! Reminds me of Raina's thingy-ma-jig.' she thought to herself once more. Finally at the warehouse she would knock softly and then harder. ''HELLO?!'' she yelled in her girl-like voice and knocked even harder. The door would open and sighed, fitting into the small space that was open. She would walk on the cement floor and looked around. ''It's all dusty in here. Geez. No one cleans?'' she spoke to herself and then looked to see a note that had 'Grab this and meet me here.' and had a name on it. ''OH that place.'' she spoke and then walked towards that direction. Her eyes looked around and saw the woman. ''Raina?'' she questioned and tilted her head. ''Oh yes. Over here.'' the woman spoke and smiled, grabbing the fish food. Cosmiare would sit next to her as she watched the fishes swim, waiting for the food. ''So cute! Fishy fishy fishy, you shall be my squishy.~'' she teased and kicked her feet a little. The water was down low enough so she couldnt kick the actual water. The two would talk a little as she would feed the fishes. Sometimes even getting up to follow. Finally it was getting darker as she would thank Cosmiare for helping. After that she would leave with the reward at hand.

''Hey there!'' yelled a guy's voice. Her eyes payed attention to what was a guy who looked like a girl. Seemed like her ordeal yet it was the switch-a-roo. ''HAI! Are you the guy i'm helping out today?'' she wondered as she would then get on the boat. ''Whoa! This boat is coool!'' she spoke and roamed around. Never has she been on such a nice boat. The only boat she has been on was that wooden huge boat that looked like it was going to fall apart. That didn't matter now as she was going to help out a pal! ''Are we going to eat the fish that we catch?'' she questioned. ''Haha. Yea we are! If we catch any. I got this new magical bait and we're going to test it out. Hopefully it works.'' he spoke as they would start to sail out to fish. She would get herself ready with the bait and all that other junk. ''Ew this stuff stinks.'' she thought and her eye twitched, grabbing some to put it on the worm. She did so and after an hour there was nothing. They sat longer and she tried to be so patient, but it was hard. She saw the guy's string move. ''FISH! REEEEEL!'' she yelled excitedly. He laughed as she was trying to pull it, she on the other hand went and grabbed a net. In surprise he got it up enough so she could put the net under the fish. ''WE got it.~'' she spoke happily. After that she smiled all satisfied as he did as well. They would eat it after cooking it and then the reward happened. Finally she would then go back to the shore and left.



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