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Flip'em [Quest: Videns]

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Videns continued his jog from the knight’s house, again with his heart aflutter. For the third time that day he had both gotten stronger and spread his name around! The last mission Videns was training children in endurance. He himself benefitted from the training, gaining more endurance from the run, even now he continued to do so running to get his reward. Before that Videns was translating runes, which coincidentally was how he got word of this mission in the first place. He too got rewarded from it, and that would have never happened if he had not stopped at the Inn where Barta the bartender worked. He gave Videns his first job here in crocus and he could be seen as the reason for Videns’ string of good luck. As he ran Videns felt an unmistakable hunger rise within him. Maybe he would go back to the inn to get some food, after all He had received an amazing breakfast early that morning from the inn. The chef must of been really really good, not many could fry so much pork so well. Two eggs, two sausages, 2 pieces of bacon, two black and white budding and a load of beans so well. Granted Videns was insanely hungry and hunger makes for good sauce. Still Videns was craving some good food and he could think of no better place than Barta’s inn. So Videns decided to run there. As he approached he noticed a rather old and plump man looking man shouting at barta. There argument seemed fierce and almost got physical. The plump man raised an arm and Videns thought for a moment that he was going to hit barta. However he seemed to throw something on the ground and stormed away. Barta swore Violently at the plump man walking away. Videns was honestly surprised again. He had only seen Barta get so angry over a man named Kyle who was a con man who conned him out of thousands of jewels. Videns was cautious to approach. Barta seemed absolutely livid, even more so than how he was with Kyle.Deciding it would be better to try and help to meet with his ideals, Videns approached. Barta jumped and tried to seem calm. “Hety Videns what’s up.” He said trying to keep his voice steady. Videns decided to pretend as if he saw nothing and continued on as normal. “Not much. Starving though, was hoping to get something to eat.” As he finished the sentence Varta once again looked furious. “Our chef just quit.” Barta responded with gritted teeth. “Oh that’s who that was.” Videns said by accident. “Aww man you saw that?” He moaned placing his hands on his face in shame. Almost as soon as he did they came down. “Hey Videns?” He asked his voice much more soft now. “Yes…” Videns said unsure of his sudden glee. “How good of a cook would you rate yourself?” He said, and Videns knew why he was smiling now. 505


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Videns sighed heavily as he picked up the ht the former chef had threw to the ground with contempt rage and placed it on his head. “I better get paid really well for this.” And as he spoke His stomach growled so loud it could be considered a wild animal. Barta only laughed. “Don’t I always?” He said patting Videns on the back and leading him into the kitchen. The kitchen was rather large, white tiled, and very modern looking. There was a lot of very metallic looking utensils from pits to frying pans to all the cutlery. Videns wondered why the chef quit but decided not to pry, it would be better and if he wanted the money and recognition then he would need to remain silent. Videns looked at the sink it seemed really big, split into sections and it even had a garbage disposal. “Well get started. Disinfect your hands then put on the rest of the uniform. Waiter’s should will come in and give you orders. I'd recommend getting started by preparing some food.” Videns nodded. “What’s on the menu tonight.” Barta froze. “Well ya see, it’s whatever the customer wants, then you have to make it.” Videns could physically feel his jaw drop. He could suddenly sympathise with the chef. “Is there even anyone coming to help?” He asked in spite of his earlier advice to himself. Barta looked very uncomfortable. “Well er... no, but it should be a quiet night! Yesterday was the big rush…” ANd now Videns knew why the chef had left. “Will I get paid more if there is a rush?” But barta pretended to ignore him and left.Videns felt a little uneasy. He couldn't tell if it was because of hunger or because of what a despicable thing barta had done. But Videns needed to put his own ideals ahead of anything else. SO he decided to get started He rolled up his sleeves and washed his hands, a vital part of the job. As for the uniform he left it where it was.He wanted to be comfortable since he was
To be cooking for how many people. At four o’clock the first waiter came in with a slip of paper. A peppered steak cooked medium rare with steamed veggies, mashed potato and some ketchup on the side. Videns luckily had a steak out and threw some pepper over it and threw it in the oven, then Videns would boil some water and throw as much vegetables over it. Videns then threw the potatoes in under the veggies, in the boiling water and cooked them after which he would begin to mash them and dish out all he had made. Luckily that was the only customer all night. Videns washed up and cleaned up and then went out to barta who was treating himself to a drink. He looked somewhat upset. “Sorry, but I told ya it wasn’t gonna be busy.” He said handing Videns his reward. Videns thanked him and left the inn to go and find something to do
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