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Crocus to Magnolia [foot travel]

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Crocus to Magnolia [foot travel] Empty Mon Jun 26, 2017 8:08 am

Videns was walking through the streets of Crocus, he sighed as he step out of the inn he was staying at. He almost wanted to stay to find more work but he knew none was waiting for him. He had stopped the con man Barta had trouble with, and Barta had also found a replacement chef, who wasn’t very good. As well as that but the Knight Videns had helped earlier in the week had fully recovered and was teaching the young knights in training how to fight and the like so he was not needed there. Luciel also had no work for him. Since the meeting she had much more free time and was able to concentrate on her studies. There was little to no decent jobs for a mage to do so Videns collected his things and went on his way. He had heard from the locals and regulars at Barta’s inn that Magnolia had a load of jobs to do and some with some nice benefits, so it seemed like the appropriate place to head next. All in the name of recognition and strength Videns told himself as he began to walk away from the capital. Videns would be at Magnolia soon, although only walking it was not a long walk and he’d be there by early morning, so long as he was not stopped by robbers or travelling merchants. Yes it would be quick and very easy got there. Videns would make sure to Visit the holy capital again. It was a nice place over all.

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