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Welcome Committee [Phoebe - Quest]

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#1Phoebe Rainsworth 

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Phoebe Rainsworth
She held the feather duster up to finish getting the dust off the upper shelf in the store. "I thought it was Mary her job today." Phoebe called out to her father as her sister had not been here to complain about. Phoebe had no idea where Mary was but she was sure that she had done this yesterday as well. Besides she had done the vacuum cleaning as well and cleaned the windows last week, she wanted to go on a job and figure out some things while Mary would take care of the shop, but where was her sister. "Dad?!" she checked if she had everything before stepping off the chair she was using to be able to reach the shelf. Her father finally came into the shop to look at her with a puzzled look, "Where's Mary?" she said and the old man looked a bit confused to see Phoebe here as well, "You haven't heard a word I said did you?" She shook her head and turned the chair back to where it belonged and pushed the feather duster in her father's arms. She passed him and went upstairs to go and check if her sister was still in her room.

She stomped upon the stairs but still didn't hear her sister. She checked for the sound in the bedroom and bathroom but heard nothing, so she slung open the bedroom door of Mary her room. It was the beginning of the afternoon, just past 12 am and Mary was still in bed. Phoebe felt a twitch in her eye and dragged the sheets of her sister, "Mary! Get out of bed! You have to work in the shop." Her sister shot upright and stared at her with big black eyes.. she forgot to remove her make-up that was obvious. It was also obvious that she was having a hangover but Phoebe didn't pity Mary at all.

She walked over to the curtains and opened them, "Don't complain. You have to work in the shop, I have another job to do." and with that she twirled around and left the room to tell her father where Mary was. Her dad would take over Mary-duty and she gave him a kiss on the cheek and headed out. On her morning run she had found a job to do in Orchidia. She had planned to leave but she would first need to save money to actually go to other cities. She had been here all her life, this job would be easy. She walked to the backdoor and put on her red heels and grabbed her demin jacket and made her way to the entrance of Orchidia city. She knew Dacol for a long time too, he sometimes came to the shop and she had seen him more often in the city obviously and that made it easy to just talk to him, "Sorry I'm late. Mary had disappeared for a few seconds." Mary always had been the more outgoing one between the two of them so Dacol would know. He could laugh about it, thank god.


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Phoebe Rainsworth
Dacol first asked if Mary was fine and Phoebe waved it away as if it was nothing, which it wasn't. She had just been in bed still. Phoebe tried to refrain from rolling her eyes and held up her hand to accept the flyers that she would spread through town to welcome guest to Orchidia. Her hometown, the city she loved. She was handing out a few flyers that came up to them but there weren't many until more travellers arrived, a small group. Probably a family. Phoebe was looking at them while Dacol walked towards her, "They want a tour through the city. Will you manage alone?" She couldn't help but chuckle a little, "I sure will. Don't worry, go on." She waved them off and focused herself back on the people that were coming into Orchidia, which weren't many. It made it actually boring but Phoebe was patient enough to simply wait.

There weren't many people coming, which was easily explained by the timing. Most travellers would arrive in the evenings or early mornings, it was now noon that would explain that most people were already there or still on their way. She handed flyers to everyone that wanted one. Some people simply trashed them after she handed them, crumbling them up and tossing them over their shoulders away. She rolled her eyes and got quite angry at that, setting some of the small crumbles of flyer on fire. She quickly stepped on them to make it die out again before she would pick them up and make sure they were dozed off before throwing them into the trash and handing other flyers to other people.

Dacol returned them and she wasn't even able to tell him about what happened or another couple came that wanted a tour and she opened her mouth to offer to do it but the three of them were already off before she could say anything. She turned around to give some of the flyers, she liked the young gentlemen that passed her and winked, she didn't even mind the whistling even though it was rude in general but it was better than the others that immediately trashed the flyers, than why accept? She rolled her eyes again. She explained to an elderly couple the restaurants and inns that were populair, which was also on the flyer that she handed to them.

The third time Dacol returned she tried to tell him again but again he went off, as if there was a queue waiting somewhere around the corner to wait when he returned and show up. She would just wait and go on and on, it was better now. She wouldn't put flyers on fire anymore. She would take a deep breath before acting on her emotions. She would hand the last of the flyers out and when the sun was setting and Dacol returned, she would go home to help her father and Mary clean up and possibly cook. At least she was paid and it would immediately go into a jar with money she saved. A satisfied job for today!


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