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Remove the Drunk [Quest - Phoebe]

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#1Phoebe Rainsworth 

Remove the Drunk [Quest - Phoebe] Empty Tue Jul 11, 2017 2:42 pm

Phoebe Rainsworth
After the strange happening with the spirit, all Phoebe wanted was a long hot shower to calm down her nerves. Not only had she seen this spirit yesterday, she was absolutely sure of it thanks to the cyan colour that it had. Yesterday it had been a beautiful blue orb and today it was a cyan coloured humanoid spirit. Yet she was sure it was the same and that had made an impression, certainly. Especially the vision she had seen yesterday with the blue orb. The blue orb had showed her a vision, she didn't know if it was past time or present, she hadn't been able to see her mother very well to see if she got older or not but there was a blonde child on her lap, obviously knowing that her mother was also the blonde's mother. That meant her mother had a second family because neither Phoebe or Mary were blonde hair children. Phoebe had long raven black coloured hair and Mary her hair was a very dark brown that could almost be considered black. So neither of them ever had been blonde either, so it couldn't be the past.

She entered the shop through the front door and her dad hurried to her from the kitchen, probably thinking she was a customer. "Oh good morning Pheebs. How was your run?" Which had been more than an hour ago, that's how slow she walked back here from the river side. She waved it away and muttered something about a headache and headed upstairs. All she wanted was to sleep and forget what happened, after that hot shower. And not forget an asprine. She would first do that since Mary was still in the bathroom, they switched without much of a talk; more of a grunt hello. Phoebe threw her clothes on the pile made by Mary and unbraided her hair. She would massage some shampoo in it and would use the hair dryer later. Which would probably not make it better for her headache, however as soon as the warm water touched her head it was gone. Which was a satisfaction.

As soon as she was done, she grabbed her clothes and added the jewels to the secret jewel jar. She would head down to eat some breakfast and join the shop. "Phoebe there is a letter for you. Someone heard about you helping people in town, so they send the quest here." Her father handed her the letter while she was finishing her toast, so she cleaned her fingers and took it and opened it quickly, she believed Mary had already read it. It was about removing a drunk person from Enil his bar. Enil was a friend of her father's so she would say goodbye to her father again and head out. Thank god without a headache. Mary complained, she was sweeping in front of the shop, she had to do an awful lot lately alone. However Phoebe didn't care, there would be a time that she would go and Mary would have to do everything alone.


#2Phoebe Rainsworth 

Remove the Drunk [Quest - Phoebe] Empty Tue Jul 11, 2017 3:27 pm

Phoebe Rainsworth
Phoebe would make sure her hair was fine before she entered the bar. She was checking if it was flat while staring in the reflection of a shop window. She had also checked there was no one in the shop looking at her. She entered the bar and waved at Enil and walked to the bar itself to go and sit on a lounge chair over there. She didn't want to be with the other people, some she did know, some were tourists or travellers and she would simply order an orange juice. "Could you explain the job again?" she asked Enil when he came over to hand her, her drink. He picked up a glass and a towel to dry it off and started to explain about Mitya, "I would believe he would listen to girls and women quicker. Out of more respect for them, he has a big ego and wants to compare himself to every man. That's why I called in the favour." She nodded and took a sip of her orange juice. She would wait patiently, read a magazine that Enil offered her and take it slow with her orange juice, it might even be more boring than in the shop.

She turned around when someone entered with quite a mouth. She looked at Mitya and shook her head. "I'm giving the benefit of the doubt. Wait for my signal Phoebe." She nodded, not sure if she knew what the signal would be. Mitya would sit on the other side of the bar, he was behaving fine, she couldn't hear what he was complaining about but she was sure it weren't exactly nice words. At the point of him throwing his glass to the back of the wall, she jumped off the chair, she didn't need a signal, even though she could feel Enil his eyes linger on her, "I think it's time to go." she said and she made sure to turn the chair so he could get off, for as far as she could get it done. He did stand up and stared at her, "Come on, get out." she pointed at the door to make sure it was clear to him. She was definitely afraid he would puke on her, he looked quite green. When he take a few steps towards the door he took a few steps extra to keep balance.

Once outside, she remained standing in the door way, because of the step, she was a bit taller than her 1.60. She crossed her arms and stared at the drunk man. He wanted to get in again but she made her temper flare up and show the fire in her eyes, "Go home Mitya. You are no longer welcome here." She would have to make sure where to chanel her magic otherwise she might put things really onto fire. But he soon seemed to get the message and she waited until she could see him arrive at his home, even leaving her place at the steps. She turned back when she was sure to enter the bar and collect her reward.


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