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Ex's Closet [Selindra]

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After she had finished her previous contract with the one man, he had presented her with another one, one that was again more related to a personal matter than it was one in which benefitted the criminal underworld, in which she would have much preferred to have been doing. But all the same, he promised to have paid, and therefore it was difficult to argue or otherwise object to taking it, especially given the fact that there was really very little challenge associated with the tasks that he was having her do, and this one appeared to have been much like the preivous one, if not a complete carbon copy of the one that she had just done for the man. Selindra was to go to a former associate or lover of the man and retrieve something, though she would be expected to take care of it during a time in which she was not home, much like how with the request she had just carried out, that there would be no witnesses or someone to stop her. It seemed beneath her honestly, to have to carry out a task that she could have just as easily done in her sleep, or even for that matter, that the man himself could have and should have carried out. Selindra was not a fan of carrying out personal acts of grievance and revenge unless there was an underlying reason behind it and in this case, the man did not seem to indicate that either of those two scenarios would play out beyond just something in which he wanted accomplished.

With disappointment and annoyed, she agreed to the contract, heading to the location in which the man described, again another apartment that was located within Hargeon, ironically enough very close towards that of where the man had been living to whom she had vandalized the apartment only just before. By all rights, this was to be the exact same mission, although there was a slight variance in the fact that she was also to retrieve something for the man, something which was of apparently great value to him. When she arrived, she found the dog that the man had described, but the way he had went about it, he made it appear as though this was a dangerous creature that she would have to be on guard for, though in reality it was a simple dog that did not appear to be intimidating in the least. However, there was the risk in which it could have alerted anyone to her presence within the home and as such, had to be removed. Drawing her blade, she made a very quick cut through the creature, nearly severing its head from its body in the process. It was gruesome and the blood began to seep through the carpet in the apartment, leaving it a very dark shade of crimson that grossly contrasted with the rest of the floor, but that was not her problem. She had been given a task and nothing, certainly not a simple little dog, was going to get in her way of completing that.

Looking through the area, she recalled the man explaining that the item she was to retrieve was actually a box in which contained a number of items, and while he did say that he had last remembered it having been within a closet, the reality was the closet was packed full of junk and other items that made finding it that much more of a challenge, one that she was not in the mood for entertaining or ensuring that it would be done in a stealthy manner. Rather, she tore apart the closet, throwing whatever she could find into the ground just beside the dead dog as she eventually came across a small cardboard box that appeared to have been nothing more than momentos than anything else. Sighing, she was upset that this was what she was being tasked with dealing iwht, though it was a contract that she had accepted and was require to finish, so once she had it in her possession, she departed the apartment and gave it back to the man. She did not mention the dead dog, as that would be a surprise for both him and the woman.

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