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Translate the note [Quest: Videns]

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After engorging on one of the best breakfasts in a very long time Videns thanked Barta the Bartender for the food and made his way outside once more. Even after leaving the bar Videns felt positively ecstatic, and only partly to the breakfast. Granted the huge breakfast of two eggs, two sausages, two hash browns, two black and two white pudding would be enough to send any hungry man into a frenzy, however Videns was more delighted over how he had only just arrived but was already making progress in his endeavors of becoming stronger and becoming known. After chasing the con man Kyle Videns felt his speed had gone up somewhat chasing the fast, albeit weak con man. Not only that but he was sure he heard Barta tell  resident of the inn how he had gotten the money back and how Videns had helped. Videns knew he had to keep at it while the day was still young, to keep on this lucky streak of his and to keep making himself known. As for what else to do he was not sure. Being unfamiliar with Crocus for the most part he wasn’t sure where to look for quests to do. As for the quest to be done, Videns would not care so long as he got recognised for it and made some sort of progress with his goals. Videns wandered the somewhat deserted morning capital. There were very few people around, most were people heading to their jobs and Videns thought it may be rude to interrupt them, as many seemed to be in a state of panic and rush. It was not until Videns made his way to the library that he seen a face that did not seem to be overly busy nor overly panicked. What lead Videns to the library was, in his opinion a stroke of sheer genius. There was always some sort of bulletin board at the library, some sure to have requests for him. So as Videns walked to the Library he noticed the girl, standing just outside it. She seemed to be in a world of her own nearly as Videns approached. The girl was wearing a rather large hat with a red eyepatch over her eye. Her hair was a greyish blonde and her clothes were dark, consisting of a dark red and black skirt as well as jacket and boots. This girl, unlike most of the other busy people Videns had seen that day was well, looking very relaxed. Thinking it best to ask where he could go to ask where to go and find a bulletin board with quests Videns approached the girl. The girl did not seem to notice Videns until he had been practically beside her. Before he could even open his mouth to ask a question the girl pointed a finger at him. “Aha! Perfect you can help me!” The girl exclaimed looking eager at Videns. The girl gave Videns a toothy smile and Videns could not help but be filled with some sort of dread. Wc 511

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Videns heaved a great sigh of relief as the girl explained everything to him. For a moment he thought she was some sort of demented lolicon and wanted to use him for some sort of experiment. An odd thing to think but not all unrealistic as Videns had heard many similar things happen. Regardless of how scared Videns seemed to be the girl continued her explanation. “So you said your name was Videns eh? Weird name kid.” At the mention of the word kid Videns shot a sideways glance at the girl, who seemed unphased by it. “Well my name is luceil! Thanks for asking!” She said with a slight pout.” Anyway I need a hand! I have to go soon for some conference about runes and the like but I’m aftering finding this little beauty!” SHe said with glee showing Videns a rather tattered and old piece of parchment. There were tears in places and it had gone yellow with old age. Videns looked rather unimpressed and luciel picked up on this straight away. “Well for your information it is a high sophisticated piece of history!” She snapped at Videns, as if he had just offended her. “This could provide really really useful to my studies and I want it translated but as I have said I need to go meet with some people. I’d like you to translate this note while I’m away and I expect it done before I come back. And before you ask I’ll reward you!” She said, adding in the last sentence as it seemed Videns was going to interrupt, however he spoke anyway. “And get my name out there. If any of the people you’re meeting need a hand refer them to me, deal?” Videns loooked at Luciel in expectation. Luciel looked rather taken aback by this statement. “Well yeah sure whatever. Oh crap look at the time here’s the note and the dictionary should be in the library here somewhere for look for it! And…” Luciel shouted at Videns but as she ran away Videns couldn’t quite hear what she was finishing with as her voice trailed off. Videns looked at the note with the runes he had to translate. Videns walked up and down the library looking for a dictionary with the same type of runes that were on the old note in his hands. Eventually Videns found the thing and immediately got to work. The job was surprisingly easy and when he had finished he could not help but laugh. The note was a list of shopping. When Luciel returned she was fuming with anger and checked the dictionary to make sure. With a sudden outburst of rage crumbled up the note. “Did the list of Hare Meat, Cabbage, Potatoes and Ox Hooves not benefit your research?” Videns asked genuinely curious, after all it was an insight into the past. Luciel looked livid, but still gave Videns his money. He still coulnd't help but smile over what happened. wc 1017

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