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Pizza Delivery [Yasuki:Arisa]

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Pizza Delivery [Yasuki:Arisa] Empty Sat Jul 29, 2017 10:29 am

Arisa yawned quietly as she started to walk on about the streets of Orchidia. Before all of that though she was getting dressed in her room as she knew there was things to do. Today was going to be all about pizza though and her maybe-to-be sister, Yasuki. They were going to go make a pizza or a few of them as some guy needed help to do so. Was it the fact that they fired really bad workers so they needed volunteers or what? The answer was unknown as she would put on some black silk dress pants with some ankle socks, black shoes and a white blouse with a red tie. She would try to put on a smile as recently her smile has been gone. Why was this? She felt so random when it came to her feelings like some typical girl. It felt like a hassle.

Slowly Arisa brushed hair hair as she would hum a simple song, thinking about everything that has happened so far. So many things with people. Some meetings with these people were very short, didn't get to know them that well. Her golden brown eyes lowered in sadness as she thought about how she really didn't hang out with many people nor did she have that many friends. Maybe someday she'll fix that if she gets the chance anyways... Finally she would exit her room, down the stairs and out the door after locking it as she would be on her way to this quest of hers as well as to meet Yasuki.



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Early mornings weren't really the best for Yasuki, as it was hard for her to get up at a reasonable hour and function. But when someone called for her help for some reason she was able to get up and get to it as soon as possible. She knew she was supposed to be meeting her partner, whom she had already done missions with, Arisa at some pizza place where she would help cook and deliver pizzas. 'How are they expecting a newcomer to already know her way around the town to deliver pizzas.' thought Yasuki as she continued to get ready and try to wake up so she could be on her way to the pizza place. She chose to dress in her school-like uniform again though this time she picked out a golden-yellow tie to complete it. This wasn't surprising as she always liked to be covered up and never wore something too revealing, but she picked out the yellow tie as she believed it complimented her red ruby-like eyes quite well.

She finally got on her way and would be walking along the sidewalk noting the beautiful creatures along the way. She listened carefully to the bird chirping and even started to whistle back at them as if she could understand them and they understand her. 'I think I remember seeing the pizza place, over here somewhere.' thought Yasuki as she continued to whistle on her way to meet Arisa for their new job. She could see the building in the far distance but didn't see Arisa near yet. 'Maybe I can just wait here, I can continue to talk back to the birds this way.' Yasuki would say to herself as she continued to whistle back at the birds, waiting for Arisa to join her.


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Arisa yawned softly as she would look around and walk. She wondered where her Yasuki was as she was going to do this with her - or so she believed. She wasn't highly sure as usually and so far she has been doing this with her. She remembered the last time she cooked with Yasuki around. ''Go thaw out the shrimp and season it. I'll get everything else ready.'' she ordered, asked and spoke to the maid girl. Slowly she turned away from both of them as the girl got to work. Arisa on the other hand would go towards the counter made of white marble and created some herbs, vegetables and so on out of no where, like magic. The stove started in flames out of no where as Arisa laid a pan on it. Mixing up the seasons, noodles, sauce and all. In time the shrimp would be mixed. Swiftly her hand would grab a box of rice and fried it in a different sauce in a special pan. The aroma would be in the air as she would then grab some bowls, plates and stuff to then set it up. That was some good alfredo though as she would then see her. ''Oh hey Yasuki.'' she would say calmly and waved to her.



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Surely it wouldn't be too long before she would run into Arisa. But it didn't bother Yasuki as it gave her time to be in the nature and stare at the tree tops and other nature around. The last time she saw Arisa was when she ate some delicious shrimp scampi and they discussed about how they might be related, long lost sisters in fact, but the question still posed to Yasuki rather they were related or not. She remembers she has siblings but how many actual siblings did she have, as she considered herself as a big sister to just about anyone that would allow her to help them as a mentor type of figure.

Finally she got to the pizza place and could see Arisa more clearly "Oh hey there, fancy seeing you again. Are you ready to do this, I'm sure a chef such as yourself you won't have a problem with cooking pizza." Yasuki would say enthusiastically towards Arisa. She would start to head inside holding the door and waiting for Arisa to walk in either before or after her, so they could get this job done and hopefully finally find some answers to their past and their present questions. "How about it?" questioned Yasuki as she waited.


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She would wait for Yasuki as she would soon see her. A small smile appeared on her lips as she saw someone she actually somewhat knew. It felt like she knew her for so long yet in memory she only knew the girl for about a week to two. Arisa couldn't really remember the specifics. Why her memory leaving her? Again? She wasn't really sure, but for now she would enjoy what was to come, her time with who was probably her dear younger sister. They would walk towards the pizza place in which she would look around. ''You never know... You should try my friends cooking. He's rather good.'' she would comment her dear friend's cooking. It was rather lovely and delicious at most. Rather or not it was the same. After finally getting there the client would wave. ''Yo! Great to see two. More the merrier, ya?'' he joked and then Arisa and Yasuki would walk towards the back counter to speak to him. ''So the situation is, is that my worker called in sick. I need pizza's made. Simple as that. If you need the instructions... There is a paper or list to tell you how to make it. Any questions, I'll be in my office.'' he spoke and smiled. Arisa nodded and with that she would then look at Yasuki. ''Let's get aprons on and then get all the stuff ready. '' Arisa would speak softly, walked towards the back hall to grab the white aprons hanging. After that she would grab some of the gloves, but before that she washed her hands.



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'Her friends cooking?' would ring in Yasuki's mind, as if it was a rare occasion that people would have friends more their age instead of mentoring the younger crowds. Soon she shall the client standing there as he explained to the two of them what they needed to do, to cook the pizzas and if any help was needed how he would be in his office if we needed him. Yasuki would enter the place and follow Arisa to grab a white apron and then her ruby-like eyes would shift towards the box of gloves. Though she knew first that it'd be better to wash her hands and then put the gloves on so they could get started. 'Cooking pizzas isn't that bad... Surely we'll be able to finish pretty fast with there being two of us.' she would think to herself as the two of them continued to wash their hands and then put on the gloves.

"Well maybe I can try your friends cooking sometime, if the time allows." Yasuki would make a late comment to Arisa as they would begin making the pizzas. She would then grab two gloves and put them on her hands as she looked towards the counter to see all of the pizza making supplies, then her head would drop slowly with a slight nervous expression on it. "That seems to be all the supplies that we would need, over there." Yasuki commented as she gestured towards the counter that she saw.


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She would gather all the ingredients, the measuring cups and so forth. She didn't know exactly what pizzas were going to get ordered - she wasn't no future teller. If she was though she wouldn't be here. She would giggle at the thought of that as she would then grab the roller and put it down by the bowl. First she would mix some flour in the right measurements and so forth - putting it all together. She would sing softly a song and danced as she would start making things beforehand. As she was doing that she would hear a someone order something. 'Oh!' she would say in her mind as she would feel as if she was in a different mind set than she usually is. There were orders with pineapple and ham, some with chicken and so she would then start. ''Okay Yasuki! Get the fruit and mean while I prepare the dough into its rightful shape.'' she would speak to her 'sister' and then rolled out the dough, grabbed a pan and sprayed it with cooking spray so it didn't stick. After that she would kneed it and spread it slowly to not tare any of the dough and finally the sauce. She would do so as she saw Yasuki most likely get the stuff. Soon enough this was going to be done faster than she thought.



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She would look toward Arisa as she was getting the dough ready. The way that she was moving so confidently and working the dough into its pizza-shape. She then heard Arisa call for her to get the fruit and meat for the pizza. Making her way to the pineapple to cut into small pieces and find a bowl to put the pineapple in as she would then make her way over to the ham, sausage, bacon, and chicken - as she would do the same cutting each into the appropriate sizes for the pizza and putting each meat selection in its own bowl as to not mix it.

Slowly, and carefully, she would walk over to Arisa as she was getting the dough ready and hand her the bowl of pineapple and ham before turning back to grab the other three bowls which were filled with sausage, bacon, and chicken respectfully. After she took the last three bowls back to Arisa, she would assist her in putting the toppings on each of the pizzas when she was ready for that part. Until then Yasuki would start to whistle quietly a hymn and she heard as a child when she was being put to bed, a lullaby of sorts which helped calm her down when she was nervous or anxious about something. Being in the kitchen made Yasuki anxious because she wasn't positive on what to do, but after seeing Arisa work so confidently in the kitchen she knew that it wasn't that bad and looked at the time that it was taking them to finish this job and it was going pretty fast.


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Making the dough, putting it all together, she would make the pizzas as if it was really nothing. Truly and honestly this felt like making food at home. The kitchen at her place though was quite bigger than this place. Her kitchen was probably even bigger than this building itself. She would smile somewhat small as she would then grab the sauce, put more on, put on the cheese of its flavor and then finally added the pineapple, ham, bacon bits and sausage. It looked really good besides the pineapple. Arisa didn't really like chunks of pineapple on her food nor any fruit for that matter. After that pizza was done she would then grab more pans and do the same yet some of them - five of them, were to be chicken and something else. She would look at the recipes list and follow the instructions. This made her smile indeed as this reminded her of some good memories at least - better than the bad. Sighing finally she was done and put them in boxes. ''Alright Yasuki... We have to strap them up, put them in two bags and carry them to where they need to go.'' she would instruct her. For herself she would grab five, put them in a bag and then carried them out the door. Of course she waited for Yasuki and continued on this walk. Arisa would hum softly and carried/delivered them to their rightful place and after they were all done, she would walk back to the pizza place, grabbed her reward and left with Yasuki back home.




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Yasuki looked towards Arisa as she finished the pizzas, and would help place the toppings on the pizzas when they were ready for that step as well as put them in the oven to bake when ready. While they were waiting she made her way over to the sink to wash what they used for the toppings - the bowls, knifes, etc. She then heard Arisa call for her to help carry the pizzas to where they needed to be and Yasuki would quickly finish up the reminder of what she was washing and made her way to pick up the rest of the pizzas that were just made and put them in a bag following Arisa out the door to deliver them. 'Mm, Pineapple.' she thought quietly as she was carrying the pizzas, Yasuki loved any kind of fresh fruit especially pineapple because of the juice in particular. So this was hard for her to carry the pizzas being able to smell the aroma of pineapple with every step that she took.

She would continue to whistle softly her tune, hoping to take the smell of pineapple off of her mind as the two of them walked to deliver the pizzas to their rightful destination. 'The sooner we deliver the pizzas, the sooner I can get some pineapple of my own.' she kept on saying to herself. After delivering the pizzas, she headed back to the pizza place alongside Arisa to collect their reward before heading back to Arisa's place.



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