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All In a Day's Work [Quest - Phoebe]

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#1Phoebe Rainsworth 

All In a Day's Work [Quest - Phoebe] Empty Thu Jul 13, 2017 12:02 pm

Phoebe Rainsworth
So after doing two jobs today it was time to hurry back to the shop. She ran on her bright red heels, trying to avoid falling over. It wouldn’t be smart to enter the shop through the front door as her pockets were rattling with the jewels that she earned thanks to baby-sitting an old lady and distracting an old man from disrupting a banquet at a rich castle. She was well aware of the possibility to fall thanks to the pebble stones and her heels but she also lived here her whole life, she would manage. When she could see the shop, she would stop running, calm down and made sure she wasn’t spotted. She walk through the shadows towards the garden door, entered it and checked through the window if Mary or her father were in the kitchen. No one was there so she opened the door and tiptoed to the stairs, ”I’m home!” she yelled before making her way up the stairs as quiet as possible so the jewels wouldn’t make a sound. She quickly entered her room, made sure no one was running upstairs as well and hid her jewels underneath her mattress. She quickly went out of her room again, shrugged off her demin jacket and headed downstairs. Mary was already on her way to the first floor but she quickly cut her off and answered all her questions about the job and listened to her complaining about always having to work in the shop now. Phoebe didn’t answer that. She simply took Mary her place behind the counter and ushered her away. She would wait for customers, talk to her father about the one job, she really wished no one would ask him what she was doing with Leis but otherwise she would come up with an excuse.

When it was finally around six pm, she could close off the store and clean up the bits that were necessary and head towards the kitchen where Mary had made some dinner. At least she never complained about that, Phoebe didn’t like cooking at all. They ate quietly since they didn’t have much too tell, until her father said that he knew about Phoebe leaving and that Mary should take an example of doing jobs outside the house. They needed the money if Phoebe was gone and Phoebe didn’t know what to say, ”How did you..?” And he just told her, he talked to Enil, to Mitya, to Leis, he heard people tell him that they were so proud to see little Phoebe work so hard. He had just figured out she planned to leave. ”I’m going to find mum.” She said and the silent started again. ”I’m going to see if there is a job in town.” She said as she didn’t feel hungry anymore and she stood up, took her demin jacket and left. She found a job quickly and headed to the only coffee store that Dex could have meant, she was sure this was another unbeautiful job in line of the ones today, but it still meant money. And that’s the whole idea.


#2Phoebe Rainsworth 

All In a Day's Work [Quest - Phoebe] Empty Thu Jul 13, 2017 12:10 pm

Phoebe Rainsworth
”Hey there Dex.” she said trying to sound as enthusiastic as she could be. He stopped sipping his coffee and looked her up and down. She felt a twitch in her right eye because it was like he was making sure she would fit the job, ”Do I have to remind you that I brought you to the hospital?” She said with a cold tone in her voice, ”No Phoebe. I’m sure you were the right one. Just needed to make sure it was you.” Uhu that was nonsense. He continued to sip his coffee without saying much, thank god he had already said enough on the quest so she would just sit down and wait for him to finish. When he was done, he stood up, pulled his long black trench coat on and asked her to follow him, ”Oh boy..” she whispered but she would just give off that smile again and follow along. She would hobble after him on her bright red heels as he was inspecting things, asking random people on the street where they had been at 2 pm this afternoon and other inspections for clues of the murder. Phoebe had already expected there was no such things, she had heard the stories and rumours about Dex and she had seen it before although he had been right about the weird blue orb that later turned out to be the spirit she and Dacol had met. She would just anticipate with him in his search, considering the first time they had done a job together and he was right. But this time she actually had a feeling that they would find nothing at all. She only didn’t plan to tell him that. After hours of searching, it was around ten pm right now, he gave up or well he didn’t say it like that he more said it like: ”You know what Phoebe. It’s time you go home. We have found some great clues, I will find the rest.” He went to get some of the jewels out of his pocket, it was in a neat bag and she took it from him. She would count it back at home, she actually did trust him in this. ”Well good luck Dex.” she said, not offering more of her services as she was sure that they hadn’t found any clue at all. She just nodded at him, and turned her bright red heels around and stalked home. Hoping that Mary and her Father were upstairs in their own rooms so she didn’t have to explain anything. Throughout this search she had made one decision: it was time to leave. She would have to go soon and maybe not even tell them yet, just leave a note. She would leave this evening because she couldn’t stand the silence of the conversation about mother nor the fact that she felt guilty for leaving the both of them, but she definitely needed answers and she would want to have them quickly.


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