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Train with me [Quest - Phoebe]

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#1Phoebe Rainsworth 

Train with me [Quest - Phoebe] Empty Tue Jul 11, 2017 2:01 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
Yesterday was quite a succes for her first job. Phoebe was writing a few things down while sitting behind her desk. She needed to make sure that her plan was going to be financed as well as having everything with her and she was preparing to not just take everything from home but buy some things. Her father sort of supported her to get on jobs but he wasn't entirely aware of her plan to go out and experience more of the world nor that it was a secret plan to find her mother. Phoebe herself still had no idea how to figure that out or to find her, she had already send a letter to the magazine that her mother worked with but no answer came back to her. She sight as she put everything back into the book that she kept as log. She would have to help in the shop, but she was actually done with sitting still and doing nothing now her mind has grasped the idea of travelling. She should perhaps ask her father if Mary could take over, for the fact that she was late yesterday.

Since it was early in the morning and the shop was already clean, Phoebe didn't have to be there yet. She grabbed a piece of toast from the toaster and headed out. She would stretch her legs, clear her mind, breathe in clean air before she would go back and see how today would go, if Mary would have already left her bed. She was sure her father would still cut her some slack because Phoebe was there but the girl was eighteen it was time she took things seriously. She yawned as she continued to walk, she loved Orchidia and she couldn't imagine that she would leave soon. The money pile wasn't that high yet but she was sure there were enough jobs in other parts of Fiore that would keep the jewels flowing into her pocket so she could pay for a roof and food. She also didn't mind to do jobs, after all she did take care of Mary since she was young and helped her father in the shop from around the same age. It was time to spread her wings and go. Shouldn't everyone want that? She was just afraid that her father would be scared that she would never get back as well. She whiped away a forlorn tear and shook her head, crying would only ruin her mascara.

Someone bumped into her and she got back out of her thoughts onto the streets of Orchidia, "Sorry." she said but the other person waved it away, mostly because she knew Phoebe and Phoebe only waved to show a kind face back. Her legs had dragged her to the quest board and she stared at it, there were a lot of jobs to do. If she could combine a few today, she wouldn't have to be gone from the shop all day. She grabbed one and ran back to the shop as good as her high heels would be able to carry her on the pebblestones. She had to do this job first, no matter the shop afterall there was still Mary.


#2Phoebe Rainsworth 

Train with me [Quest - Phoebe] Empty Tue Jul 11, 2017 2:30 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
As soon as Phoebe came home, she noticed the front door was opened to welcome customers into the shop. The shop was a bit off everything, they had a tea corner, that served coffee and tea. They sold books, more Mary her specialty and all sort of antique. Which was more Phoebe her part as she was interested in where everything came from. No one was there so it was easy to place the paper on the counter and plead with her father to let her go. She could hear Mary in the bathroom so the last few minutes he would have to take on customers alone and it wasn't as if he had never done that before.

She could see he didn't like to agree, but there was nothing to not agree with. She gave him a kiss on the cheek and hurried back upstairs to her room to change in to a sport legging and running shoes instead of her demin pants and high red heels. She would change into a better shirt before going off to the forest outskirts to meet up with Seheda. She waved when she saw the other girl whom looked rather gloomy. "What's wrong Seheda?" she asked wondering if there was something wrong with her showing up on this quest. However Seheda quickly dismissed that idea and explained what was going on and Phoebe did feel a bit bad for her, she also was glad that this mission was there so she shut her mouth and only nodded.

Once she explained the three times bummer of not getting accepted, she asked Phoebe if they could start to run. So she quickly did a few warming ups before she dashed after Seheda, whom continued on about wanting to become a mercenary. Phoebe could only arche her perfect right eyebrow because she had never believed Seheda to fit into that but again she didn't say anything, she would see after this training, besides with the combat academy she might change a lot too. Phoebe decided to ask a few questions to make sure that Seheda could tell her whole story without feeling embarrassed. She wasn't really interested, she was only interested in the running activity and so on, she tried to push Seheda to get a little faster as they continued. She wasn't someone that liked talking during her excercize but she wouldn't complain, it wasn't her job.

While Seheda was talking, she fell, over a log that Phoebe had jumped over. She went pale in her face as she turned around to see the girl had fallen. She quickly dashed back and helped her up, making shushing noises as she had always done with Mary, "It's just a minor setback." she said in that same shushing voice, "Everyone can get distracted once in a while. The best thing is that you focus Seheda." Phoebe tried to give the best advice to the other but she was pushed away and Seheda walked to her bag to give her the jewels, leaving Phoebe a bit flabbergasted behind. Oh well?


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