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Training Children [Quest: Videns]

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After leaving the library with more money in his pocket than when he had left Videns was once again feeling very content with himself. When looking up those old runes he had was sure he was learning more and as a result he had gotten smarter. Again he was slowly but surely reaching his goals. The task also had some nostalgia to it. It reminded Videns of how he and his parents would spend whole nights trying to decipher some really cryptic code or as he had just done, translate runes. Before he knew it Videns was feeling the dread associated with his past once more. The blurs of his past continued to seep in. “...ins!” Videns could hear a voice, a familiar voice, it was luciel shouting after him. Videns was never more thankful for someone shouting at him than at that very moment. Usually when he got into thinking of his past it was very hard to pull himself out and when he did he could be depressed for weeks afterwards. Videns turned to luciel, but made sure his eyes were dry. “You said you wanted your name to get around?” She asked. Videns nodded at her question. “Well that is what I told you.” She gave Videns a look that would kill most bystanders. “Well a friend of mine, a Rune Knight got sick and he was meant to be teaching some kids and doing so exercise with them and training them to be rune knights. But as I’ve said he’s sick and cant make it so if you want the job is yours.” The previous feeling of haziness and sadness lifted as soon as Luciel said this. It was really happening, already he was becoming known around here and was getting more and more jobs!. With a gracious smile Videns nodded. “Yes of course. You can tell him I’ll take on the task. So some training? Is that all he said?” Videns asked wanting to make sure he was going to do the job right. “That’s all he’s told me yeah. Try some running or whatever I dunno I’m just a researcher. Anyway Let me write his address down for you, he’ll reward ya.” as luciel said this she pulled out a pen and wrote the address on a slip of paper which she pulled from her pocket. Videns took the slip from her and thanked Luciel for both rewarding him before and also getting his name out there. Videns turned but only just remembered what he wanted to ask. “Is there a board anywhere with quests for me to do?” Luciel thought for a moment but shook her. “I don’t think so. Oh and the class is taking place in the park by the river near the town hall, and watch out for the kids they’re real demons!” She warned. Luciel then waved Videns goodbye and both went their separate ways to their respective jobs. Real demons.. Somehow Videns didn’t find that too threatening. But who knew what they would be like? 517


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Videns took a leisurely walk to the part taking in the glorious afternoon as he did. The coolness from earlier that morning had all but gone, except for the occasionally gust of wind chill. Regardless of this Videns felt very warm and fuzzy inside. In one morning he had gotten his name around Crocus very very well. First with Varta the bartender giving Videns his first job here. And when doing that mission he had gotten faster as a result of chasing Kyle the con man. Next was his quest with luciel where he had to decipher some ruins. although it brought up some sad memories he was overall very happy. He had learned a lot when there and now he was off to another job because of it. Videns couldn't help but smile even as he seen the large group of rowdy children in the park. As he approached the kids gave him uncertain glances. Eventually one of the kids spoke once Videns had came close enough. They obviously knew he was going to teach them but being kids they had to ask regardless. “Where is our sensei?” one of the girls asked looking somewhat worried. “Are you going to teach us today?” Another boy asked before Videns could even answer. The questions continued. “Are you strong?.... Are you even a knight?.... What are we gonna do today….” eventually the annoyance Videns was feeling boiled over. “Quiet please!” He shouted and at once the children fell silent. “Firstly your sensei is sick and needs rest so he asked me to fill in. Yes I am strong. No I am not a knight. And as for what we are going to do, well I'd love to teach you guys some manners like a knight should have. Knights don't all try to speak at once and speak slowly and calmly in a indoor tone of voice. But since I was asked to do some endurance training we are going to do laps of the park.” As Videns finished his sentence there was an immediate loud groan. Clearly the kids did not like running laps however Videns did not care. “Everyone pair up. We're going to run in twos. When I shout ‘Last’ The last group at the bottom of the group will have to sprint up to the front. Everyone understand?” He asked as the kids began getting their partners. They had done something similar before. “Yes Sir.” They said in unison. Videns smiled. His comment on their behaviour really got to them. Videns ran with the group and shouted last enough time so.everyone had to sprint three times in total. The children were more than grateful when the training finished as was Videns. He had definitely felt like he pushed his lungs to the max as many of the kids did. Happy with the work he had done Videns took the slip of paper with the knight's address and went over there to get paid. Luciel was somewhat right they were demons but they needed some authority to turn into Angeles.
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