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Transalte the Note Quest (Isabella)

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#1Isabella King 

Transalte the Note Quest (Isabella) Empty Fri Jul 14, 2017 3:33 pm

Isabella King
Isabella decided to take a quest by herself. She wanted something less running and more formal. She also had a new dress she really wanted to try out and Vulpix was also very tired and wanted to take a down day. So Isabella looked for a quest that would fit a job. No fighting, no running, no searching, no… This is perfect she thought as she grabbed a translation quest. She took it off the board and grabbed Vulpix and headed out the guild.

She took a stroll in the town heading to the library. It was a peaceful and very quiet. God you just gotta love a Sunday. The walk was amazing. Even though Isabella had to walk she had on this new long black dress. It was one strapped and had a lacey type of thing at the bottom of the dress. Her guild tattoo showed on her shoulder and she walked with pride. Everyone stared at her in awe and she couldn’t help but be flattered. God it felt amazing to be Isabella today.

She finally made it to the Library where she saw this nice lady with this very different type of color green hair. “Hi you must be Isabella? You came to help translate this note, right?” She asked in this really pretty accent she had. Isabella couldn’t tell where it was from but it was there. “Yes, but please call me Bella. I’m not to fond of my first name. But yes I come under Rune Knight orders to take upon your quest.” I said putting Vul down and fixed myself to look very formal. “Well my name is Luciel. Thank you so much for taking this quest. The only thing I can tell you is that it’s a old runic language and I will be grateful if you can solve this.” She said giving me the not and rushing out the door like there was a fire on her ass. Isabella chuckled a bit. So now it’s time to do this job. Isabella a had a seat and stared at the runes. She grabbed a her miniature notebook and pen from her purse she carried at all times. She started to write each one separately trying to classifying them into their own groups.

She spent a few minutes looking at her notes she had sketched out and got up from her seat. Vul had picked it’s head up off the top and looked at her as she walked to go get books. She scanned and grabbed all different types She grabbed all these dictionaries from different time periods hoping it would help her. She first looked through the first one trying to see if we had changed any thing from the old. She discovered that some runes matched and she started to trace stuff back. She soon discovered she was in the wrong stuff. She soon realized she need the Valan Runic Language book. She jumped from her table and rushed to the very back of library and searched for the old text book. She scanned each row carefully trying not to mistaken the book. But she soon found it and as she grabbed it sent chills down her spine. It was a new feeling and she wasn’t happy with it.

She walked back to her table with her elegant dress and sat back down. Vulpix had got off the table and moved to Isabella’s lap. Isabella soon started to compare what the symbols from today and old and crossed them over and was putting the pieces to the puzzle together. SHe felt like she was getting somewhere understand that putting some runes together and taken them apart or leaving them alone made a different word but all that happiness soon crashed. She soon realized that the words were Hare Meat, Cabbage, Potatoes and Ox Hooves. She was reading a fuck old ass grocery list. She was pissed. All this time she spent in here. Ok well like the hour and half she spent in here was fucking wasted on this. SHe was ready to throw a fit when she soon saw some text. It was from the Valan book but some of the stuff was missing to solve this piece of the puzzle she looked at.

She had walked back to the back to see if there were any other copies of the book but there were nun so she sat back down with Vul back on the table. It was time to crack this code herself. So she opened the books of the other dictionaries and began looking. She began cross referencing different runes and traced over how certain things looked. She be can to decode what some of the text was and was becoming proud of herself.

Facilis des Averno;
Noctes atque dies ;
Sedocare grvadere ad auras,
Hoc opus, hic labost

She still couldn't figure out what it meant. There was still things missing runes. She felt the end drawing near. She knew she was missing something and she cond’t figure out what it was but she knew she couldn't leave until she did. Then it clicked in her head. She was reading so of the runes wrong. Certain things needed to be grouped together and other separate. She soon figured out what the text said

Facilis descensus Averno;
Noctes atque dies patet atri ianua Ditis;
Sed revocare gradum superasque evadere ad auras,
Hoc opus, hic labor est.

She finally cracked the code she did it. She figured out what this meant. Descent to hell;  For nights and days long the door of gloomy Dis stands open;  But step back to the upper air;  This work, here it is. Isabella sat back in her chair amazed at herself for what she did. She sighed. Now that was fun she thought to herself. She stretched and got up from he chair and Vulpix followed suit. This honestly was a fun quest for her and even then she learned something new. SHe walked out of the library feeling accomplished. “So was this a better quest for us Vul?” She asked looking at her Vul who was at her foot.

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