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Fishing Contest [Selindra]

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Fishing Contest [Selindra] Empty Sat Jul 01, 2017 10:37 am

Hargeon was proving to be nothing more than a mixed bag of contracts, much like Oak Town had seemed to have been. Unfortunately, she was loathed to believe that there was going to be any reason to suspect that the jobs in which she had first come there, ones that involved the dealing with smuggling, of things which actually had a degree of excitement and adventure, and more instead being like the ones she had recently finished, jobs that demanded that instead she would be required to deal with petty matters that mattered almost nothing at all with either her, the underworld in which she was far more interested in dealing with, or even just something that would excite her. There were jobs in which were boring, otherwise simple, and tasks that should have just been dealt with on the individual’s own. Yes, she was being paid, but that did not dismiss the fact that these jobs were laughable, that there were even insulting and not worth the effort in which she had applied to them at all. A part of her was inclined to think that instead of going about doing them, that she create a big of chaos for herself, but this was a necessary evil, and once she was given a contract, she had to do it. When she got her latest contract, she was ready to scream in frustration and anger over how dumb it had proven to be.

The job was very simple. Assist some stupid kid in winning a stupid fishing contest. It was dumb, did not deserve her attention, nor was she inclined at all to show it any real effort or initiative. Instead, the better course of action for her to take was to simply get it done the sooner the better, lest there be a case of her actually coming to be upset with herself as a result of the matter. With reluctance she met ith the child but largely ignored everything that he had said, instead wanting to just get the job over with, and with the tournament in which he was supposed to enter happening after only a very short time, she knew that it would not be very long until the job was done and she would ideally be done with these dumb requests that she had honestly no interest in further helping or otherwise providing assistance towards. To her surprise, it seemed that this was not some simple task in which there were only one or two people involved in this little contest, but rather it seemed that tehre were many people involved, many of which turned out to have been people of all varying races and genders, all of whom were very much invested and interested in winning. See this, she could understand how this stupid child would have problems winning, but that did not mean that she was any more interested in helping beyond what was asked of her. She would not fish for the child, nor do anything that would be “smart” as far as a fisherman was concerned.

Her method of helping was far more simple, albeit far more blatant and obvious than the others, certainly more than someone who actually cared about this would have undergone. Instead of trying to be discrete or stealthy, she simply went around to people who were fishing and pushed them or otherwise stole their fishing rods, doing things of that nature which would have caused them problems, slowed them down, or otherwise demoralized them enough that they would not even bothering to continue. This went on for about an hour or so as she continued to interefere with people, knowing that if they even tried to fight back that they would end up encountering her sword which she made no effort at all of trying to hide. Instead, she was very obvious, very willing to do whatever it was that would promise that the little stupid kid would win. And in the end, the child did end up winning, with almost all of it thanks to Selindra causing problems that made it utterly impossible for someone to simply go about and fish. After he earned his prize, he discretely paid her elsewhere before the two never itnereacted with one another again.

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