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Crocus to Magnolia w/ Isabella [Foot Travel]

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#1Theo Kaguya 

Crocus to Magnolia w/ Isabella [Foot Travel] Empty Sun Jul 16, 2017 2:34 pm

Theo Kaguya
T.K was just about finished packing his bag to head to Magnolia to pick up something for Isabella and their mother Hope sister likes what i’m gonna get her for staying with me. He thought folding his last button up shirt and placing it in his suitcase “Okay I’m all packed!” he said aloud leaving his room and making his way down stairs were  wearing his white bucket hat and green and white shirt with bage cargo shorts, along with his green hiker boots. Maybe I can get them two things if I do some extra work? He asked himself a he said goodbye to everyone on his way out the door to see the clear blue sky with white clouds dancing around, The Holy land was nothing short than breathtaking even though he hadn’t gotten around to see all of it with Isabella.

For some reason it felt like he was forgetting something in the room but but he had all his bags and all his papers that he would need to get the perfect gift for Isabella and their mother but then it hit him, the thing that he had for gotten was the money to get the gifts that he needed. When he realized this he panicked Oh man I don’t want to wake up sister she’s never looks nice when she just gets up.he thought calling their mom to ask her to get Isabelle to bring it to him. As he left Holy capital he couldn’t help but think what Isabella would say or do to him once she found him in Magnolia.

#2Isabella King 

Crocus to Magnolia w/ Isabella [Foot Travel] Empty Sun Jul 16, 2017 3:12 pm

Isabella King
Isabella sighed.Of course he forgot his money and she had to travel to Magnolia to give him his money. “Vul why did we get the crazy brother. Why do have to have the crazy family in general.” She asked as she pet Vulpix she carried in her arms. T.k better be happy mom asked Isabella to give him the money.. It took a lot of asking and money offering. Isabella was walking toward a cafe shop because she wanted to sit before she left. It was calm and a amzing before she realized that T.K was running down the street. She quickly got up from her seat and was back on the street. “T.K I’m here.” She yelled waving her hands for him to see. She then ran up to him in her purple dress. The sides were exposed and has a v cut as well. She looked really pretty to be traveling.

“I came to bring you your money. I thought you would have already been gone so I packed a bag as well. But I see you are still in town and I'm packed so I guess we are going together” Isabella said grabbing him and began walking to Era, the town before Magnolia. The walk was quiet as they entered Era. she guessed that T.K kept looking at stores very big eyed like he had never seen so many before. Isabella just strolled along with him petting Vul who ended back up in her arms. Isabella thought about what she should do when she got to Magnolia. She knew that there was a guild there and she could meet up with someone there and maybe have fun. Maybe she could shop, flirt, or even make new friends. She started to wonder what T.K’s purpose of going to Magnolia was. The walk through Era was quicker than Isabella thought because they were in Magnolia after she sighed for what felt like the thirty-seventh time.

#3Theo Kaguya 

Crocus to Magnolia w/ Isabella [Foot Travel] Empty Sun Jul 16, 2017 3:19 pm

Theo Kaguya
When he heard his sister’s voice he freaked out a little Didn’t think she catch up so fast she’s probably mad he thought as she ran up to him “Sorry I was in a real rush and forgot to make sure I had everything before leaving.” he told she grabbed his arm and dragged him behind her I hope I can pay her back one day for all she’s done for me. A smile started to form on his face as they made their way to Home of the Rune Knights in Era. As they walked around T.K looking at all the shops that could have had one of the gifts he needed to surprise Isabella and one they made their way into the another part of Era that was nothing more than houses and small shops that sold books and trinkets.

T.k was really didn’t know what to buy once he had found a shop which would make finding a gift even harder now that Isabella was with him on this quest “I should think this through some more.” he muttered to himself as they started on the road once more. The trip was closer to it end as they were just a few yards away from Magnolia the home of one of the most troublesome guilds next to the dark guilds that ran around but it was the only place he could get something that he could be proud of. The air smelled sweeter as they got closer and soon enough they entered Magnolia without any problem.

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