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CROCUS TO MAGNOLIA ( foot travel )

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#1Zenith Gancelot 

CROCUS TO MAGNOLIA ( foot travel ) Empty Mon Jul 03, 2017 9:42 am

Zenith Gancelot
The morning sun enlightens the city of crocus, making it look very enchanted. The smell of the rain last night is the best smell i had ever smelled. I was walking down the street of crocus, heading towards magnolia which is a 3 days travel. I had peek at the Crocus Gardens for one last time, maybe, as i was invited to a guild, called Fairy Tail. It looked like a fun guild, but who knows, things might change in just a second. When i reached the city exit, i felt a whole new world ahead of me, it is time for me to seek adventure.

When I arrived at the Era Town, I thought it was like a heavily guard prison, rune knights are scattered everywhere. As the sun is setting, I looked for an Inn so i could stay the night, when i found one, i purchased a room and i ordered some food to my room. When i reach my room, u undress myself and head for the shower. Then when the food arrived, I gladly paid for the food, and enjoyed my meal. When the sun rises, I had already left the inn, as i want to check on the Era Dungeon. The view was spectacular. I then continued my adventure.

When i finally arrived at magnolia i was very happy, but it seems like the sun is setting again and it is time for me to get a rest before i continue my journey in magnolia. I searched for an inn and does the same thing as what i did at the inn in era town. I must say the food here is amazing, you should try it one day, the services there is also pleasing, they r very nice and kind. When i woke up the next day, i am thrilled on what is coming, Magnolia, here i come!

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