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Clean Up Crew | Solo Quest

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#1Eiko Jitsuko 

Clean Up Crew | Solo Quest Empty on Fri Jul 28, 2017 2:24 am

Eiko Jitsuko

The requests pinned into the board have a larger amount than usual. People started gathering around for the need of Jewels. Eiko had dugged herself into the crowd easily due to her small height. Looking around the requests, she wanted to take a rather exciting one unlike the others. From the bottom of the pile of pinned requests, she saw one that caught her attention. She didn't read much from the request, but she took the paper already and ran out as she reads it.

She walks around the streets of Oak while reading the request. Meeting a man, whom acted different from her previous acquaintances, he greeted her with a smile, and Eiko greeted back with a cheeky grin. "How will I assist you?" asked Eiko as she gets closer to the man. He stood up, and looked down on Eiko for looking like a weird child that looks like she is cosplaying a weird character due to the way she is dressed. "You are rather quick to take a certain request." he smiled with a calm face and tone of voice. "I am Remy, Martin's brother." he said as he stands up, giving Eiko a handshake. "I didn't know that man had a sibling." said Eiko with a cheeky smile and a childish tone of voice. Remy laughed at Eiko, and seemed like someone who is pure and kind.

Remy walked out, giving a hand sign while telling Eiko to follow him to the building. They were having a nice chat, until Remy stopped in front of a construction site with no one working at that time. "We're here." he said, looking at Eiko with the same smile. It seems like his cheeks aren't tired of smiling at all. They enter the site, and Eiko seems to be uncomfortable on stepping at small bricks and stones. They went deep into the site, revealing oddly shaped beings being covered in cloth. They were already corpses that are meant to be disposed. But Eiko did not mind the dead bodies, her father used to even drink from them.

"Now where is it...?" muttered Remy, walking around. He grabbed a large axe and showed off while swinging it. "I am looking forward into working with you." said Remy with a smile as he holds into a big bag, uncovering a body and straightening it. He pulls the axe up and swings it down, chopping the head off as Eiko watches him. "You seem to be sane for a child like you." Remy said while looking at Eiko, with the exact same smile as earlier. He seems to never get tired of smiling. "It seems normal for me," replied Eiko with a small grin, "isn't this part of the human race?" she added to her sentence, watching Remy chop the bodies, limb from limb. Remy didn't bother but be fascinated by the child's words, but to end it, he pointed at a cloth covered body. "Please take that to me." said Remy, pointing away as he continues chopping the body into pieces and dissolving the fatty flesh. Eiko removes the cloth and pulls the corpse's leg to Remy's path, and she continues on watching him cut them to pieces.

Remy's sleeves are starting to get bloody, and red liquid keeps jumping over. Eiko continues to watch, but keeping distance so she wouldn't get her dress stained by blood she wouldn't even dare to drink. Remy snaps a finger, signalling Eiko to give him another body to be cut into pieces. Eiko pulls another man that seems to be familiar to her. "This guy seems rather familiar." said Eiko, gazing at the man's dead and pale face that oozes out a bad smell from his open areas. "Oh... him..." muttered Remy. "I will bury him properly, I wouldn't want to disgrace my family." he said, so Eiko pulls another body with an unfamiliar face, and drags him down to Remy for disposal. As the body is being chopped down, Eiko suddenly wanted to feel something but emptiness. She wanted to suddenly feel regret and pity. But neverminding her bloody surroundings, she deposits those thoughts into staring at the satisfying way of breaking a body into pieces.

Believing that she is a vampire, which is the family into where she grew up on. Her breaths suddenly felt disgust as the blood does not seem to be an aroma to her smelling organ. She felt bloated, her face starting to show agony. It might take her years to realize that she is only a mere human. Remy noticed the way she puts her hand in her stomach, and stopped chopping the bodies for a while. "You must not be used to this." said Remy as he smiled a little. "Once you try once, you might not stop." he added as he grinned a little, continuing on chopping the bodies of those men.

Eiko felt a little eerie. She gulped each time she drags a body out to Remy, being more disgusted the more she sees the scarlet color of blood. She tried not minding the favor of the request, this job needs to be done and completed. After all, she wanted a more 'exciting' request. Not minding her own situation and job, she suddenly realized that there are no more bodies to pull out, except for the three bodies that are not meant to be chopped down.

Remy landed a small sweat into the ground, washing his bloody hands and changing his suit into those uniforms of a butler. Now that the bodies are as small as an ant, you would not know what those materials are unless they are put back together like a quilt.

Eiko carried the second sack, helping Remy from his tiresome arms. It led Eiko into a more uncomfortable disgust as the chopped bodies release such a foul smell. "I thank you for your assistance." said Remy with a smile, the usual smile he makes. Eiko didn't smile back like she usually does. Instead, she frowned, nodding her head, making Remy frown as well. "I'll pay you back the time we bury these." he said as he walked away, being affected by Eiko's agony.

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