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Magical Bait [Quest|Victor]

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There was something fishy about Jacob Fischer. Everyone who knew him had been seriously taken aback by this sea loving boy. He had at times angered people and at times impressed them heavily. He was well known around the little port town of Hargeon as someone obsessed with sea and sea creatures. There had been many talk around the town that this boy had no qualms in throwing away his money for anything related to the sea and the mysteries in it.

If we were to talk about mysteries alone, even Victor was curious but he couldn’t get how someone could be so fixed on just one single thing. At least, he hadn’t fully understood it when he stood in front of Jacob, helping him with getting the boat ready. Victor had met the boy early in the morning while he was walking around the beach, curiosity pulling him to a stop when the blue haired marine enthusiast mentioned something about a magical bait. He had bragged about it without stopping, annoying the rest of those people that had to listen to him.

It was strange that he even approached Victor with the praises for his great ability to find that great magical bait. And, it must have been his usual curiosity sprinkling its magic over Victor once again when the pink haired adventurer genuinely got interested at what Jacob was talking about. It had somehow turned into a job offering for the Blue Pegasus member, Fischer promising to pay him if he could help Jacob with catching fishes at the sea.

They readied the boat and quietly pushed it towards the water, getting on and rowing towards the open sea. Victor spread the bait around while Jacob fumbled with his fishing road, his eyes falling on to the jar of some purple substance that reminded him of poison more than magic. “Is that the bait?” he had asked, setting off a button to another uncontrolled bragging for half an hour more.

Once they were done spreading the bait around, Victor sat back down on the boat, allowing Jacob to do the rest with casting the fishing road. They waited patiently, Jacob still as excited and braggy as he was when they first started out. This time, it was slightly better since he was concentrating on fishing.

In his state of half boredom, Victor took the jar of magical bait again, turning it around in his hands to inspect it, coming across a thin strip of paper sticking to the bottom of it. “Caution-” It had read. Victor’s eyes went wide.

Dammit, that bait wasn’t something for the tamer fishes, it was for the much feared deep sea fishes that was very much dangerous. Quick on his feet, Victor had stood up just as quickly as he heard Jacob reel something in. He took the paddle of the boat for caution, gripping it tigtly in his hands as the first ugly looking fish flew in, its teeth bared and color a sandy grey.

He hit it over its head with whatever power he could gather, somehow knocking it out just enough for it to land on the boat, almost lifeless. As he looked horrified at the still slightly twitching thing, Jacob had seemed excited, crying out happily that he had gotten something so rare. He cast the line again before Victor could stop him, once again reeling in something that looked no different than a monster to the boat, causing Victor to do the same as he had done last time. “Damn me and my curiosity”

Victor sighed. This fishy boy would need to learn his priorities, he thought as they rowed back, satisfied with their keep for now. The magical bait laid to a side, still the apple of Jacob’s eye, now only second to the ugly monster that laid next to his feet. Once they got on land, Jacob looked pleased enough to offer some of the bait to Victor who visibly cringed at the idea of experiencing that again. He took the money he was promised instead, hoping that he wouldn’t run into this boy again, and if he did, then won’t get dragged into something that would put his life in danger.


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