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Translate The Note [Mei]

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#1Mei Mei 

Translate The Note [Mei] Empty Mon Jul 10, 2017 3:09 pm

Mei Mei
So she was here in Crocus - the capital. Finally. Mei had made some kind of resolution that she would travel to each and every town in Fiore at least once before she died. The capital was of course a must. She also resolved to travel to other countries. But that was a bigger step compared to traveling to cities in Fiore. She found a nice little inn that did not ask for much, a bit far from the center of the capital, but still she could go there by foot. What would all that walking every morning be for, other than this, right? She was glad that all that walking was going to be useful now, finally. She woke up early, full of determination. Her goal at the moment was to take jobs so that she could meet the important figures of the town. That was not her goal just for Crocus, but for most towns. The way to getting to know a town was to take their requests, which automatically meant that you would get to meet the important figures of that town. She had already found out where the request boards were, so she headed for the one closest to her inn, of course. She was not going to hire a carriage or anything, so she made sure that she saved her energy for the task, because she did not know what she was going to do yet.

As soon as she arrived at the request board, she scanned all the papers pinned to it, the sheets slowly moving from side to side because of the breeze that blew gently. Tapping the edge of the board lightly with her nails, she wondered which would be the best to take as her first ever request in Capital Crocus. Then her eyes rested upon a crisp sheet that seemed to have been added to the request board recently. She immediately took it off, thinking that if she thought she was incapable of handling the objective written, she would just pin it back. But after reading the details of the job, she decided to take it. It was a relatively easy request, and she just needed to get to the library, find the book and translate the note. “Easy,” she mumbled to herself in satisfaction and folded the paper, tucking it into the back pocket of her jeans and headed for the library. It was not too far away from the inn area as well as the request board, so walking was the method of travel. Mei tried to remember the way and everything, asking around to make sure she was going to the right place. Everyone told her that when she saw the library, she would know that she was there. She was full of determination and confidence that she could finish this job. Who could not? As long as they knew how to read and concentrate, it was a pretty easy job. So she was on her way to the library.


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Mei Mei
Once she was at the library, she began to search for the dictionary for the language that the note was written in, which was apparently ‘Valan Runic’ or something like that. Mei stood in line in front of the librarian’s counter. There were just two people in front of her in line and they were done pretty fast with their business, so she was ready. She asked if the dictionary was available at the library first to make sure she was not doing something stupid looking for a book that was not available at the library. The librarian checked for her and gave her a nod. A nod was not all that she gave. She gave her the row to find the book and the shelf number. With so much appreciation, she bowed and said, “Thank you so much!” She repeated the row and shelf numbers in her head several times as she looked for them so she did not forget them. Otherwise she would have to go back to the librarian and it would be a disaster because who knew how many people would be in line when she went back, right? So with the numbers repeating themselves in her head, she came to the row and then walked along it to find the shelf that her Valan Runic dictionary would be on. “Ah, there you are,” she muttered to herself with a smile as she lifted the dusty old book of the deserted shelf and headed to a corner to begin her work.

She blew the dust off the book as soon as she placed it on the table, putting the little note beside it. She then started to flip the pages of the book, trying hard to find the symbols written on the note as fast as she could. She did not want to waste too much time on this job especially because it was supposed to be pretty easy. It was ranked D after all. There were a lot of people in the library that day. Probably not because it was a specific day, but because it was a Crocus Library and those were usually bigger and had more visitors than libraries in her old town Orchidia. She liked how there were a lot of people, but it was surprising to her how silent it was even though there was quite a number of people here. It was a great thing, and she appreciated it. The translation took her around an hour and a half, not because she was slow but because the dictionary was freaking huge and she had to flip each and every one if its five thousand pages (a little exaggeration there) to make sure she did not miss a single one of those Valan Runic words. So after the hour and a half, she got up to put the book back on its shelf and jerked her head to the left and to the right, producing loud cracking noises that made her sigh in satisfaction. She then gave the librarian the translated note and headed back to her inn. Although it was just an old grocery list in the end, she hoped that Luciel found good use for it.


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