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Let's Get Physical [Mei]

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#1Mei Mei 

Let's Get Physical [Mei] Empty Wed Jul 12, 2017 1:42 pm

Mei Mei
Mei had been excited for jobs for the past few days, completing two tasks in total in her time at the capital. Both tasks were very easy and did not require much effort, but she felt like she was getting to know the city more and more as she continued to take requests. She was also starting to like the way the knights were, and had actually taken a request from Armin - the same knight from before - to train some children. So now Mei was heading towards the small park in which the children were waiting for her, on foot, all the way from the request board. She actually jogged there, so it was kind of like a warmup. However, on her way to the park, she almost fell flat on her face after trying to skip over an obstacle on the path. “AHHH!” she screamed and landed on her bottom after successfully skipping over what seemed to be a blue ball. With a groan, she got up and examined the blue ball while rubbing her butt with one hand. After taking a closer look, she noticed that it was not a blue ball, but a little creature, trying to hide itself from Mei, probably, with its little hands and failing miserably. Upon spotting the adorable little creature, Mei could not help but giggle at it, causing its blue head to jerk up so that it was looking upwards, directly at Mei’s face. Mei patted off debris on her pants and watched the little animal. It tried to move about an inch further from Mei, but the girl decided to say, “Don’t be afraid. I won’t hurt you.” The little creature then turned again and looked up with a glint of hope in its eyes.

Picking up the little creature gently so that it was not scared, Mei checked if it was a male or a female, and it happened to be a male. “Ah, you naughty little boy. Where’s your owner?” she asked, automatically assuming that it had an owner and looked around, then when her eyes rested on the little creature’s neck, the lack of a collar made it clear to her that it had no owner. She frowned a bit. Poor thing, she thought. She did not know where stray pets were sent to, so she put it back down and gave it a soft pet one more time. “I’m sure someone will come to get you. Stay put and make way for people, alright?” she said, clapping dust off her hands and turning around to continue her journey to the small park. It was a little bit far, but just a little bit. She would not sweat from the walk. In fact, it was like mentioned before, a warmup for her. She would be ready to train the children. Once she reached the entrance of the park, she looked around to find Armin or the children, but what she found surprised her. The little blue creature had followed her all the way and was trying to hide his face with his tiny hands again. She scoffed, watching him from a distance until he removed his hands to check if Mei was gone.


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Mei Mei
Once he noticed that Mei was far from gone, and was also staring at him, the creature made an expression of guilt and looked away. This amused Mei greatly, but she decided that since it wanted to follow her so much, she would let him do that and just wait for her to finish her work before sending him somewhere or something. The little creature, noticing that Mei might take him to the workplace, waddled closer towards her. “Alright you silly little thing, I’ll take you on a request with me, though you don’t really need to do anything. Just stand and watch,” she told the creature. “Deal?” she asked. The blue animal hesitated at first, but after a few moments was convinced by Mei’s innocent stare and came along. She did like having company. At least she could still be talking alone and people would not think she was crazy. Sure she just found this little animal and sure he probably did not know how to speak the human language or understood it, but they had sort of formed this weird connection where they understood each other, it was crazy. Mei turned back with a nod and a smile at the blue creature. She did not know if she wanted to keep him as a pet, as she was looking at some other companions at the damn market, but none of them seemed perfect like the way she wanted them. She gave the blue ball a look of doubt, but gestured for him to follow, which he did.

“Now, as long as you don’t disturb me, you can stay. Otherwise I’ll have to ask you to leave immediately, got it?” she told him. He seemed to understand, as he lowered his head a little bit, following her obediently. All of this was very amusing to her. She had never had a pet before, nor had she seen anyone have one. She felt a sort of happiness. With that thought, she entered the park with little blue creature right beside, in search of the group of kids and Armin the knight. However, she was not sure if Armin would be there or not. Moments later, she came upon a group of children playing around in the corner that they were probably asked to wait at. Mei caught their attention, apparently, and they stared at her until she started to talk about how she was their trainer for the day. They immediately stopped playing and started to follow her instructions. The children were as obedient as the creature who stayed silent and still, watching the children and Mei. After training, she took him when she went to Armin for the reward, making the knight curious and ask her about the creature, so she had to share the story of how she stumbled upon him with the knight. And then, she brought him back to the inn as well. “Hm, since you’re basically stuck to me..,” she started, watching her new pet roll around on the carpeted floor. “I’m calling you Uchi!”


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