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[Foot Travel] Marigold Town -> Hargeon Town

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[Foot Travel] Marigold Town -> Hargeon Town Empty on Fri Jun 30, 2017 1:10 pm

When she arrived in Marigold Town, she wanted to believe that it was a place in which she might have enjoyed, though it was very quickly reduced and instead turned in to some place that neither interested her or other wise had her believing that there was any reason for her to have engaged in things that extended beyond just the fact that there happened to have been a train station there, and even then, it was not much. It was a very simple train station that was pretty poore, especially against that of the other locations in which she would have preferred to think that other places in Fiore would have invested in, though the fact that she was regarding a place that was dealing with tons of farmers and poorer people, it was not hard for her to realize and believe that there was nothing particularly impressive that her believing that there was any thing worth her time. There were other places that were far closer than some of he places like Era or Crocus were, so instead of spending her time in there and hating every moment of it, she instead decided to go towards the nearest place she could, opting for that and possibly returning here to Marigold down the line.


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