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Intimidation Tactics [Selindra]

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Intimidation Tactics [Selindra] Empty on Mon Jun 26, 2017 12:56 pm

Selindra didn’t often drink. It wasn’t a matter that she did not enjoy alcohol, which was far from the truth, but the reality was that she was not often one who liked to mix business with pleasure, and namely the time in which she spent at bars, the risk of divulging important information wasn’t worth the risk that was posed by it. It was a foolish endeavor, so when she got a contract that instructed her to have arrived within a bar, there was a part of her that was a bit reluctant to carry it out, if for no other reason than the fact that the people who may have been there may have been annoying to her, which certainly was a likely possibility, especially given the fact that there were so many people in Oak Town who she had come to believe that they were utterly failed in all of their endeaveors.

The man who she met, he was a bit more intimidating, a man who carried himself well enough and honorably enough such that there was no reason for Selindra to believe at least that there was something wrong or otherwise inaccurate about him. Obviously, that was the fact that she suspected that the moment that this man might have reacted or otherwise attempted to strike at her or do anything, he would be cut down before he would so much as even get that chance. That was not something that she would soon find that was something that she had to worry about as the man would explain what the matter was, why it was that she had been contracted to deal with these matters, and in particular it were the fact that there were more people who had further caused him to feel similarly about the people of Oak Town that Selindra happened to feel that. As it had turned out that there was a shopkeeper who had been working with the man who was with Selindra and now that shop owner was refusing to pay money, arguing that there was no sense of contract or way of honoring the deal, which was causing problems.

Not ready to inflict an attack upon a shopkeeper when it at least appeared that there were some degrees of likelihood of a mutual alliance between one another, what the man wanted was that there be some sort of contract set up, one in which the two sides would be able to adequately work out terms as well as other issues of that sort. It was simple enough and there wasn’t any reason for Selindra to believe that it woul take her very long, and even the trip did not seem to take very long, it being a pretty close area towards that of where she had been with the man only moments earlier. As she spoke with the shopkeeper, it was clear that there was reason enough for the man to be upset as the man was to say the least, uncooperative, if not even stubborn.

Selindra described the situation, explained the risk that was posed by failing to cooperate in this matter and having to resort to someone like her being involved in these affairs, affairs which when further dragged on and on and on would only lead to further damages and risks being posed to the parties involved, namely the one that was the weakest one. And in this case, it was him who was in the weaker position, so he was left with a tough choice, of either being obligated to follow through and do everything in which was expected of him but at the same time putting him in even greater and greater risk than what was worth it. Affter a short time of discussion and thinking over the matter, it was clear that the man was going to go forward with the decision to sign the contract, and Selindra provided a small contract which the man had provided her with initially, one that the parties would sign, the shopkeeper on behalf of his shop while Selindra acted int eh itnerst of the man in the bar, and after a short bit of further discussion, the two of them parted ways while Selindra returned to the man with the contract and exchanged it for the jewels that she had earned.

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